A Wolf in Dapper Drapery by AXIV

A Wolf in Dapper Drapery

Last Updated: Jun 4, 2016
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Build: Basic Attack Balanced Build

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Introduction Top

Greeting Hero!

My name is AXIV, I've been playing Heroes of the Storm since beta, and I've finally decided to post a few of my builds!

My builds are created under heavy influence of my personal playstyle: I strategize on the fly, fast and furious, focused unconditionally on whatever task is at hand.

My teammates usually refer to this as the "FFFFU---" manoeuvre, though they may be referring to something else entirely. (So much anger online these days, don't you agree?)

Regardless, we must make do with what we are given. For me, that means playing my Hero in the best possible way, and this is the build that I believe best melds my playstyle with the skills and abilities that a given Hero has to offer.

Before we proceed, allow me the privilege of assuming you can read. (You're very generous.) As such, I'm not going to delve into why I chose such-and-such talent or why such-and-such talent is a waste of your time.

Allow me, also, the privilege of assuming you've played each map on Heroes of the Storm at least once. (Truly, you indulge me.) You know what the objectives are for each map: you know what to do, and when, or you'd've been shamed into abandoning this game long ago. (That, or you found the "Enable Allied Chat" toggle in the game's settings.)

Therefore, and without further prelude, I present a short overview of how I play this Hero:

Build Notes Top

Greymane is truly a special breed (to his enemies: a mongrel.) Sometimes a ranged human, sometimes a melee worgen; he's as adaptable in battle as he is in pedality.

The savvy player will make use of Greymane's abilities regardless of his current form. As such, this build focuses on maintaining his Basic Attack as the keystone upon which all other talent decisions are made.

To utilize this build to it's fullest, you must be sure to have Inner Beast(W) active during any sustained Basic Attack sequence. This will ensure the highest possible hit rate and mana return to support constant spamming of Gilnean Cocktail(Q) and, in Worgen form, Razor Swipe(Q).

With this build, in human form, you will provide excellent AoE damage. Before entering a team fight, take a moment to support from the outside - our talent choices have given you enough range and buffs to make a difference, even at a distance.

When the time is right (or when the other team is focusing down on your warriors) hit your Darkflight(E) ability, transform into a Worgen, and take revenge for your people on whatever poor soul you deem deserving. Here, you will make the most use of your Heroic ability, Go for the Throat(R).

Remember: you are an assassin. It is your duty to wait; to poke and to prod. When the moment is right, your burst damage (particularly after level 16) and, if played right, ability to recast Go for the Throat(R) immediately after a successful kill will cement you as a valuable addition to your team.

You don't need a cloak to be an assassin. (In your case you don't even need pants.) All you need is claws.

Afterword Top

Thank you for reading my guide! I hope that it has inspired you to establish your own playstyle using this build as a foundation.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this guide, build, or theory contained therein, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Until next time, Hero.


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