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Abathur-Sky Temple

By: magicbello
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018
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Build: Abathur-Sky Temple

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Threats to Abathur with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Arthas As always, Arthas counters your main synergistic damage team mates.
  No Threat
Nova Toxic Nest should be enough to control her.
Medivh It requires some skill to kill you but he is still a threat.
Zagara She has some kill potential on you with global movement and also she can mitigate your push potential.
Zarya Heavy push comps are difficult to deal with.
Sgt. Hammer Heavy push comps are difficult to deal with.
Sylvanas Heavy push comps are difficult to deal with.
Illidan Care when the hunt is up.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Zeratul Easy to catch you on lines.
Dehaka Easy to catch you on lines.
  No Threat

Hero Overview & Tips Top

¿Why using Abathur on Sky Temple?

Sky Temple is one of the most annoying maps when your team is playing from behind in structures and/or experience due to its objective and the easy way to keep a tiny advantage until the chance of enlarge it appears. This means that Sky Temple is a hard snowbally map and lacks from comeback mechanics. So, ¿why picking Abathur on this map when it seems that he is almost irrelevant in the early game?

Hard Roaming Map Toxic Nest

From my experience, the most overpower utility from Abathur on this map is Toxic Nest. The usual approach to this map is to leave top lane to the solo-laners and roam as a 4-hero team between mid and bot lanes. In this situation, Toxic Nest is greatly useful for:
  • Slowing enemy rotations (dismounting)
  • Protecting solo-laner from being ganked (vision)
  • Enable invades on easy camps (vision & instant support with Symbiote)
  • Preventing or warning enemy surprise boss tries
  • Preparing temple environment for a favorable team fight

Structural Damage Calldown: MULE

The obvious reason for picking Abathur. For how Sky Temple works, ally structures are always going to be damaged at some point. Calldown: MULE has the potential of, not only mitigate or slow the enemy objective, even nullify a full enemy temple phase. In this way, Calldown: MULE has some similarities with Ragnaros Molten Core but with half its cooldown (60 s) and much more healing potential.

Big Map Deep Tunnel Toxic Nest Locust Strain

For the same reason explained before in the previous paragraph, enemy sctructures are going to fall at some point and that is when your Abathur skills must show on. An open map is the fun playground for risky players. Using Deep Tunnel and Hearthstone you can quick roam between open lanes and ramp your team experience to level 20 soaking multiple lanes and allowing your allies to be together more time. Of course you must pay attention to invisible and global enemy characters. Using Locust Brood, Locust Nest and your own body Locust Strain could generate an incontrollable amount of pressure if you use them just when a temple phase is about to start.

Timing/Clutch Importance Ultimate Evolution

Getting picks outside the temple phases has a tepid importance in Sky Temple. Of course, late-game picks could enable boss calls but far from there, isolated picks are manageable. However, a clutch pick during a temple phase could generate a meaningful advantage because they could end up with a double temple capture or even a full team dead if the team decides to fight in a 4v5 situation. For this reason preparing temple phases as an Abathur player must be a total priority. Here are some tips:
  • In double event temples call your allies for taking position. Being Abathur gives you an overall point of view and do not be afraid to make the calls.
  • In single event temples move yourself for populating the temple environment with Toxic Nest but make sure Deep Tunnel is available by the time temple phase starts. Providing vision, early damage and dismounting could end up with a favorable teamfight in terms of enemies hp, healing cooldowns, cathches out of position or even prime target vision.
  • Be aware of using Ultimate Evolution at the right time. If you use it too early then your team mates are going to be forced into the teamfight. However if you used it too late then they are going to be fighting in an adverse situation for 5-10 seconds which could end up with a teamfight lost before starting.
  • At last, but with less importance than the previous point, just before temple phase starts try to hide your body in a far place from the active temples (using Deep Tunnel) and cast all your minion pressure tools as well as trying to clean the first wave.
Excelling in these key points is what difference a remarkable from an average Abathur player.

Draft Phase Top

You must avoid first picking Abathur on Sky Temple because he is quite easy to counter with an aggresive early push team composition (focusing on Zarya, Zagara, Sgt. Hammer or Sylvanas) or even with a good sneaky/global character with enough damage ( Zeratul, Nova, Medivh, Dehaka, Illidan). Also it is always important to provide this kind of team compositions with a nice solo-lane hero with enough survivavility/scape for supporting Abathur double line push/support potential ( Dehaka, Blaze, Sonya, Artanis).

From my experience, the most successful approach is to draft an isolation picks focus team ( Stitches, Garrosh or Diablo as main tanks are the usual tools for this strategy) for generating isolated enemy picks in time (just before temple phase starts) and avoid full 5v5 teamfights (especially before level 10 when Ultimate Evolution is available).

