Zagara - High Sustain/ High Damage Output by Ecliptic

Zagara - High Sustain/ High Damage Output

By: Ecliptic
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2015
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About Me Top

Thank you for choosing my guide! What I do with my guides differently than everyone else is hit the key points and give you the most important information about a hero so you can jump back into playing ASAP. I am a very avid HOTS player putting in about 8 hours a day of play time. Zagara is one of the heroes i mainly play, so intern i know her inside and out. Enjoy the guide and this should make you able to hop right into matches and improve your win rates with Zagara right away.

Play Overview Top

Zagara is played like a mage hero. What i mean by this is that you should never be in the middle of team fights, you want to remain on the outskirts of every fight always moving around. This will make you more able to avoid skill shots and AOE spells. This strategy becomes especially effective if you are able to have Creep Tumor set up which lets you move faster and regen health constantly.

Reconstitution Top

At level 1 i grab Reconstitution right away. The reasoning behind this is for sustainability. Reconstitution scales so it will remain effective through out the whole game. This helps you in the laning phase of the game immensely. While the other team is constantly running back and forth between moonwell and their base they lose exp since they are out of lane for a considerable amount of time. Reconstitution makes you able to stay in lane for prolonged periods of time and soak up exp for your team and eventually put your team at a 1-2 level advantage which can become very useful. Always make sure you are placing Creep Tumor behind you in lane, essentially you want to think of it as making a trail of bread crumbs with Creep Tumor. Not only will it give you lane wide health regen but it will also make you able to kite champions effectively all the way up and down the lane due to the increased movement speed bonus.

Envenomed Spines Top

Envenomed Spines i grab at level 4. The reason for this is because it significantly increases your damage output through basic attacks which lets you conserve mana. Also Envenomed Spines increases your basic attack range which lets you poke a whole lot better against champions like Raynor and Tychus and puts them usually around half health by the time you guys engage each other in lane for a fight. With the increased range from Envenomed Spines and the increased movement speed from Creep Tumor this makes for a very annoying combination for the other team. You simply walk up and hit them with a basic attack and run back, rinse and repeat till they are at half like i said above. You can also toggle Hunter Killer and run away as well, and repeat that too. Both of those combinations should have your lane low on health or dead in a short period of time.

Rapid Incubation Top

Grab Rapid Incubation at level 7. The main reason i grab this is because it counteracts Reconstitution what i mean by that is that Reconstitution only regenerates health not mana, rapid incubuation gives you not only health but now the capability to gain back mana as well when needed. What this also allows you to do is recover from fights at an incredible rate. Use Rapid Incubation every time it is up since the cd is so low.
Combinations like using Devouring Maw with Rapid Incubation can also save your life in some instances since you can channel Rapid Incubation while the enemy hero is suppressed by Devouring Maw for a quick health boost.

Devouring Maw Top

Getting Devouring Maw is almost a no brainer in every instance since it gives you cc and damage. The only time i would recommend getting Nydus Network over Devouring Maw is if you can see the match developing into mostly team fights with objectives since than you would need to be at every team fight as well as objectives like the shrines on Dragon Shire. You can than move quickly from shrine to shrine after a team fight for example.

Mutalisk Top

The reason i grab Mutalisk at level 13 is because it makes your Hunter Killer an air unit now instead of a ground unit. This allows your Hunter Killer ability to now not be impeded by land obstacles such as gates and towers, also only ranged attackers can now kill them such as a Raynor or Valla. ALso, the duration of Hunter Killer is now increased by 50% which gives you around 35% increased damage on that ability. The attacks from Hunter Killer now bounce from target to target which eviscerates enemy teams when they are grouped up.

100% Time duration 8 seconds
+ 50% from Mutalisk + 4 seconds + 4 Heroes taking damage
A Grand Total of 12 seconds of 5 heroes taking damage
[40(+6 per level) each second]

Brood Expansion Top

I grab Brood Expansion at level 16 because it takes the above total from Mutalisk at multiplies it by 2.
All calculations were done assuming that each mutalisk maxes out it's duration.

12 Seconds
40(+6 per level) each second
20 levels = 6*20 = 120+40 of base damage
140 Damage a second for 12 seconds
140*12 = 1680 Damage total
1680*2 = 3360 Damage

Bolt of the Storm Top

I grab Bolt of the Storm at level 20 because it doubles as both a getaway ability and a chasing ability. Also i choose this over the others because you don't need to grab any damage boosts at this level since Zagara has enough damage output at this point in the game, and i didn't grab defensive abilities at level 20 because you shouldn't be taking heavy damage at all, at any time regardless of what is going on in the match.

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