You got Gall-ed! (Mass DMG) by Talifax

You got Gall-ed! (Mass DMG)

By: Talifax
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2015
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Build: Forever Gall-iant

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Introduction Top

Welcome to my guide!! My name is Talifax and I've been in Heroes since closed beta. Let's skip the introductions, and let me tell you WHY. (Always be in a voice chat with your Cho. Seriously.)

Please, read on!!

Abilities Top

Level 1:Shadowflare- Really the only viable talent. The increased width means you can always snag a few minions as well.

Level 4:Double Back- This is KEY. This allows you to do mass damage in a team fight, or hit a fort three times. It really helps out with both Hero and Siege damage. Seriously guys, this is key.

Level 7:Double Trouble- Yeah, you want this. This is a massive damage buff to Shadowflame.

Level 10:Twisting Nether- This can be swapped with Shadow Bolt Volley if you really want to. I'd rather use Nether and here's why, it's pretty big damage. It also keeps Gall's damage up to date when you get into late game, provided you grab the appropriate level 20 ability.

Level 13:Rising Dread- With this, your bounce back is absolutely devastation. Throw Dread Orb out at an enemy group and watch them scramble out of the way, or take down a keep faster using Dread Orb's bounceback and just shorten the cast length. Plus it's the only viable talent provided your Cho isn't a giant nitwit.

Level 16:Giant Scorcher- Grab this. Massive damage boost, if you consider that Shadowflame's cooldown is super short.

Level 20:The Nether Calls Why not be a butch? Your nether is your furnace. Destroy everything.

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