Voodoo King beginner's guide by ToiletSnacks3

Voodoo King beginner's guide

By: ToiletSnacks3
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2015
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Build: Sustain Artist

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Intro Top

Nazeebo is a tricky but rewarding champion. In this build I am going for increased life/mana, sustain, and escape/positioning potential. Nazeebo is a champion that relies heavily on positioning for skirmishes and with the proper position can change the outcome of the fight.

There may be other builds that are more powerful and do more damage, however this build fits a different play style than nuke.


Auto Attack applies a dot
Good siege capabilities
Can get pretty tanky
Good wave clear
Can do well in a solo lane
Multiple aoe abilities

Slow merc camp clear
No baseline escape
Minion/Hero takedown dependent
Inefficient when out of position
Vulnerable when channeling Ravenous Spirit

Talents Top

Nazeebo has a talent tree that can seem appealing, but like all other champs there are some that are better than others.

Tier 1
Death Ritual is the most viable option. Your auto attack adds a damage over time effect to enemies. If a minion dies while the passive Voodoo Ritual is active, Nazeebo gains health and mana.

Bribe can be used in certain situations depending on the team comp and map, but Death Ritual should be always be prioritized or Nazeebo will not gain a bigger health and mana pool.

Tier 2
Gathering Power grants a passive ability power boost as well as a stacking ap boost when you are part of a hero takedown. This additional ability power makes Nazeebo's burst damage possible and why positioning is critical.

Envenom can be useful and may be beneficial if you find yourself consistently getting camped and having to escape.

Tier 3
This tier has the most options but is one of the biggest no brainer picks. Gidbinn increases the area of explosion of Plague Toads which is nice, but is most beneficial for the increased duration of Voodoo Ritual. Longer ticks means more health and mana.

Tier 4
Ravenous Spirit is really the only choice here. The damage is too much and is more effective than Gargantuan. Gargantuan is not controllable by you so it may attack things that are not beneficial to the team. If they patch it to make it act where you can press 'r' again to assign it to attack a specific target or if it attacks the same target as you, then it may be more useful. As for now though, Ravenous Spirit is the way to go.

Tier 5
I have seen a lot of debate on this tier. Some prefer Rewind, but I prefer Sprint. As stated earlier, Nazeebo is most useful when he is in proper position. Sprint helps him get into that position or out of bad positioning and can be used as an escape.

I would suggest Rewind if your team is dominating, you have max stacks of Gathering Power and you want to have multiple burst phases. However, with the use of Ravenous Spirit for up to 8 seconds, most of your abilities will be off cool down by the time Ravenous Spirit expires.

Tier 6
This tier I choose between Leaping Spiders and Specialized Toxin. Generally I will go with Leaping Spiders simply because it keeps my positioning and range in check to keep me alive and most useful to my team.

Specialized Toxin is a good choice if, again, your team is doing very well and you want to continue the punishment.

Tier 7
For this tier I like Bolt of the Storm. Again this ability increases the escape potential as well as proper positioning for skirmishes.

Annihilating Spirit would be the only other option to take here. If you become comfortable with your positioning skills Annihilating Spirit would surpass Bolt of the Storm.

Final Thoughts Top

Nazeebo is a great hero and can be a lot of fun. He fits into almost any team comp. When Nazeebo is played correctly he can be ridiculous, but he is definitely a hero that takes some practice to dominate with. This build is a mid to late game build and unlike some heroes, Nazeebo always needs to be doing something and will not benefit from sitting idle.

About Me
I am an avid LoL, WoW, and HotS player. I do not claim to know everything or claim to be a pro. I am a casual player that is highly interested in these games. This is my first game guide and I have a lot of areas of opportunity. I hope that this guide aides at least 1 other person in HotS. Suggestions and feedback are welcome.

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