Anduin Build Guide for Clutch Heals by LPhure

Anduin Build Guide for Clutch Heals

By: LPhure
Last Updated: Jun 8, 2019
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Build: Manduin Manly Burst

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Threats to Anduin with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Anduin I'm out of cards!
  No Threat
Alexstrasza Anduin has slightly stronger healing and CC capabilities.
Auriel Anduin can out-heal Auriel.
Genji As long as you don't let ANYONE get low enough to be killed by Swift Strike Genji can't do much more. Understanding healing priority is crucial to making Genji a non-threat because his damage is not high enough to overcome Andy's healing.
Greymane Don't let anyone get low enough for Go For the Throat. As long as you keep healing his target he won't be able to kill them. Use Chastise and Lightbomb against his jump in.
Illidan Chastise and Lightbomb is all you need. Chastise = Dive in; Lightbomb = Hunt
Kerrigan Chastise and Lightbomb. Use either to stop her from partying on your team. Also use Faith to save anyone stunned by her combo.
Garrosh Faith is great to save anyone tossed by Garrosh. You even might want to take Gylph of Faith (20). Use Chastise as keep-out against Garrosh.
Orphea Orphea's burst damage is not fast enough to overcome Andy's healing. Because of her need to be close range for her full combo to connect, it's easy to hit and run with Chastise. Eternal Feast is good against Salvation.
  No Threat
Brightwing Anduin can out-heal BW. BW has better mobility, CC, and cleanse that Andy doesn't get. Poly interrupts Salvation easily.
Blaze Blaze can stick to Andy very well and will need to be peeled off. His damage won't kill but he can make it difficult to heal teammates.
Diablo Dibs has multiple ways to interrupt Salvation. Lightbomb counters Dib's stun combo. Always take Lightbomb. Use Faith to save your ally.
E.T.C. Mosh is very strong against Salvation. ETC's CC is good.
Lúcio Anduin has better healing pre 10. After 10 Lucio has better healing with Sound Barrier because he can easily Q you out of Salvation. Lucio and Anduin have even healing capabilities after 16. Overall this matchup is pretty even
Malthael Chastise and Lightbomb to counter his jump in. Andy's healing is not fast enough, until Desperate Prayer, to heal out of Last Rites range. Take Salvation if you really want to block Last Rites.
Nova Precision Strike is good against Salvation once it ends even if you're the only one getting hit. Her Slow and Poke are a problem and you likely won't be able to hit her with Chastise.
Stitches Faith will save anyone Hooked and Gorged except yourself.
Stukov Anduin has better healing pre 16 because he is not tied down to long CD's unlike Stukov who needs Bio-Kill Switch. Healing capabilities even out at 16. If Stukov focuses his Silence specifically on you it will make life difficult.
  No Threat
Alarak Alarak's burst combo is not high enough to kill Anduin at full health by itself. Telekinesis is good displacement to interrupt Salvation and push you out of position. All Silence is good against Anduin but Alarak's in particular is great, 2.5s with Dissonance (7).
Deckard Andy will out-heal Cain. Cain has much stronger cc. Stay Awhile and Listen is very strong against Andy. He can reduce healing at 7 with Emerald.
Kael'thas DON'T BE GREEDY WHEN IF COMES TO PYROBLAST. Don't gamble by trying to heal the target out of Pyroblast range when you could use Salvation. Unless you can get them to 100%, just burn Salvation and save the target. Also, Anduin has a very hard time healing the team when they are spreading Living Bomb amongst each other.
Kel'Thuzad You should consider taking Salvation for this matchup. You can try to use Faith to save anyone grabbed by his Chains but if you can't react fast enough just drop Salvation on where they will be pulled to. In the end, KTZ is going to get his kills.
Mal'Ganis Dark Conversion is ridiculous and it's almost impossible to save the target if the Conversion gets above 75% HP. Taking Salvation just for Mal'Ganis is almost not worth it and it's better to have you're team focus him completely down before he can hit his Conversion.
  No Threat
Ana Healing denial is incredibly strong against Anduin. Lightbomb becomes your only means of healing on a target that has their healing blocked. Her Sleep is a strong counter to Salvation being she can shoot you from distance.