Example of a perfect team composition as first pick:
Ban: Dehaka/ Zagara/ Medivh
  1. Greymane/Sustained Damage: good characters for Ultimate Evolution.
  2. Sonya/ Blaze/ Dehaka/Solo Laner: with some scape/survivavility and/or Ultimate Evolution potential.
  3. Stitches/ Garrosh/ Diablo/Main Tank: with heavy displacement mechanics and/or good crowd control chain.
  4. Uther/ Malfurion/ Brightwing/ Rehgar: healers with some crowd control follow potential for the blow up.
  5. Abathur

Example of a perfect team as second pick:
Ban: Dehaka/ Zagara/ Medivh
  1. Greymane/Sustained Damage: good heroes for Ultimate Evolution.
  2. Sonya/ Blaze/ Dehaka/Solo Laner: with some scape or survivavility and/or Ultimate Evolution potential.
  3. Stitches/ Garrosh/ Diablo/Main Tank: with heavy displacement mechanics and/or good crowd control chain.
  4. Abathur
  5. Uther/ Malfurion/ Brightwing/ Rehgar: healers with some crowd control follow potential for the blow up.

Talent build options & priorities Top

These talents are binded to the map. This is not the usual Abathur player choices. This build and playstyle is strongly influenced by 2 talents:

¿What are we giving up with these 2 choices?

On level 4: On level 7:

¿What are our talent choices then?

Talent choices are presented in order of priority consideration (from stronger to weaker). Choices not mentioned are too weak for this build/playstyle.

On level 1:

  1. Envenomed Nest: the damage output grants a lot of unfair fights previous to temple phases.
  2. Pressurized Glands: increase Symbiote AoE damage output offering the best early talent possible. Also helps clearing waves with enemy heroes because they usually clean your Toxic Nest before explodes. Consider picking it if enemy composition has good sustain healing or double healer composition.
  3. Survival Instincts: it does not seems to be useful early but it gains a lot of profit in late-game when Locust Brood or Locust Nest are available. Also increase the experience ramp-up potential between level 10 and 20 for Abathur (Locusts soak experience).

On level 4:

Prolific Dispersal

On level 7:

  1. Calldown: MULE: too much useful for not picking it but, if you think that the enemy team is being on point and finishing out the forts before giving you the chance of healing anything, then consider picking the other talents.
  2. Needlespine or Vile Nest: in the previous section you have tips for knowing which one to pick.

On level 10:

Ultimate Evolution (No arguments about this)

On level 13:

  1. Bombard Strain: increase by a lot the minion pressure on lanes. Long fights around temple phases generates a win-win situation in which even with a pick against you (a lost teamfight) could ending up being beneficial for the overall match.
  2. Soma Transference: consider picking it only if you have chosen Pressurized Glands on level 1.
  3. Spatial Efficiency: consider picking it only if you have chosen Needlespine on level 7.

On level 16:

Locust Brood

On level 20:

  1. Locust Nest: pick it if the match is going to be long enough to profit value out of quick changing between lanes.
  2. Evolutionary Link: pick it if your carry is having a hard time in teamfights for getting his damage output.
  3. Hivemind: consider picking it only if you have chosen Symbiote related talents and you realise that you are sticking a little bit too much with your team mates in teamfights.

In-Game Thoughts Top

Do not hesitate to use Toxic Nest for wave clear instead of path warding your teamates when you think they are in safe position. But do not forget that providing some poke damage as well as useful vision of enemy's rotations is key in Sky Temple. If enemies took a nice sustain healer ( Lúcio, Brightwing, Lt. Morales...) or double healer composition avoid picking Envenomed Nest as first talent. Pick Survival Instincts for late-game power spikes or Pressurized Glands for early-game wave clear support.

Your team must always try to tie when temples are up before level 10. So, in early stages there are 3 general tips to follow:
  • Play safe and passively until level 10 ( Ultimate Evolution). Get out from the fort walls only if you see it clearly safe.
  • Ward your solo-laner allies using Toxic Nest for vision.
  • Ward easy camps to avoid to much lane pressure. Remember that aggresive push team compositions are a nice way to counter Abathur teams.
  • Try to generate as much minion pressure as you can (with Spike Burst and Toxic Nest abilities)

On late-game just try to double line pressure hiding your body and generating (as safe as possible) as many locus as you can. On this stage toxic nest is very useful for providing yourself with vision and evaporating the minion waves.

At last, do not be afraid of making the calls: as an Abathur player you have an overall view of the situation. Preparing temple phases is the most important point for achieving victory.

"Acceptable Outcome"

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