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Admiral's Azmodan

By: Admiral
Last Updated: Nov 24, 2014
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Build: Lane Push/Control

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Threats to Azmodan with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Abathur Abathur is a faceroll for Azmodan, Paying attention to his Locust spawns you can easily push him out of the game with your range and control
Tyrande Dominating the lane will be fairly easy. She will be unable to counteract the pressure from you.
  No Threat
Chen Chen is tanky with a decent amount of sustain. Pre-10 he is easy to trump in lane he is able to clear your minions efficiently but at every trade he will come up short. Priority is to watch for ganks.
Brightwing Brightwing is more of a frustrating matchup than a difficult one. Her sustain and CC make it a pain to dominate.
Li Li Li Li is very similar to Brightwing due to her massive sustain. Your Globe of Annihilation will not be enough to force her out of lane.
Rehgar Reghar is able to clear your minions with easy and keep himself topped off. His ability to escape and chase with wolf form make him a hero you need to keep track of and not underestimate.
E.T.C. ETC's main job will to trap and force you out of positioning you, Be very careful laning against ETC since Azmodan is unable to escape
Gazlowe Gazlowe may not have the capability in lane as Azmodan, his merc clearing and soloing is very efficient and he is much more useful in teamfights. Make sure you keep away.
Anub'arak Anub'Arak will push you aside with relative ease. He will adsorb your trade, dodge your trade or disrupt your trade
Malfurion Malfurion is a very difficult match up His sustain, snare, and silence are ment to trump you. Focus on dodging entanglement and mana conserving. He will be able to harass you much more easily. The only way to counteract his harassment is to keep him at his turret by pushing the lane.
Tassadar Tassadar is a very straight forward character, Shield blocks much of your harassment and his wave clearing is very good.
Tyrael Tyrael is a difficult hero to lane against. His damage and wave clear is alright but his ability to chase and shield himself and team members destroys your harassement. When Tyrael gains his stun that is when you always need to make sure you are positioned behind your team as you are a very very easy kill.
Zagara Ah Zangara, Azmodans twin. Although Azmodan is able to push lanes with more grace than Zangara she is much more useful in teamfights due to her CC and pressure.
Diablo Diablo will clear minions at a decent rate, He is relatively low damage. But if he is able to land a overpower on you, youre pretty much guaranteed to die.
Muradin Muradin is very similar to Diablo his Stun, slow, leap, mini-stun or knock back are all ment to control you and shut you down. Once Muradin is ontop of you. Get ready to respawn.
Uther Uther the god of sustain. Youre poke will be useless and literally just waste your own mana and if he lands a stun you may end up in the spiritworld
Illidan This spry 10,000 year old night elf will be on you in the blink of an eye. His leap can end up into a body block. Pre 10 wont be terrible but as soon as he gets On The Hunt he will shut you down the second you are alone.
Sgt. Hammer Assuming Sgt.Hammer is skillful, you and your team will be harassed with no way of stopping it. Her splash damage will counteract you in the laning phase. Save globes for when she anchors to force her out of that spot as soon as possible to save yourself and your team from her poke.
Falstad Falstad is a dangerous assassin. With extreme mobility and burst he can shut you down very quickly. do not attempt you trade with Falstad wait for an allys help before attempting.
Nazeebo Nazeebo is overall very dangerous due to his Ravenous Spirit, If he catchs you with a zombie wall chances are youre dead. His wave clear is enough to keep you at bay and the lane neutral.
Stitches If a hooks lands, Youre dead. If he consumes you, Youre dead. your abnormally large hit box makes you an easy snack
Kerrigan Gap closer, Shield , pull/stun Everything that adds up to D E A T H . Do not let her touch you at all costs.
Nova She can cloak. She has outstanding burst. Decoy and a long range ultimate. Watch for her position and shimmers on the map and force her if she wants to attack you she needs to put herself at risk. You will be able to push the lane from Hot Streaks but she will be able to kill you in the blink of an eye.
Tychus Tychus's damage will out trade you easily. He will clear your wave in one CD be extremely careful and ask for ganks,.
Sonya This matchup is a little cliche but deadly non the less. Her sustain counters your poke. Her gapcloser takes advantage of your lack of mobility. And she will be able to out trade you. Youre only hope is to push the lane.
Raynor He has his very annoying but very powerful Stimpack to prevent you from poking him to death. He is able to clear decently well but he will dominate you in trades every time. As soon as you channel your All Shall Burn you will be knocked out of it taking hefty damage in the process. Not fun.
Valla Her mobility counteracts your lack of. Decent wave clear and a menace in team fights just like these other assassins trades will flop against her. She is a demon hunter and she is hunting you.
Zeratul This sneaky bugger can land a well placed void prison can shift the scales easily. Once he is on you he will ride you like its a rodeo.

Pros vs Cons Top


- Lord of Sin
- Fun poke
- Universal Trait
- Able to solo whatever whenever
- One of if not the best lane push in the game
- Beefy


-No mobility
-No escapes
-Easily countered by sustain or shields
-Depends on minions to push lane
-Easily targeted
-Will always be the first to die if you dont position properly

Abilities Top

Globe of Annihilation

Mana: 60
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Shoot a globe of destruction, dealing 60 (+13 per level) damage on impact. Long range.

