Valla - Diablo 3's Finest [MULTISHOT/HATRED BUILD] by StealthHD

Valla - Diablo 3's Finest [MULTISHOT/HATRED BUILD]

By: StealthHD
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2015
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Build: Multishot Build

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Build: Hatred Build

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Introduction Top

Valla is a high-burst and mobile Assassin with the ability to shred even the tankiest of foes with her variety of single target and Area of Effect damage.

Greetings heroes! My name is LeStealth I've played a variety of different MOBAS, notably Dota 2 and League of Legends, I recently acquired Heroes of the Storm and have begun playing it, I instantly took and interest in Valla due to 2 main reasons:

1. I love Diablo 3 and especially the Demon Hunter
2. "Hey look it's Vayne from League of Legends" - Every League Player

Pros Top


+ Strong single target and multi-target abilities.
+ High Mobility
+ Good pushing abilities
+ Good wave clear potential

Cons Top


- Weak Laning Phase
- Relatively squishy
- Requires good positioning
- Strafe can be canceled

Teamfighting and Dueling Top

Early Game

Early game Valla is most notably squishy, meaning you must have a good sense of danger and lane awareness. Not over-extending yet safely harassing with Multishot and Hungering Arrow is paramount to early game success.

If you're falling behind in lane due to heavy harass make sure to stay back as far as possible and wave-clear with Multishot.

You shouldn't be able to die as long as you don't waste your Vault, always note if it's on cooldown, this is when you're most susceptible to ganks.

Mid Game

Mid game Valla shines if you're ahead, and is pretty mediocre if you're behind.

If you chose to go the Multishot build make full use of of her long range to safely harass and attack the enemy in teamfights, make sure you're not getting caught out as any form of long crowd control can certainly spell doom for Valla, even if you have Vault.

Try to maximise your damage with Strafe by using it once all crowd control abilities are used, thus allowing you to fully channel the ability and dish out the most damage.

If you chose to go the auto-attack reliant build try to stay further back behind healers and tanks, they should almost act as a shield for you allowing you to safely dish out damage with your heavy hitting auto-attacks with minimal retaliation as possible.

Don't waste Searing Attacks too early, as you may not be able to fully use its benefit if you have to run away.

Try and always get the third auto-attack as Manticore will deal additional damage.

Late Game

Late game is the most important stage for your positioning as dying can often lead to defeat due to long hefty death timers.

Not much has changed from the mid-game but your ultimate timing and cool-down management should be of most importance, due to how fast you can kill or be killed.

If you chose Rain of Vengeance, one good ultimate can help kill an entire team so be patient with it and don't use it without thought.

If you chose Strafe do not over-extend and place yourself at the front lines as this often spells doom for Valla.

Talent Alternatives Top

When should I take Strafe?

Take Strafe whenever the enemy team composition has minimal crowd control as it is easily canceled.

When should I take Spell Shield?

Take Spell Shield whenever you're against stealth/burst orientated heroes such as Nova .

When should I take Bolt of the Storm

Take Bolt of the Storm whenever you feel like you need more positioning power than Vault alone. Especially when you feel vulnerable to burst.

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