Zagara Carry Slayer by wolof7

Zagara Carry Slayer

By: wolof7
Last Updated: May 29, 2015
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Build: DPS/Push Build

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Threats to Zagara with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Kael'thas lot of burst damage, try to steer clear of him
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Thrall If you come up against a good thrall then run before he sees you unless you have a teammate cause he will be able to chase you down and keep himself from taking much damage
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Tier 1 Top


this build isn't just for damage you have to be able to push as well which is why I choose demolitionist for this tier instead of any of the others.

Centrifugal hooks are quite good as an alternative for pushing and DPS but I prefer demolitionist myself.

Tier 2 Top

Envenomed Spines

This adds damage to your right clicks and a little bit of dot damage for 3 seconds after you right click, quite good for securing a kill on characters with a good escape ability like Falstad or Valla.

If you want to go for more of a push build then go for either medusa blades or infest as both of them allow you to clear a lane and push a tower a lot quicker than envenomed blades.

Tier 3 Top

Ventral Sacs

Both Volatile Acid and Ventral Sacs are good picks for this tier as both add more push ability. I myself prefer Ventral Sacs for the extra Roachling as opposed to more non-heroic damage, however it's really up to you which you like most.

Tier 4 Top

Devouring Maw

Again this one is up to you, my reason for picking devouring maw is that it gives my team some time to escape or to initiate a fight. also the enemy can destroy my Nydus worms which annoys me at times.

Although if you are going for push choose Nydus worms because it allows you to move from lane to lane relatively unhindered which the enemy team can have a hard time dealing with if you do it right.

Tier 5 Top

Grooved Spines

Tier 5 And Tier 6 I buff the hunter killers.
I choose grooved spines because I do not need the bounce attack and more duration as I'm going to focusing on one target that is doing a lot of damage or just being a nuisance for my team while my team attacks the rest of the enemy team in turn keeping me alive because Zagara isn't necessarily a tank.

The Giant killer I don't choose because my hunter killers do more damage than I could ever do.
Spell shield is good depending on the team that they have but usually I go for grooved spines and occasionally Bile drop if I want a little more burst damage.

Tier 6 Top

Brood Expansion

Ok well you just buffed the hunter killers in the previous tier now you have 2 of them. the damage that this does plus your right clicks and roachlings is unreal, I've seen Diablo and Arthas both melt from the damage as if they were butter on a bagel toasted pretty good.

not to say that Baneling Massacre is a bad pick, 8 banelings means more damage to towers and heroes as well however I only choose this of I choose Centrifugal Hooks at the start.


Bolt Of The Storm

I choose this for the extra mobility that it gives me and some escape ability as Zagara doesn't have very good escape or mobility unless he has Nydus worms.

The reason I don't choose Tyrant Maw is because I don't use this to get kills, I use it to initiate or to help my team escape. Fury Of The Storm is also quite good for DPS but Zagara need a little mobility by the late game

This build is purely optional and I've given my reasons for choosing what I do, if you don't like the build don't use the build. I don't wanna see random comments saying the build is useless because most of those people also don't know a damn thing about playing these games. for the rest of you if you have any constructive criticism to make this build any better then please let me know

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