A Balanced Healer by Clayzorinson

A Balanced Healer

By: Clayzorinson
Last Updated: Mar 25, 2015
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Li Li

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The snake first, then everything else. Top

In the early game Timeless Creature has too much annoying poke to ignore. Use it on yourself or teammates, whoever stays closest to the enemies, and it will aggravate the piss out of somebody.
The Healing Ward serves two functions in lane: of course it heals you and allies, and, more importantly, sets an area in which you would like your teammates to operate. This can be critical to passively tell everyone that 'It's okay. Go in. I got you right here."
Spamming the Healing Brew is critical to success as Lili, as it will save many lives. Pitch Perfect makes that necessity cheaper.
The Jug rules in team fights. Not only does it heal very well but, again, it keeps everyone engaged around you, letting them know that this is where you want to fight.
Shrink Ray is quite the wild card. Watch the damage totals of your foes and follow the highest - he will be the boldest. And when he goes in for the Hero Move knock him down a peg!
Two for One spam. It's the perfect compliment to Healing Brew.
The second Jug just amplifies the causes of the first.

Best of luck to you all!

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