Abathur Support Build for Cursed Hollow by Cazziuz83

Abathur Support Build for Cursed Hollow

By: Cazziuz83
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2015
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Build: Cursed Hollow

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Cursed Hollow Build Into Top

Greetings one and all,

None of you know me , i am not one of the top players out there nor am i one of the best , but I do have a love for Abathur as a hero ,and I think he is an amazing hero to play, more so now than before the beta patch went live.

I know there are tons of way you can play him ,some more viable than others. But what follows is the way i build and play him on cursed hollow map.It may work for you it may not, in my mind it all depends on how you envision him as a hero , to me he is the ultimate support hero, to others he is a god in a team fight, again its all in how you play him.

Early Game Abathur Build and Information Top

At the start of the game,take the talent i have listed above , your going to want to pick a place on the map in one of the lanes and find a nice out of the way place to park yourself, could be in bushes or just outside the gate, its really up to you.But from what people have told me about the way lane xp works is you have to be in the lane (outside your gates) to soak it.

After you do that , keep a good eye on who is facing who in the lanes, i mean this build is meant to add extra healing and support to who ever you choose ,but you will get the most out of it by trying to stick with the melee heroes, you can symbiote any hero you want , but my suggestions with this build is melee based.

Symbiote onto a melee based heros,use your symboite based ability's in fights , keep the shield on as much as possible , hit it again as soon as it comes off of CD.

basically Early game is a snafu, do not be surprised if your chosen hero dies a few times, your healing isnt good enough by its self to keep them alive in early game , but it can add that edge that lets them live sometimes.

Mid Game Play Info Top

Ok so its mid game you just got your Level 7 talent (Needle Spine) and your are loving the fact that you can now reach further and get those fleeing heros....at least thats what i am doing at this point.By this time in the game you should have a pretty good ideal of what to do , the only things i can add as a note is ,keep an eye on where you are located at , at this point heros are probably going to track your location through your locust that you keep spawning, if they haven't already.

Also please remember , as Abathur you can tunnel to any point on your map that you can see, so if a tribute spawns , and the whole team is busy pushing a lane , and the enemy team hasn't ran off for the tribute , you can easily go get it , but be careful you have a fairly long cd on your tunnel.

Level 10 Ult Top

Choices, Choices , Choices.....

Ok so Abathur has the option of 2 different Ults , like all heros in the game, which for abathur is a new thing , until the Beta Patch went live he only had one option, Ultimate Evolution which was a very powerful ability, still is in fact , even though with the new version you can not use the heroic ability of who ever you clone.

I my self prefer the new Ult. of Abathurs named :

Evolve Monstrosity

Heroic Ability

Cooldown: 90 seconds

Turn an allied Minion or Locust into a Monstrosity for 60 seconds. When enemy Minions near the Monstrosity die, it gains 4% Health and 4% Basic Attack damage, stacking up to 30 times.Using Symbiote on the Monstrosity allows you to control it, in addition to Symbiote's normal benefits.

I have read a lot of forum post in the Beta forums about how this a horrible Ult. I disagree , simply because if you want to keep on running support for a certain hero , then click it and forget it.

But the way i do it , i think it is kinda fun.
I select a minion ,hit it with the ability, then take control with my symbiote, I kill the enemy minions, which if you do this when the curse is applied to the enemy team it goes fairly quick.After i devoure the enemy minions i go for the walls and towers ,ect ,ect ,killing the waves as they come out , eventually you will die, but it is possible to last most of the curse with this set up. and you can do an impressive amount of siege damage through out the whole match.

In Ranked Heros League Enemy Heros will normally focus you and burn you down quick enough that you will do no good going after them, I have had slightly better luck in VS matches going after heros , but i still recommend going after minions and or Towers.

Late or End Game Top

Ok so by this time you have probably gotten all of your ability or close to it,and of course you know how to play the game , but you know how at the end where the final push generally happens and people tend to push through one gate and go for the core?

well with the ability

Casting Symbiote creates an additional Symbiote on a nearby allied Hero. This Symbiote mimics the commands of the first. If the second host moves too far away, it is destroyed.

you effectively double your effectiveness as a support ,as long as they stay close to each other, you can control them both doing the same thing targeting the same things , double spikes , double aoe's , shielding both at the same time.

you can really make the enemy team think there are more than 5 players on one team with this ability.

In Closing... Top

In closing please let me say , thank you for taking the time to look over this build and I hope you at least try it before deciding it is not worth it.

I do want to say also that this is the first time i have attempted to write one of these so if i have done something wrong please tell me what and i will try to fix it ,and in doing so make this a better build guide.

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