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By: Valor
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2015
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General Idea/Purpose Top

This build requires to you support the team and be able to move up and push in your lane. The general idea is to put points into skills that not only help your team survive and acquire kills but to help power you Monstrosity in the later pushing phase in the game.

The build itself is simple to follow and easy to understand but can be somewhat difficult to use if not experienced with Abathur.

Talent 1 : Regenerative Microbes

Pretty simple to understand, keep your teammates alive, and later on in the game keep your Monstrosity alive!

Talent 2 : Adrenal Overload

Another Simple one, attack fast, kill fast.

Talent 3 : Networked Carapace

This is to help keep the wave alive. Whether with you or your team!

Talent 4 : Evolve Monstrosity

Get the Monstrosity. No, don't think the other one, it's good. But not with the purpose of this build. Get the MONSTROSITY! It will help so much in pushing. And it's not bad in team fights either with the skills you got earlier and the ones soon to come. Purpose : Monstrosity with Abathur Hat, if you maneuver him and keep him alive, with all the added heals, increased movement and attack speed, even with a fast attacking assassin he can be annoying to kill.

Talent 5 : Adrenal Overload

This one can be really useful in those team fight situations or if you are trying to keep that Monstrosity alive. Shoot needles, run away, heal out, punch a time or two, walk through some mines, shoot needles, run away, so on and so forth. You become a really big pain and even if that's not enough heals and you die, you kept at least one of the preoccupied.

Talent 6 : Adrenaline Boost

Move. Fast.

Talent 7 : Evolution Complete

Make yourself mobile, you can Deep Tunnel to get away; now your Monstrosity can be as well. Jump around! Get EXP! KILL EVERYTHING!!!

Map Reasoning Top

Large Maps with lot of places to hide are wonderful for this build. I enjoy playing this style on every map except for Battle of Eternity, Tomb of the Spider Queen, and Blackheart's Bay; Here is why...

Battle of Eternity : While the map is large, there isn't enough places for you to hide at. you have that one back tunnel from your base to theirs. If an Abathur is playing on that map, I always check each tunnel once a minute. It may seem like a lot, but you never see a more frustrated Abathur, just trying to do his job and get some exp.

Tomb of the Spider Queen : While it also doesn't have a LOT of hiding places for you to use, the main reason I don't like this build on this map is because it's size. The map is small. I lot of people like this map for pushing hard and I agree. But unless you are a pretty top notch team to work with and your map vision (if you have a Zagara who is wonderful at spreading creep) is excellent, it's just too dangerous and you will cause more damage to your team than help it. This build may be useful, if instead you get the other ultimate abilities.

Blackheart's Bay : This map is certainly large enough and there are a lot of places to be able to hide, not great ones, but a good amount. The main problem is that it's only true, if you are in the top lane. Too many times will middle be crossed over from trying to transfer coins and constant battles back and forth from chest appearing. Bottom is generally considered the lone lane, so you can be safe there...right? You probably would be if there was anywhere you could hide that wasn't a direct path to a camp...so top is your only option but...I mean..their are camps all over the top as well, not to mention the boss. Possible, just not safe.

Thumbs Up Top

It took me a while to make this build. If you appreciate it, please leave a thumbs up. I plan on making more builds in the futures, but it's like 1 am and I have work at 6am. So I'm heading to bed. <3

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