An in-depth guide to Medivh, the hyper-defensive Mage by ThatGuyThatDoneThat

An in-depth guide to Medivh, the hyper-defensive Mage

By: ThatGuyThatDoneThat
Last Updated: Sep 8, 2017
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yoru | September 21, 2017 5:50pm
Very very good guide you wrote here! Medivh is incredibly powerful, sadly I'm pretty bad at "medivhing" so I dont play him often. But I agree on everything in this guide nonetheless. Nice work!
Zorro | December 3, 2016 6:17am
Love the guide, helped me greatly with Medivh. I can safely say he is my favorite to play as.

With the addition of Samuro I believe he overtakes Chen as the best hero to stack Master's Touch on because his mirror images count towards it as well.

I actually like Medivh on the Battlefield of Eternity map because of his birds eye view.
ThatGuyThatDoneThat | April 16, 2017 12:10pm
Problem with Medivh on BoE is his lack of DPS in any form of PvE, which either forces you into taking 2 heavy DPS Heroes ( what you want a list of them? What do you think I am, a good player? Eh just messing around ,here : Zuljin, Greymane, Li-Ming, Lunara with Nature's Culling, Artanis with Amateur Opponent, Sylvanas with Barbed Shot, Valla with Q build, Tyrande due to her Trait, Raynor 'cause AA speed buff ) just so you can contest, or forces you into having to defend and try to wipe the enemy so you can do damage ; or do a 1-4 split, with your highest DPS Hero hitting the enemy Immortal while you stall.
HidaHayabusa (1) | November 14, 2016 5:06am
Amazing write up and guide for one of the best heroes available in HOTS. I have been playing Medivh a lot in Diamond/Master and much more in QM and unranked, and I can say that this is a complete summation of the tricks and powers of Medivh. You could include the 'self cast portal' with Alt+E if you are looking for a quick way to escape, but pretty much cover everything else.

I've noticed that the key in playing Medivh is being very defensive, until level 7. The damage goes over the roof with Master's touch and constant poking.
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