When CC and dmg is the greatest fear... by KalELGaming

When CC and dmg is the greatest fear...

By: KalELGaming
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2015
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Build: Tank,CC and skill spam refresher

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Early Game Top

1) Try to pick up enemies and push them onto your towers as often as you can but try not to take too much dmg in the process. Specially if there are timed objectives on the map

2) On the T2 talents if you have healer take the Amplified healing talent. If there is no healer take Demonic strength

Mid Game Top

1) You have your ulti so you can zone enemies or tear them down in a teamfight. Just be careful of your positioning

2) Your role is to set up kills for your kills. Just dont get overzealous. You need your team so going in alone hoping to bring enemies down will only get you killed more often than not

End Game Top

1) Your ulti does crazy amounts of dmg so use it wisely

2) Remember that auto attacks refresh your abilities very quickly which is HUGE for Diablo! Including your ulti too!! dont forget that !

3) Diablo needs good score in order to stay tanky. IF your team is doing badly then remember that you cant tank all the dmg you think you do. Wait for a couple of good teamfights and if you manage to stabilize then you can do again those brave charges in the enemy team and start flipping ppl over to your team.

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