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#Valla #DemonHunter #VotePls #IfYouWantRank1

By: Psicosis
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015
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Build: Valla - Burst and sustain build.

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Threats to Valla with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Tyrande [[Tyrande]] You can destroy Tyrande if you dodge her stun
Li Li [[Lili]] Her CC cant afect this build 100%
Illidan [[illidan]] His dodge cant afect you, this build is the best option if u play vs illidan
  No Threat
Arthas [[Arthas]] If you dodge the root from arthas , probably you win
Tyrael [[Tyrael]] After his ult you can move back easy and kill him, specially with double "E"
Falstad [[Falstad]] Its a good 1v1 because only the skill can win this duel, but care because he have more range than you ( i kill a lot of Falstad in 1v1, but others won me)
Zagara [[Zagara]] in phase line you cant do nothing, only push , in late you will win easy, same with [[Nazeebo]]
Thrall [[Thrall]] You can kill Thrall if you have control of Valla mechanics
Johanna [[Johanna]] After [icon=Giant Killer size=45] you can kill Johanna
Tychus [[Tychus]] After his "Q" you can destroy Tychus.
Brightwing [[Brightwing]] Polimorf its a big counter of Valla
Nova [[Nova]] Open your eyes, and you can survive thank your sustain with this build, and she can scape of you
Raynor [[Raynor]] Difficult phase lines, you cant burst him and he makes a tons of damge on you , just do combo heal your life and run.

Chapter 1 - Early stages of the game Top

Siphoning Arrow: you can play aggressive because you won the trades of life but you have to hit the "Q" is not too difficult to hit, also has a small range if not impact also generates secondary action skill, 2 rebound, which generates a lot of life if we fail the ability anyway.

Puncturing Arrow: with this talent Valla acquire a very strong power with "q" and the rebounds are increased to 3! It means that we have increased damage and sustain joined the siphoning Arrow also acquired a 25% extra range is better than the basic attack range.

Repeating Arrow: this talent provides a significant change in Valla because with this talent doubling its current power (if we seemed little before) the best way to use it is first throwing a "Q" the enemy then "E" and then another "Q", ie in less than 1'5 seconds can make two offenses of "Q" + 6 bounces, the result is a spectacular damage burst and a significant sustain, which can be used to hunt champions or escape them while they give a beating, if we are to half Hp and we receive one gank, use "Q" an "E" for back and then another "Q", we probably we place in a safer position and with full HP plus they have to abort her gank us a mission, when mastered it can make the combo of "Q" + "E" + "W" + "Q" both to escape to attack without having to get a range of basic attack, which is quite short compared to other champions.

Chapter 2 - Mid game Top

Rain of Vengeance : It is very important to use this ultimate use as we allow our beloved combo stun besides providing for the team both defensively for a disengage or to prevent melee champions wrecking us or can be used offensively to combine CC with the team.

Giant Killer: choose this skill to kill the frontline , always remember that when we are a range assasin attack the nearest target, that is why we want to choose this talent to remove the frontline enemy , that is, with this talent we would be a killer of tanks, at this point in the game we can delete the weak target with our combo and can kill tanks.

Chapter 3 - Closing stages of the game Top

Tumble: perhaps the best talent for our build , with this we can use the "E " twice which means we can do , " Q " + "E " + " Q " + "E " + " Q " in less than 2 ' 5 seconds = 3 " Q " + 9 bounces , it's amazing ! It provides much mobility, much burst damage , and a spectacular sustain!

Nexus frenzy : We use this talent to get the most from Giant Killer, and can not choose Bolt of Storm , as we have sufficient mobility.

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