Valla - Long Range Cleave (Butcher Patch) by Synagain

Valla - Long Range Cleave (Butcher Patch)

By: Synagain
Last Updated: Jul 9, 2015
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Build: Valla - Long Range Cleave (Butcher...

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This chapter will outline the abilities -- for a YouTube play guide of my build scroll down to the next chapter where there will be a video narrated by myself.

Level 1 - Composite Arrows I believe this is the best skill to get in this first talent tree. It gives you a rather large multi-shot range which is very important when you are a ranged assassin. Valla tends to be pretty squishy so the further out you can stay the better.

Level 4 - Puncturing Arrow This skill is important to pair with [[composite arrows] as it will also increase the range on your Q ability. It doesn't make much sense to get one and not the other.

Level 7 - Repeating Arrow Every time you vault it will refresh your Q ability, as Valla you will vault quite often and it can allow you to get a kill on a hero that is running away.

Level 10 - Strafe The devastation done by this ability is simply too much to pass up. But it does put a target on your back so be careful and use it wisely.

Level 13 - Frost Shot This ability is one of the most important in the tree of talents. The slow this provides in team shot is simply amazing. After using this you will notice how incredible it truly is.

Level 16 - Blood for Blood This ability is great, it will deal 10% damage to them and heal you for twice that. Using this can be your saving grace.

Level 20 - Bolt of the Storm As outlined in the video below this is a personal preference type skill, it gives you an extra escape which can be nice. If you aren't having a hard time by this point in map on survival then you may consider taking Vengeance which will help tremendously during team fights. Honestly you can't really go wrong with either talent.

YouTube Play Guide! Top

First and foremost I want to admit - when I queued for this play video I totally didn't realize I had queued vs AI! I will be making guides for all heroes over the next few weeks so I encourage you to check out my YouTube channel and subscribe!

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