Build: Experimental AA Healing

Level 1
Level 4
Level 7
Level 10
Level 13
Level 16
Level 20


Caution: The Experimental AA Healing build is experimental as I'm still testing it out in matches. If you want to try it out, please by all means do it and let me know what you think. So far, I think a lot of the build's healing is locked behind Varian's Legacy at 20.

~Change Log~
- Change Log is born after I remembered to put one in.
- Lightbomb section updated in talents; Listed allies who like to have Lightbomb on them
- More Threats to be added


Our boy Anduin plays a lot like Uther. When you compare their skills, it's funny how alike they are: Flash Heal - Holy Light / Divine Star - Holy Radiance / Chastise - Hammer of Justice. And just like Uther, our boy can often run into mana trouble without the benefit of a talent like Hammer of the Lightbringer. Hearth back for mana before and after fights and objectives and use the fountain primarily for replenishing mana as opposed to health.

Use your mana wisely! It can be tempting to heal with Divine Star when a couple of allies take damage but in terms of mana, 1 Divine Star = 2 Flash Heals and the healing of 2 Flash Heals is greater than 1 Divine Star.

Anduin's power spike is at 16. After 16 your team can start to party hard!

5k Heal Combo - No Heroic

*AA << >>

Q > 1 > Q > E > W > 1 > Q > 2


- Without Desperate Prayer, the healing is around 3.6k at 20.
- If you miss Divine Star and DON'T get the Inner Focus reset, the combo ends there.

Inner Focus will reset the 10s CD of Flash Heal caused by Desperate Prayer !

- Casting Desperate Prayer before the second Inner Focus will leave Flash Heal's CD at 4 instead of 10
- Have Flash Heal buffed with Renew before starting and maintain autos to continually activate it during the combo.

Emergency Heal Combo

Fire Divine Star quickly before Desperate Prayer because by the time you stop kneeling, the light will have returned to Anduin and you will receive a little extra healing and sometimes that can make the difference.


Chastise - E

Chastise is a strong follow-up cc to any stun, root, or slow. Get comfortable with the timing because it comes out slowly and you'll want the root to connect just before the initial cc ends.

My favourite way to use Chastise is to catch anyone trying to aggressively push me. Heroes like Thrall, Greymane, Cassia or any strong initiating Tanks like a Diablo or Anub'arak are susceptible to Chastise

Bold Strategy - 1

This talent should read:
- Increase Flash Heal's CD by 2 seconds for Pursued by Grace.
Is Pursued by Grace worth the 2 second increase? Only if you build around it.

For the Experimental AA Healing Build it is certainly worth it AND IS A STAPLE OF THE BUILD because the healing of that build comes from Pursued by Grace + Varian's Legacy and Divine Star. Varian's Legacy will proc Pursued by Grace and effectively doubles your passive healing while autoing. On the other hand, for the Manduin Manly Burst Build, it is definitely not worth it because the healing of that build comes from continuously casting Flash Heal Inner Focus and Desperate Prayer and not healing through damage.

So is Bold Strategy worth it??

Moral Compass - 4

This talent fires 2 basics and procs Renew. This fact alone makes it the best choice at 4.

Holy Reach - 4

I'm a big fan of this talent because it's another source of healing which helps when someone dives on me.

Binding Heal - 7

Great for matchups when the enemy team has a lot more sustained damage rather than burst potential. Good against heroes with poke that isn't strong enough to proc Blessed Recovery. Heroes that fall under this category for example are: Thrall Chain Lightning, Cassia Lightning Fury, Raynor Give 'Em Some Pepper, Zul'jin Twin Cleave.

