Victory for the Forsaken - Assassination Build by Purplekooda

Victory for the Forsaken - Assassination Build

By: Purplekooda
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2015
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Build: Assassination Build

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
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Introduction Top

My name is Purplekooda and I've been playing Heroes of the storm since early Alpha. I've primarily play assassins or specialists. Unlike a few of the guides I've seen on here today, I play Sylvanas more like an assassin then a true pusher.

My favorite other champions:

Talent Breakdown Top

Level 1
This will give you the range to chase down those enemies later in the game. Also allows you to stay behind your minion line in the early game.

Level 4
Like the other assassins with this talent it can mean the difference between life and death when facing off against those pesky assassins. Valla Thrall Tychus

Level 7
Use this when there are minions or lots of enemies around to gain health back. This is more of a survival technique.

Level 10
Whether it is interrupting Nova Triple Tap or Nazeebo Ravenous Spirit. Maybe a running enemy snipe. But try and save this for interrupts.

Level 13
This is the one I go the most when having to chase down enemy heroes.
I only take this when my team is behind in levels to maintain a safe distance when kiting
back towards teammates.

Level 16
I prefer this talent as it helps you melt tanks or high HP champions. And its a free heal to help with survivability.

Level 20
Again survivability for those moments where Illidan just wont go away. Blinking over walls or terrain really messes up those melee heroes. One thing to remember if Tyrael Judgment is on you before you blink he will come along for the ride.

Tips Top

Black Arrows (Trait)
Siege Mercenaries
Stand next to one while auto attack the other mercenary without your rectile. Use Withering Fire every 2 auto attack to keep both mercenaries stunned.

Towers / Forts
Similar to how to do the siege mercenaries stand next to one tower to get rectile on the closest tower while locking down the other with auto attack. If the gate is intact then you can also use Shadow Dagger to spread across to the other tower. See below for more details

Withering Fire (Q)
Target Rectile
Always be aware which target your rectile is on. This usually is the closest minion, but try and save it for pushing or heroes when they enter range.

Rapid Release
There is no need to constantly hit (Q) for just hold down (Q) for rapid release.

Shadow Dagger (W)
Applying Black Arrows
Keep in mind that this is your longest range ability and can be used out of tower / fort range. Use it to get Black Arrows on towers, forts, minions, or mercenaries.

When clearing the wave in combination with Life Drain target the caster minion to spread across all lane minions.

Haunting Wave (E)
Use through structure (Walls, forts) or over terrain.

After casting this ability run the other way to bait your enemies away for where you'll be after teleporting. Use this in combination with structures or terrain pathing.

Wailing Arrow (R)
Leading & Early Release
Timing and leading this takes practice. Knowing the distance and speed. I've also encountered other Sylvanas that forget that you can hit (R) again to detonate it early.

Tested / Known Interrupts
E.T.C. Mosh Pit
Falstad Hinterland Blast
Li Li Jug of 1,000 Cups
Nazeebo Ravenous Spirit
Nova Triple Tap
Valla Strafe

Thanks & Contact Info Top

Thanks for reading my Sylvanas assassin guide and happy hunting. Please leave any thoughts or questions. You can also hit me up on twitter.

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