abathur split push/stab by wingss

abathur split push/stab

By: wingss
Last Updated: Dec 25, 2014
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Build: stab while you passive push

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Sorry I'm new to this, but Abathur BOSS Top

First off, this is my first guide and, I'm sorry but I'm not your dad and will assume that you have at least played abathur a couple times with knowledge of what he does, and his abilities. With that in mind, well go ahead and jump into his talents and why they are all around the best build. His first set of talents you want to go with extra health on your locusts and push the shortest (middle) lane to get the most bang for your buck with those little guys. Early game you should set up somewhere not too conservative but also not somewhere you can get 1 shot by Zeratul or Nova. Now early game you want to watch more the two lanes your locust isnt pushing, trying to kill off a overextended hero that doesn't know you can skill shot him for his health. Other than that keep taking over your minions or locust to clear your lanes wave and fight off the hero. Also do not forget to constantly be putting mines in key lanes or walkways to give your team heads up on locations of other heros. Also these are really good to put under already fighting minions to clear the enemy minions out.
Now his next 2 talents all come down to are you comfortable skillshotting heros for the kill and to maximize 5v5 brawl win chances. With the extra damage and range you can say pick off a fleeting Brightwing to give your team that upper hand. *note- the global on toxic spores can be really good in competition play I can already tell, esp with the stab/locust focus build this is.(being able to deep tunnel use your level 16 on a base and hearth out to get ammo or even kill off a fort can be optimal).
Level 10 is very situational on who you pick to Ult. In my opinion, symbiote a warrior get some aoe and stabs out see what your teams needs in the fight, ult that class and go to town (remember you are their worst nightmare, because if you die- you don't)** just make sure to be alive to 10 seconds to use the ult of the characters you ulted.
The next talent you want to take is assault strain- your locust cleave attack and explode for more damage. This combines with your level 17 talent will make your locust little bowling balls. Especially if you shield the first one getting attack through symbiote. These suckers will eat through defenses(if there even ammo left).** note- at level 13 if you don't feel ok with the locust damage and feel your arn't so good with skill shot, then you can always take spatial efficiency for the extra chance to stab to death! And for level 20 you want a shorter CD and longer duration of your ult of course.
Again this is the first guide I have made but I love abathur play and want other people to experience what he can do do as well. There are plenty other viable in certain situation builds but I believe this build will get you most siege/hero/experience if played right because it has for me.

Abathur can drain ammo, kill waves, provide insight all with mines. DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THESE OR LET THEM CHARGE TO 3. BE BOSS, if your scared your gonna get killed, if your not scared you wont. (has to do with your body positioning)

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