a common sense gazlow build with info (23/09/15) by Odie

a common sense gazlow build with info (23/09/15)

By: Odie
Last Updated: Sep 23, 2015
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Build: agressive team push

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info Top

getting my gazlow to lv 15 i had a lot of time to fiddle with him, recently it seems like they ninja patched him so the turrets favor people over minions. So it is now beneficial to lay them in people range during early game laneing.

This build very much allows him to be accessible in high rank hero league play. #with love, Odi

---- it should be noted that there was some sort of ninja patch in the last month, and now gazlow turrets prioritize heroes if placed in range of a hero and minions. (though will still shoot a minion if previously shooting the minion and a hero walks into its range)

so there is not as much of a problem with setting up turrets next to the minion wave.

lv 1 talent, increase the scrap cooldown reduction to 3 seconds Top

this talent not only works for the gravo bomb heroeic ability but makes it so that once you pick up scrap you will almost immediately be able to lay a turret.

When breaking down the enemy forts, this would allow for heavy siege warfare with a steadily increasing amount of turrets.

other talents will never match up to this usefulness.

lv 4 talent , minions near you have a 15% chance to drop scrap Top

in a map such as battle field of eternity clockwerk steam fists may be useful because of how easily you can then stack turrets around minion free areas, such as whilst fighting the immortal of eternal conflict.

but in general with the lane presence of gazlow, allow for mana and cooldown reduction that can create even more turret presence, and many more gravo bombs.

lv 7 talent, turrets slow by 25% Top

mule can be a good utility, but the 25% slow of Engine gunk allows for you to be able to kite enemies that attempt to attack you whilst under turret fire. aswell as being the only help to getaway up till this level.

lv 10 talent, gravo bomb. after a 2 second delay sucks enemies in a radius to one point and damages them. Top

Gravo bomb is the only heroic ability that gives team presence. the xplodium charge has a 2.5 second timer, and gravo bomb takes 2 seconds, which means if you lay them too quickly in succession players will have a chance to escape before the charge explodes.

with frequent scrap collection and non turret mana conservation. This timer can be brought from 120 seconds to about 50.

lv 13 telent, incrrease movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. Top

Sprint, is a utility that i find gazlow needs at this level or else he will find it difficult to escape, it can also allow for you to catch up to other players. If used with enough skill it can be used to set up the best of gravo bomb wombo combo's

with the other talents, 3 turret charges may not be necessary as constantly laying turrets does not allow for many to build up, instead deth lasor slows is more viable as a non charged w allows for very easy chase or sylvanas style boss help, though is still not recommended.

lv 16 talent, increase the xplodium charge by 1 Top

Kwik relase charge is the best in this build because of its dramatic impact on certain situations.

after picking up scrap, it is possible to lay the bombs in a quick succesion either stunning 2 people or stunnning one for 5 seconds, an almost certain kill.

with the wombo combo, if you lay a turret, sprint, xplodium charge gravo bomb, xplodium charge, you will probably kill anyone silly enough not not have learnt to run from you by that time.

lv 20 talent, reduce damage received by 75% for 4 seconds Top

Increasing the radius of gravo bomb could be more usefull, especially if they have learnt nto to get clumped up.
but with a competent Johannah or enough practice, this can become unnecessary.

hardened focus is enough damage reduction to turn you into an off tank, in my opinion it is better than a divine shield, because they can still waste their cool-downs on you.

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