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Shadowtooth Hexer

An agrresive support that fights by surprising his enemies and excels in longer fights.

Special thanks to StagRavenOwlSaber who kindly discussed and helped me improve greatly this concept!

Combat Trait

God Eater
Each basic attack Zul'Atal lands on enemy will steal 5 armor, reducing enemy armor by 5 and increasing his by the same value for 5 seconds. Basic attacks against any hero refreshes duration for everyone affected. This effect stacks.

Vomit the souls he recently consumed over an ally, transfering all stacks of armor Zul'Atan currently have.

Transfer 25 armor to every ally. Reward: permanently grants a +10 armor aura for nearby allies.

Every 8 takedowns, friendly or foe, the amount of stealed armor is increased by 1.

Primary Abilities

Shadow reach
Casts a straight chain of energy into targeted ally, healing for 850 HP. Each allied hero on it's path will absorb 20% of total healing, causing it to heal for 20% less on next target (cumulative effect always based on initial healing).
Each enemy on it's path will receive 20% of total healing as damage but will not decrease healing effect. If selfcast the chain will go around caster for a small aoe during 0,5 seconds before affecting Zul'Atal.
During the next 6 seconds, healed main target will suffer 50% of the amount healed as damage but any damage received will subtract from this damage.
50 mana CD 12s
Stolen Hope
Causes enemy flesh to burst in shadowflames for 225 damage. For each point of difference between caster and target armor this ability will cause extra 1% damage.
70 Mana CD 8s
Wrath of the Ancient Spirits
A ghostly shadow will chase targeted enemy revealing and attacking it for 30 damage per hit over 4 seconds (1 hit/s). Attacks apply God Eater effect. If enemy dies, the spirit will chase another target (but will not refresh it's duration).

25 mana CD 9s

Heroic Abilities

Soul Swap
After 1 second Zul'Atan and targeted hero (enemy or ally) will swap current HP %.

Level 20 upgrade
Can cast again within 5 seconds. Recast costs no mana.
Shared Fate
Zul'Atar and targeted hero (enemy or ally) will sum their HP % and divide it equally among them. Also, for the next 4 seconds the following will happen if:
Cast on ally, health will continuosly be redistributed evenly. If any affectd hero enters the hall of storm the effect is cancelled.
Cast on enemy, 10% of damage received by Zul'Atal will be absorbed by affected enemy instead.

Level 20 upgrade
if cast on enemy and Zul'Atan dies before 4 seconds, the enemy who received the spell will also die.
Darkness.. Madness.. Power!
Level 20
Active: Zul'Atal taps into the madness of the void, causing his basic attacks to spread for the two closest targets, hitting up to 3 enemies at once and prioritizing heroes. This ability lasts for 5 seconds.

Passive: increases attack speed by 20%.
Level 20
Rewind basic abilities and reset armor. For each point of consumed armor, also recoved 0,5% of maximum health.


Level 1
-Teophagy (D) Increases basic armor stealing by 2 and duration by 1 second. Quest: steal 180 armor; rewards: duration increased by extra 1s
-Reverse Entropy (Q) Reduces 1 cooldown for each ally between target. Quest: Heal 40 allies between chain, reward: decreases 1 CD permanently.
-Eradication (W) If enemy dies by Stolen Hope it's body explode for AOE Damage, 75% mana is refound and CD is reduced by 4s.
-Persitent Hunger (E) If target dies, refresh duration. Increase duration by 1 second. Quest: Spirit hits enemy 60 times, reward: increases and extra 1s.

Level 4
-Empowered Chain (Q) Increase range and widht. Quest 1: After hitting 30 allies between target of Shadow Reach reduces healing loss by 10%. Quest 2: After hitting 15 enemy heroes between target of Shadow Reach, can target enemy heroe for 50% healing power as damage and same healing effect for allies.
-Break of will (W) If enemy armor is bigger than yours or if difference is no more than 25, reduces cooldown by 4s and steal 5 armor.
-Haunting presence (E) Spirit attacks now slow for 20%

Level 7
-Healing Link (Q) Allies between the chain receives extra 10% healing without penalty on next affected hero (30% of total healing).
-Shadow Link (Q)
Enemies between the chain receive 100% of it's damage as DoT over 6 seconds.
-Despair (W) Stolen Hope reduces enemy received healing by 50%
-Obsessive Spirit (E) Enemy attacked by the spirit healing abilities are 30% weaker for 3 seconds

Level 13
-Shrink Head (1) activate to reduce an enemy hero's magic damage by 50% and increase basic abilities cooldown by 50% for 4 seconds.
-Vampiric Touch (D) Zul'Atal basic attacks heals nearby allies for 33% of damage caused.
-Burning Flesh (W) Stolen Hope causes enemy to receive Entropic Burning Rage, damaging his own allies and himself for 5 seconds.
-Mania(E) Spirit steals double the armor but CD is increased by 2s.

Level 16
-Schism (2) Enter Spiritual Realm for 3 seconds. Can pass through units and receive 20% mov. speed. Can't be attacked nor healed. Only dead enemies can see him.
-Nethermancy (Q) If affects a single ally won't cause the DoT damaging on it.
-Auspicious spirit (W) Can hurt enemies in stasis. If enemy is in statis causes double the damage.
-Agony (W) causes extra damage on disabled enemies.

