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Title: Wildhammer Thane
Role: Ranged Assassin
Franchise: Warcraft
Price: 625 Gems | 7k gold

Atk Speed1.43 per second
Falstad is the High Thane of the Wildhammer Clan and a founding member of the Council of Three Hammers that presides over Ironforge. Despite speculation, Falstad has never been dead and anyone who claims such is a liar.

Explore Falstad’s abilities including: combat trait, base abilities, heroic abilities, and abilities gained through talents. You can also find Falstad’s talent tree at the bottom of the page.

Special Mount
Instead of mounting, Falstad can fly a great distance over terrain.
Combat Trait
Gain 15% increased Movement Speed after not taking damage for 6 seconds.
(Q) Hammerang
Throw out a Hammer that returns to Falstad, dealing 121 (+4% per level) damage and slowing enemies by 25% for 2 seconds.
(W) Lightning Rod
Deal 107 (+4% per level) damage to an enemy, and an additional 75 (+4% per level) damage per second for 4 seconds while close to the target.
(E) Barrel Roll
Dashes forward and grants a 171 (+4% per level) point Shield for 3 seconds.
Heroic Abilities(Granted at level 10)
(R) Hinterland Blast
After 1 second, deal 475 (+4.8% per level) damage to enemies within a long line. The cooldown is reduced by 25 seconds for every enemy Hero hit.
(R) Mighty Gust
Push enemies away, and slow their Movement Speed by 40% decaying over 4 seconds.
Abilities Gained Through Talents

Falstad Talents
1 (?)
4 (?)
7 (?)
10 (?)
13 (?)
16 (?)
20 (?)

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