King Rastakhan (now with skins) by HexerVoodoom

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King Rastakhan (now with skins)

By: HexerVoodoom
Last Updated: Oct 15, 2017
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King Rastakhan (now with skins)

Ruler of the Zandalari

"A powerful bruiser who becomes a greater threat and harder to die as he is damaged, combining physical strenght and voodoo powers."

Combat Trait

For every 1% of missing HP, King Rastakhan will have basic abilities cooldown decreased by 1% up to 90%.

Primary Abilities

Titans Grip
Flavor Text
Targets enemy hero to grip it, crushing bones in a deadly hug for 1 second. As Rastakhan crushes the enemy, he also uses his powerfull voodoo to drain enemie's soul, absorbing it.

Practial effect
Hold targeted enemy hero for 1 second, causing damage and healing Rastakhan for 5% of enemies max HP. Target is stunned for 1 second after being released.

CD 12s (1,2 CD at 10% health)
Living God
Flavor Text
King Rastakhan is infused by the power of many powerful Loas and Trolls. His blood is boiling power.

Practial Effect
Passive: Using meele attacks and melee abilities against Rastakhan causes damage to attacker.
Active: Breaks from stuns, slows and roots. If successfully breaks it, generates a shield of 10% of Rastakhan maximum life.

CD 18s (1,8 CD at 10% health)
Serpent Totem
Flavor Text
King Rastakhan can summon a more powerful version of Vol'jin's iconic Serpent Totem but he has his own way of using it.

Practival Effect
Passive: King Rastakhan wields the totem as his main weapon. The totem will spit a venomous fire on any nearby enemy, prioritizing Rastakhan`s target and heroes.
Active: Rastakhan infuses the totem with raw power, making next basic attack instant and increasing it's damage by 100%.

CD 6s (0,6 CD at 10% health)

Heroic Abilities

THE Destroyer of Worlds
level 10
Rastakhan summons Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds and shouts loud, inspiring his allies and increasing his and their damage.

While active, Serpent Totem active attack is 20% stronger. The totem keeps attacking with it's passive.

Lasts 12 seconds
CD 45 seconds
The Great Apocalypse
level 10
Rastakhan summons Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse and shouts loud, inspiring his allies and increasing his and their armor. For the duration, he attacks wielding Jin'rohk for heavy cleave damage.

While active, Serpent Totem keeps attacking with it's passive ability but can't be activated.

Lasts 12 seconds
CD 45 seconds
The Arma'Geddon
level 20
This ability basically benefits from both ultimates combined
Rastakhan summons Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds and Jin'rohk, The Great Apocalypse and shouts loud, inspiring his allies and increasing his and their armor and damage. While dual wielding, his atack power is decreased and atk speed increased, resulting on extra 15% increased DPS if compared to single wielding.

Basic Attacks Cleave
While active, Serpent Totem active ability causes 30% more damage. The totem keeps attacking with it's passive.

Lasts 12 seconds
CD 45 seconds
Level 20
Passive: Increase mov. speed by 10%. Aditionally, while moving, King Rastakhan causes damage to close enemies.
Active: Increases mov. speed extra 10% and allows to pass through units, knocking them and causing double the passive damage. Lasts for 3 seconds.


King Rastakhan is the most powerful and oldest living troll known. He combines a muscular and brutal zandalari body and the mind of old and wise witch doctor. If that was not enough, he is infused by the powers of the troll gods, making him their representant on Azeroth.
Little is known about King Rastakhan since he rarely shows up. We know he is a very powerful witchdoctor, but unlike Sen'jin, he got a huge and powerful body. When we look at the king of trolls we do not expect him to be casting voodoos and hiding from enemies. His imposing presence must be felt as a huge and powerful Troll. His design is an attempt to sintesize all aspects of the trolls, making Rastakhan a mix of the brutal berserker and the spiritual witchdoctor. His kit allows him to be a strong bruiser, with defensive abilities and a increasing power when he is in dangerous situations. As a king, he also leads and buffs his allies. But his proud stance will make him lack of mobility. He should feel just like that huge badass guy in the movies who won't sprint, just slowly walks in and crushes everybody. Even with Trample at 20, the idea is that he just moves fast because he is huge and won't stop, like a mammoth.

Rastakhan is a heavy damage bruiser that grows stronger as he looses HP. He is ultimatly strong against melee assassins and will excel on protecting ground, making him a great solo for objectives in Dragon Shire, or even blocking enemies way to pay doubloons in Blackhearts Bay, for exemple.

Playing as Rastakhan must feel like you are this huge and monstruous troll, marching to your enemie only to stomp it. And when you are fighting, you must feel the blood boiling up in your veins, reducing cooldowns as you bleed, adrenaline will boost you to hit an ability after another in pure frenezy. The closer you are to die, the more powerful and unstopabble you become. You must rely greatly on alives to use your maximum potential, since Rastakhan lacks of abilities for self heal or taz'dingo as Zul'jin.

Rastakhan lack of mobility is his biggest weakness so you must help him to reach target. As a tank, either by positioning or crowd controlling, once you help the king to engage he will become a powerfull combatent. As a support, you must keep him alive but avoid keeping him at full life, since he is way more powerfull with lower HP. As assassin, once he engages, it's time to kill, taking vantage of his heroic buffs.

Rastakhan is very powerfull melee but he lacks of self heal and mobility, so you'll want to keep distance, poking and taunting.

I changed the Jin'rohk color so it's easier to know which one he is wielding, since they are pretty much the same but with the blade on the opposite side.


Level 1
Blood Ritual Berserking can be activated to burn 5% of actual health. Receives shield (4s) and mana equal to HP consumed. CD 45s
Titanic Reach Increases titan's grip range.
Zandalari Warcry Living God also breakes from silence.
Spitting Serpent Serpent Totem attack splashes.
Regeneration Master Gather regen globes to increase healing by 1 up to 30. Gathering 30 orbs also increases maximum health by 500.

Level 4
We are not friends Titan's grip duration increases by 1s. This extra second do not cause damage nor heal.
Punishment Living God causes a shadow shock wave to be released, damaging nearby enemies.
Vicious Serpent Serpent Totem passive venomous fire slows for 3%. This effect stacks up to 15%.

Level 7
Organ Crush Increases Titan's grip damage to extra 3% of enemies health
Empowered Reduces Living God mana consumption by 50%
That's how you use it Serpent Totem active bonus damage increased by 25%

Level 13
12 ft tall Increases Rastakhan attack range by 1
Debiliating Recover After stun, titan's grip also slows for 1s.
More power! Serpent totem empowered atacks stuns enemies by 0.5s
Boogeyman Activating Serpent Totem slows nearby enemies

Level 16
Zandalari Cuirass Each consecutive damage received increases armor by 3 up to 15. Lasts 3 seconds.
Raging Khan Each consecutive attack increases atk speed by 2% up to 20%. Lasts 4 seconds.
Trollic Regeneration Each received heal increases next received heal by 8% up to 24%. Lasts 8 seconds.


•High resistance to sustained damage
•High damage against melee enemies

•Lack of mobility
•susceptible to ranged poke

STATISTICS (pretty similar to Artanis)
HEALTH 2000(+5.0%)
REGEN 5.0(+4%)
MANA 510(+10)
REGEN 2.90(+0.098)
DAMAGE 111 (+4%)

Alternative Skins

Legendary Blood God is a reference to Brolly from DBZ

trolll concepts

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