Gall: Way of the Two-Headed (Talents Explained) by BigsWord

Gall: Way of the Two-Headed (Talents Explained)

By: BigsWord
Last Updated: May 5, 2018
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Build: The Nether Calls.....

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Threats to Gall with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Zagara Most don't take Maw anymore, but if she does she will take you out of the fight for a few seconds.
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
  No Threat
Zeratul If he void prisons your Cho, you can't do anything while you are trapped as well.
Stitches OM NOM NOM NOM. If he takes gorge then you will be unable to cast spells for a few seconds.
Anub'arak Cocoon will ruin your day; As it will leave both you and your cho out of commission for a few seconds.
Cho Sometimes teamwork is the hardest part of a team......

Introduction. Top

Hello everyone and welcome to the second half of my Cho'gall overview. Gall is the damage-dealing head of the Cho'gall entity, and he does his job well! Gall is forced to follow wherever Cho goes, so make sure you trust your big, lovable, EVIL ogre brother!....... Well you're big, lovable, and EVIL too, so you already have that going for you!

Abilities Top

Note: All of your abilities are usable while Cho is mounted! Your first two abilities can be used while Cho is piloting the Garden Terror/ Dragon Knight, but your ultimate (And detonating bombs obviously) can not be used until you exit. Note: All of your abilities can outrange towers, even Shadowflame if you stand in the right place! Be sure to communicate with your Cho to use this early sieging power to gain an early advantage!


Your main damage abilty; spam it often.
Dread Orb

Takes a bit of skill to land; requires you to get into your enemies head and think where they will go next. Good damage and zoning either way.
Runic Blast

Your biggest damage-dealing basic ability! Only usable after your Cho friend has the bomb rolling, so coordinate well!
Special Mount

An alright escape/chase ability. Can be used while Cho is cc'd so keep that in mind if you are in a bad situation.
Special Eye

A cooler-looking Scouting Drone that reveals an area around where it is placed. Use it around or on bushes so you don't have to face(s) check!

Talking about the Trait Top

Knowing when to swap traits with your buddy is something you will have to work out with him, as it all depends on how good your communication is. Generally, you'll want Cho to have Ogre Hide active so you can live longer and let him sustain through the fight. You can turn your trait on if you're ulting or sieging towers safely or early, just be careful and make sure your buddy can press his trait.


Not as good as the other shove upgrade in any other situation, sadly.

Reduces shove cooldown by a large amount, allowing you to use it much more often!

It's an okay talent, but not as good as more mobility.


Not as good as the other two options on this tier.

Pretty good for sieging and times where an objective is a still target like Battlefield.

Infinitely stacks damage onto your bomb if you can hit it.


Not bad but the next option is more useful.

The cooldown reduction this adds is great if you can keep hitting targets ignited by Cho, and it's not hard to complete if you can notice when cho ignites someone.

It sounds better than it actually is.


DROWN THEM ALL IN TWILIGHT! Insane damage if you can get all bolts to hit something! They can be blocked before level 20, but they still do great damage.

Slow enemies and deal good damage? Great combination! Not a bad ultimate, but if you can reach level 20 Shadow Bolt Volley's Upgrade adds so much damage it's difficult to pass up.


Adds great damage to everyone you hit even if they don't have a large amount of health.

Not as good as the other Orb upgrade on this tier.

Really good if you're taking Leaden Orb on the next tier, and even without it it's alright.


Sounds good with all the other Shadowflame upgrades we are taking, but stun/silences are better cc.

Quite annoying to play against and ruins many channeled abilities.

Not a bad choice and I'd consider it if you took Searing Shadows on the last tier.


OH. OH. The bolts can pierce now. No more enemies trying to soak bolts for their team-mates.Yes? YES.

Eh it's alright but other options are just better.

Idk maybe if they have an atrocious murky...?

Not bad and quite funny for rushing the enemy core, but wiping the enemy team with Shadowfury is generally better.

End Top

Thank you for reading my two-part guide to Cho'Gall! May you dominate the Nexus with power overwhelming!

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