This ability is your primary poke, With its range you are able to harass the lane below aswell making it a very useful ability. Depending on the lane determines your use of it. Characters with massive amounts of sustain and or shields like Uther, Li Li, Tassadar will eat your pokes and laugh while doing it. While characters like Murky, Tyrande, Abathur will be unable to withstand your harassment

Summon Demon Warrior

Mana: 40
ChargeCooldown: 10 seconds

Spawn a Demon Warrior that marches toward a point. Warriors have 200 (+30 per level) Health and attack for 20 (+3 per level) damage. Lasts 10 seconds. Has 2 charges.

This is your bread and butter, Demons are used for lane pushing, Absorbing ammo, clearing merc camps, even blocking paths. Be careful of spamming this ability as it will eat your mana very quickly if you do not manage it. Your minions in team fights should be used to soak abilities and block paths. Purely to overwhelm your opponents

All Shall Burn

Mana: 16 per second
Cooldown: 6 seconds

Channel a death beam on an enemy dealing 60 (+8 per level) damage a second. The damage amount grows the longer it is channeled, to a maximum of 120 (+16 per level) damage per second. Does 25% more damage to Structures.

A channeling ability, Used as your primary damage output very powerful against turrets and golem. Useful for tank clearing awell. Damage increases overtime causing most large amounts of damage if left unchecked. Dangerous to use in tight scenarios due to the ability requires you to be immobile.

General of Hell

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Summon a General of Hell at an allied Mercenary, Minion, or Summon. The General will march with the target, granting 15% increased damage and 15% increased maximum Health to all nearby friendly Mercenaries, Minions, and Summons. Unlimited range.

An amazing ability very useful for pushing your lane or any other lane on the map. Buffing all friendly minions at the blink of an eye this ability is able to create great pressure all across the map.

Heroic Abilities Top

Black Pool

Heroic Ability
Mana: 60
ChargeCooldown: 20 seconds

Create a pool that empowers Azmodan, his Demons, and allied Minions, increasing their attack and ability damage by 75% . Lasts 5 seconds. Has 2 charges.

This Heroic ability is extremely powerful placing this down under a merc push or your own minions is almost Guaranteed to destroy a tier. This also increases Azmodans damage by a whopping 75%! Massive burst damage will be granted when you are able to use on a building or Hero.

Demonic Invasion

Heroic Ability
Mana: 100
Cooldown: 100 seconds

Rain a small army of Demonic Grunts down on enemies, dealing 20 (+5 per level) damage per impact. Demon Warriors deal 20 (+2 per level) damage and will die from 4 attacks.
Damage is doubled versus non-Heroic targets.

Cataclysmic Ultimate absolutely destroys structures and golem camps allowing for a snap push or a quick clear. The Grunts are very squishy only absorbing four attacks but are very useful for overwhelming and locking down enemy heroes. Attempt to position in the middle of a team fight for the largest impact.

Talents Top

Tier One

Level 1

This Talent is generally a bad pick, The damage add up is very minuscule and last hitting with Globe is not common. Avoid this pick.

More useful with a 50% flat damage increase. Talent kicks in at around 25-30% of the max range. Useful for strong pokes or the rare last hit.

Useful for emptying turrets by the second or third minion wave but Demon warriors are ment to be ammo soaks anyways. Overkill in my opinion.

Has its uses but minions die too fast for it to be useful. Only purpose is really for some small heals in team fights but then again the ward will be slapped very fast.

Some people really like this because they think Azmodans not that strong of a merc clearer. He is slower than most but far from warranting this talent.

Tier 2

Level 4

A solid choice if you find youre having slight difficulties pushing or clearing

Is not a terrible choice, Demons are squishy and mana consuming so I do not recommend this talent

Great for destroying structures and clearing camps much faster. Not a a bad choice.

An alright choice. 15% isnt terrible lifesteal but the average length you get off a channel is very minimal. Personally avoid this choice.

Fantastic talent awesome buff that merges very well with minions of any kind. Try to put on ranged minions due to their longevity.

Tier 3

Level 7

A great option if you have solid control of merc camps. Significant Buffs

Fantastic choice the travel time of Globe is increased significantly. You will not miss a globe

Demons do despawn fast but they die even faster not too good of a pick.

If you are getting long channels of All Shall Burn this isnt a bad choice but unless thats ooming you do not pick this talent.

Arguably has it uses but if you position yourself properly you will not use it.

Heroic Tier

Level 10

Powerful buff but the issue is that it does not cover a massive radius and only lasts 5 seconds. Too stationary and risky for my tastes.

A well rounded choice, Can be used for pushing, securing, clearing and team fight pressure.

Tier 4

Level 13

Useful for when the enemy team has alot of cc and they are focusing you. Otherwise its a waste.

Solid pick if you are swapping out or clearing

A powerful DPS choice works well in all scenarios.

Powerful talent but if the enemy team has many interrupts or knock backs then this is a waste

Tier 5

Level 16

useful for countering pesky assassins but other than that not anything special.

Great for soaking ammo or for more harassing pokes. Solid pick

Amazing for pushing lanes, Highly recommended for three lane maps. Otherwise it will not have much of a use on denser maps.

Great for 1v1's if youre getting locked down. Also useful for taking out beefy tanks.

Tier 6

Level 20

Very powerful talent in late game where every second counts. Can result is a taking advantage of a push or quickly getting on defense.

Not a terrible talent. But a terrible choice for Azmodan. With his range this talent is useless.

Great shield on a decent cooldown. Fantastic against very bursty teams.

Turns your herioc abilitys curse into its blessing. Really makes the 4 hit grunts shine

Useful for debuffing assassins and trying to kill secure.

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