a winning semi-dps LiLi by robisinho

a winning semi-dps LiLi

By: robisinho
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2015
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Li Li

Build: semi-dps LiLi build

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note to viewers Top

edit mid-June'15: I've switched it up, putting Mana regen before Serpent Duration and 2-for-1 inplace of the highly desirable Serpent Sidekick. This will lower the dps a lot, but that is in keeping with HL games. Having made it to HL, and dug my way out of the bottom 10 ranks, I have found LiLi needs a higher level of healing than she did in QM games.

this is my current build with this character. I am new to the game really, but I find it helps to keep a handy reference and, the more I play LiLi the more I like her .. before I put her down for a while I want to make sure I have a guide up as to my thoughts so I can return and feel comfortable.

check out hotslogs.com's page for LiLi if you want to see a lot of details from recent heroes league games: https://www.hotslogs.com/Sitewide/HeroDetails?Hero=Li%20Li

Overview Top

Li Li is a powerful and popular healer. She is one of only two support roles to have a negative win/loss ratio on hotslogs.com - in part because she is a popular healer, but also one who tends to need to be involved in combat (unlike brightwing, the only other support that is more popular). Li Li is a pretty heavy healer for someone who must just walk away if combat goes south, so be ready to dance when you play her.

Talents Top

  • Level 1 - any of them except pro toss are viable.
  • Level 4 - mass vortex is the one to choose here ... there are plenty of serpent skills available, the one on this tier doesnt aid in dps and does not encourage intentional healing.
  • Level 7 - lightning serpent is useful both in lane and in pvp, and is very synergistic with the lvl 16 choice.
  • Level 10 - jug of 1000 cups is the obvious choice for any build, unless you happen to have another serious healer like brightwing on your team and you want to bully instead of heal.
  • Level 13 - while hindering winds is the typical talent of choice here, I find shrink ray perfectly viable. this choice will lower dps output too, allowing you to muzzle assassins or tanks on demand.
  • Level 16 - 2-for-1 will help you healing tremendously in group affairs, even if it is late. If you have plenty of healing, stick with serpent sidekick. any skill at this rank except safety sprint seems viable.
  • Level 20 - it is surprising to me how well kung fu hustle works. that said, if you are facing stiff CC, etc, you might prefer the teleport. any last tier talent is viable... although the second Jug is rarely useful unless you are facing an uphill battle still at lvl 20.

This build is useful if you are not facing an unusually heavy amount of CC. If you *are* looking forward to extra helpings of CC from the other team, then instead try mending serpent at lvl 4. Or, a regen healing build may be better.

note: as a general rule, if you make it to lvl 20 in competitive play, you've won >55% of the time. so don't sweat changing it up.

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