Wulfscar's Sylvanas Build by Wulfscar

Wulfscar's Sylvanas Build

By: Wulfscar
Last Updated: Dec 21, 2016
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Wulfscar's Personal Sylvanas Build Top

This build serves as a guide to those who want a great balance of survivability and damage output with Sylvanas.

[Level 1] Paralysis is a talent that will increase the duration of Sylvanas' trait Black Arrows which assists her with her survivability while laning and while taking mercenary camps.

[Level 4] Lost Soul is a talent that will lower the cooldown of Shadow Dagger.

[Level 7] Unstable Poison is a talent that causes minions that die while under the effect of Black Arrows to explode on death damaging other minions and mercenary camps nearby. This greatly increses her lane clearing and mercenary camp clearing capability.

[Level 10] Wailing Arrow is a talent that shoots an arrow that will damage and silence enemies, the ability can be reactivated at any time to explode at the user's discretion.

[Level 13] Life Drain is a talent that causes Shadow Dagger to heal each time it spreads to an enemy. This greatly increases Sylvanas' survivability especially effective against large groups.

[Level 16] Cold Embrace is a talent that will make enemies hit by Shadow Dagger to become vulnerable, hereby causing them to receive more damage for a short duration.

[Level 20] Deafening Blast is a talent that will cause enemies caught in the center of Wailing Arrow's explosion to receive more damage and become silenced twice as long.

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