Valla The Powerhouse by Rigged

Valla The Powerhouse

By: Rigged
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2015
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Build: Welcome to the POWERHOUSE

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Li Li
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Introduction - Who am I ? Top

Hey my name is Rigged, I am relatively new to Heroes, so if theres a build like this out there already i am sorry :( BUT in any case when it comes to Mobas I like to see myself as a veteran in this field and so grasping heroes of the storm was id like to say humbly, that it was moderately easy to grasp.

This is my first guide that i have published so criticise me away! I'll take it all in and improve for next time! :)

Either way, after playing Valla, i messed around with a heap loads of variations and game styles, although mind you i haven't done any competitive play or very high level play too much at all, so this may only be valid for the lower levels.

If you want to tune in to some live streams, or video content follow me on:

Video Brief Guide:

Strengths and weaknesses! Top

  • High burst Damage
  • Very high auto-attack damage
  • Melts tanks
  • Great Mobility
  • Low CDs
  • Great Sustain
  • A beast in late game
  • Runs out of mana if spamming too much
  • Only have Ultimate for CC/lvl 16 for defensive CD
  • Requires good positioning
  • Requires level 20 for full potential of the build

Power Spikes:

Big Power Spikes:

Level 10 - As for any hero this when you get your best ability, allows you to make plays.

Level 16 - Allows you to make plays, execute, or use defensively (increases survivability tenfold)

Medium Power Spike

Level 4 - This increases your survivability whilst laning, team fights or just straight out 1v1.

Level 13/20 - This is rather self explanatory a 1.5% increase in auto attack damage is really big. Also combined with this is a huge increase in the amount of auto attack you can pull off meaning a much greater output in damage at a safer distance.

Small Power Spike

Level 1 - This is just great throughout the whole game, lets you spam your Q ability more often.

Level 7 - This lets you use your skills more often, either clearing waves or 1v1/teamfights.

How to play Early, Mid, Late! Top

Early Game:

So, because valla has a high presence throughout the whole game you need to assert your dominance straight from the start. Due to the fact that you have allows for great poke on your enemy opponents. Always try to harass them by initiating with (why you may ask ? because it has reduced mana costs letting you spam it, so missing it doesn't dip your mana usage too bad, and if you are in range to hit your youll definately be in range to hit your ) if it hits follow up with and maybe a few auto attacks. Now, what ive found to be the most efficient way of using is by aiming it so you manage to hit some minions and hit your opponent, this is easily done due to the skills large hit box, which optimises your lane pushing potential and saves your mana that way. Now when it comes to using your make sure, and i mean make sure to always have it off CD, you dont have much CC meaning your only way of getting out of a tight situation is either A) killing everyone whos chasing you (highly doubtable) or use your to disengage. Unless you know 1000% you're going to come out alive with a kill in your hands. ( This applies pretty much throughout the whole game EARLY/MID/LATE)

Mid Game:

Now, mid game is where you have access to your and your . This provides with a heap of options that will impact how well you will perform. this means, you can now start being more ballsy and even use your to chase and dive past enemies to assasinate the enemy backlines (highly unrecommended) and then vault out after doing a few auto attacks (make sure you know you will have enough mana to do so. At this point make sure that when you use your you do not waste it. It does have a cooldown and without it you are still quite vulnerable and your ult can either be used when your out of position, and you need some disengage combined with allows you to stun your chasers and vault away safely. Try to use your ult mainly when a teamfight is about to happen, the more you hit the easier cleaning up the mess is. is also great against high damage assassins that WILL try and kill you.

Late Game:

Late game, now its just continuing rolling your snowball but just now you're practically letting it go from mount Everest to create an avalanche down below. This is where you will have low CD's your auto attacks will do a lot more damage and you will overall be an unstoppable killing machine! BUT at this point all this power may go over your head and overwhelm you, make sure you play it smart, don't go over aggressive, remember to always keep your vault of cooldown, and assess every situation before you go in, no matter how ahead you may be. CC is your worst enemy, you get stunned and you are pretty much dead.

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