Analysis on his role

Zul'Atal (Zul: Great; Atal: Devoted), is the result of the attempt to bring up the concept for a DarkTroll Priest. Dark trolls are present in WC3 and plays a big role but since that, they vanished. They are a rare race of trolls, said to be the most brutal and primitive of all, so Zul'Atal kit tries to bring a misterious and dark presence from where you don't know exactly what to expect but you are sure he wants to tear out your flesh. His trait, God Eater, comes from the idea that his tribe is so brutal that they are not only cannibals but they eat their own Loas, a practive that even inspired a soft version of it by the Drakkari in WoTLK.

God Eater
His trait is designed to both increase his and his team survability through armor and debuff enemy team.

Shadow Reach
His only healing ability gets value by positioning. This can often causes Zul'Atal to be in danger for higher rewards with this skill. While the basic ability is powerful for single target healing it can be improved via talents for team healing so he gets more versatility. The cooldown is high so he must rely on his trait to keep the team alive.

Stolen Hope
This ability is Zul'Atan source of burst damage but can be talented to give him more aoe and wave clear. It's damage can be super high but heavily depends on how he uses his trait.

Wrath of the Ancient Spirits
This ability is very helpful for spreading his trait to different targets and most of his debuffs are talents for this ability. It can helps Zul'Atan be safe while causing trouble to enemy team.

Soul Swap
This high cooldown heroic is a high risk high reward ability that can be used both for saving allies or surprising a powerful enemy.
At level 20 it can be cast twice but in order to use it agressively Zul'Atan must face enormous danger.

Shared Fate
This heroic can be very helpful to improve sustained survability of either Zul'Atan or an allied hero. Also, similar to Soul Swap, it can be used to surprise enemy hero.
At level 20 it can be upgraded to either secure a kill through his own life or for escaping since the main counterplay to it is keeping him alive for a few seconds and he can use this window to escape.

Is a level 20 option to focus on Zul'Atal trait and improve his damage.

In general, this hero suits a composition with heroes that can poke or keep a fight for a longer time. He may be a good support against teams relying to much on mages.

How does it feel to play him

Playing with him
Dark Trolls are savage and raw, but they are pretty good in fighting. Being a priest on Shadowtooth clans demands you to be wise and smart. Zul'Atan is patient and will torture his enemy mind and soul to tender it. So playing him must feel like this ultimate troll, waiting for the perfect opportunity wisely to surprise your enemy. Playing Zul'Atan must feel like you just started the battle loosing it but the tides turns more and more for each movement you do and you turn enemies hope into pure despair.

Playing as his ally
Having Zul'Atan on your team must feel like you have to be patient for a while with him, poking enemy, building the opportunity to suddenly burst their team down. You must always watch for his positioning to help him avoid dangerous places to take maximum benefit from his abilities. He probably will iniate most TF and when he does it you can drink your enemies tears.

Playing against him
Playing against him feels like you are always in doubt. You can't rely on your mind because he will eventually troll you. When you belive you are safe, you are in danger. You are always aware of him and will try to burst him down whenever he goes into that dangerous positioning to use his abilities.


Health 1949 (+4%)
Regen 4.27 (+4%)

Mana 490 (+10)
Mana Regen 3.4 (+10)

Atk Speed 1.25 per second
Ranged Damage 100

• High Utility
• High potential damage and survability in longer fights
• High Versatility

• Low mobility
• Weak on quick fights
• High dependant on positioning

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Oxxinator | October 6, 2017 6:21am
I created an account here so I could let you know I stopped reading after the second sentence. You need more education to craft sentences properly so people stick around and read what you have to say. This may seem like harsh criticism but someone needs to do it.
Nymaas | November 8, 2017 10:12pm
I actually can't see the problem here. I may not be a native speaker but grammar and syntax seem quite well done.
Maybe TROLLing~~?
HexerVoodoom (2) | October 6, 2017 11:43pm
I appreciate the feedback and would like to improve it, but I need more info, though. By second sentence you mean the special thanks? It's kinda weird to tell I can't write properly if you read only two sentences, so I guess you started somewhere specially bad? If you could point an exemple out I'd be glad to analyze and fix it!
Wolfheart19 (2) | September 27, 2017 2:51pm
I must inform you, that users which open link to this hero in this concept, can edit it.
HexerVoodoom (2) | September 27, 2017 7:37pm
WOah!! Thanks for informing! I'll be praying for the Loas to bring you good fortune! Thanks a lot, serisouly!!
Wolfheart19 (2) | September 28, 2017 9:23am
No problem. ^^ Also I welcome you to look up some of my concepts. ;D
Challenge (8) | September 19, 2017 7:48pm
interesting concept but why the name? Zuljin, Zeratul, Zulatal? I think we can make something a bit more original
HexerVoodoom (2) | September 19, 2017 11:03pm
Thanks for participating!!
Trolls has a different process for naming - they will eventually just earn a "title" and that will either add to previous name or turn into a new name for him. From Zandali: Zul (great) + Atal (devoted); while the first is associated to great heroes, the second is to priests. I'm not attached to this name, I'd love to discuss and bring something better! there is an article on WoWWiki about Zandali language
Maybe combining Atal to Lukou (loa of healing) or Ogoun (Loa of hexing) could work? Atal'Lukou or Atal'Ogoun? What do you think? :) I'm open to suggestions!
Challenge (8) | September 21, 2017 6:23am
From reading that it seems that Atal is normally a prefix rather than a suffix
I wouldnt be very good for making a brand new name for a troll, but that might be worth a thought.

I think the main point of contingency I'd find in the name in general is just the Zul part. Seems way to similar to the only other troll we have, Zul'jin, and it would also create a minor issue of people talking about "Zul" when its refering to 3 characters (also the other Xul). I think the atal part is fine as is.
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