Power Word: Shield - 7

Same effectiveness as Binding Heal with a little more flexibility not being tied to Flash Heal because you can cast it while running away with Speed of the Pious.
Repeating: Great for matchups when the enemy team has a lot more sustained damage rather than burst potential. Good against heroes with poke that isn't strong enough to proc Blessed Recovery. Heroes that fall under this category for example are: Thrall Chain Lightning, Cassia Lightning Fury, Raynor Give 'Em Some Pepper, Zul'jin Twin Cleave.

Blessed Recovery - 7

Sustainability that counters burst damage. If you're like me and get a little upset when you get hit by a mage for big damage, then you'll be glad this talent exists.

Lightbomb - 10

Very strong against melee and multiple Tanks/Bruisers. The shield is a lot lower than the healing of Holy Word: Salvation, but the shield can't be block from healing mitigation Biotic Grenade AND the CC has the potential to win fights.
Yo, where's the level 20 upgrade?!

Allies who are fans of Lightbomb

Assassins too:

Alternative: Holy Word: Salvation - 10

Very strong healing and defensive AOE Protect to block damage. Huge life saving potential for the entire team much like Sanctification.
On the downside, and it's a pretty big downside, this heroic has become a defensive version of Mosh Pit. Enemies are holding onto their cc to specifically interrupt Salvation and they are also timing their abilities to blow up anyone inside once it ends ( Living Bomb, Flamestrike). It takes a lot of experience and patience to effectively use this heroic in the face of multiple enemy cc.

Speed of the Pious - 13

The 30% move speed gives Manduin the ability to aggressively chase and hit Chastise. It also helps to land an emergency Holy Word: Salvation or Leap of Faith. Finally, this offers some means of escape as it gives the highest move speed at this talent tier.

Enchanted Boots Lion's Speed - 13

Viable for consistent 20% speed, also you can save Divine Star strictly for Inner Focus CD reduction.
On the downside, if you have teammates with terrible positioning Leap of Faith will always be on CD

Push Forward! - 13

I like this option for the Experimental AA Build because I can get in and out quickly when I try to poke with an AA to proc my talents AND it works well with Varian's Legacy.
1 AA + Varian's Legacy = 4 Stacks or 10% move speed.

Evenhanded Blessings - 16

Most of the time you will be using Flash Heal on the same target. If you want CDR and a stronger Flash Heal, Inner Focus is the way to go.

Holy Nova - 16

This talent would be better if the healing or damage were stronger. Unfortunately it's not and because of that this talent falls short. If this ever gets buffed it could be a default choice for a Divine Star build.

Lightwell - 16

I'm not a fan of this talent because it takes some of the healing out of the hands of the player and acts as a untargettable Healing Ward. Not good for the Manduin Manly Burst Build because most of the healing that will proc the CDR is Divine Star.

For the Experimental AA Build, this option is great as another source of sustained healing. Bold Strategy and Varian's Legacy together will greatly improve the cooldown reduction.

Light of Stormwind - 20

Would not recommend this talent. Bumping the healing up 5% is a minor improvement. The best part of this talent is the 40% move speed for everyone inside because you receive this bonus even when it is interrupted.

Glyph of Faith - 20

I would strongly recommend this talent for new players or matches with new players who haven't yet mastered the nuance of positioning.

Varian's Legacy - 20

The cornerstone of the Experimental AA Build. It's the only talent that makes the build effective and should be made available sooner than level 20 imo.

Desperate Prayer - 20

I absolutely love this talent because of its clutch healing potential. You will be able to keep your ally alive just a little bit longer to win a fight or survive an engage. Fantastic also that it works on yourself for those emergency situations. The downsides of this talent are not huge. Kneeling for 2 seconds is a reasonable trade-off and should not get you killed if you're doing so in a safe position or the enemy focus is not on you. Putting Flash Heal on a 10 second cooldown is no problem thanks to Inner Focus.

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