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Arthas build

By: DatWaben
Last Updated: Feb 12, 2016
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Build: The Semi-Tank

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Build: Damage Dealer?!

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Build: I will freeze you from within!

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Talent Choices and quick tips Top

Arthas, the lich king, a pretty bad hero in the wrong hands and an extremely powerful in the right ones.
I will start by posting each build included with this guide.

Things you will notice:
His talent choices are VERY strict.
You should never do the damage build unless you have another tank.
Death Coil is used as a finisher and a healer. Not as a mid-fight small damage dealer.
Frozen Tempest is very important.

Time for the Talents!

Color Coding:
Green= Regular pick
Yellow= Depends on situation
Red= You shouldn't need it


Regeneration Master
This one is almost a must if you wish to be viable with Arthas. You will realize quickly that the others are (for the most part) inferior. Regeneration Master is the difference between life and death and you wont even know it.

This isn't a bad pick but it isn't the best pick either. The reason that you will skip out on this is because for the most part assassins using auto attacks will be busy trying to walk by you (and failing) which causes it to be almost useless compared to the easy regeneration from that bursty hero who still can't get it through their head that you are a tank.

Frost Presence
This is one that you will only ever be using if you are going for a bruiser build, you can try to make use out of it otherwise but for the most part it will just be for helping you not waste mana on a Death Coil

Eternal Hunger
You won't need it. You shouldn't have mana problems because you should be doing a few things while you lane.
1. You should be constantly using Frozen Tempest until minion there are only a few minions left.
2. You should be using Frostmourne Hungers to kill wizard minions for the regen globes so that you regain the mana as you lane.
3. Why would you use anything other than Frozen Tempest for laning? Unless your core is near death and those mercs are closing in you shouldn't need the additional mana.


Frozen Wastes
Frozen wastes is the best talent pick here because it gives you the ability to continue using your best ability! Not only does it mean you can secure kills (and your backline) for less mana but it also means that you can afford Death Coiling a hero mid fight to finish them off. Another reason that Eternal Hunger from Tier one is useless.


This talent isn't really needed unless you are A- good wtih landing your Howling Blast or B- going bruiser because there is a better candidate for the main tank position. You should be using your Frostmourne Hungers talent to speed up your slow chipping down of casters that SHOULD be stuck in Frozen Tempest and if you are out of mana because you didn't pick the better talent then you wont be there to hit them.

Mercenary Lord
You shouldn't be getting this. At all. You have your Sindragrosa if you really need to do some pushing and you shouldn't be doing the job of a specialist.


Rune Tap

This is absolutely the best talent of this tier. None of the others even come close to the utility or power of this one. Your discounted Frozen Tempest is keeping those squishies stuck and here you are healing because of their misery!

I don't list the other ones because they probably shouldn't exist compared to this one.

Army of the Dead
When you are going tanky this still isn't an auto pick. For the most part you can sustain without it, especially with talents later on such as Stoneskin and Hardened Shield. However, for beginners still getting the hang of Arthas' playstyle this is a very good pick to make any mess ups less messy.

Summon Sindragrosa
I see lots of people refer to this as a weak ultimate, let me dispel that rumor now. Here is what this talent brings to the table:
A- Large damage and slow to any minion, hero, or tower in it's way.
B- Disables structures for 20 seconds and non-heroic enemies (those siege mercs blowing up your core?) for ten seconds.

This is a solid pick on any map because it is so powerful. In the Battlefield Of Eternity you aren't gonna get nearly as much value out of your immortal without it. I will list other uses in a future update to the guide.


Biting Cold
This talent gives a 50% damage boost to your best ability. At level 13+ team fights become even more important and this one brings the hurt when it comes to them. You can easily destroy a foolish Illidan or Valla trying to get past you simply because they are taking tremendous amounts of damage by trying to do so.

Trail of Frost
You really shouldn't need this one because if you are aiming for someone they are likely walking into your sights. Rooting heroes in front of the guy or gal that you are after is only going to body block you out of a kill, or even get you killed. However, it does have some uses so I will leave it as yellow.

The reduction of all of these little CC's might seem huge but in perspective they are still going to have to walk RIGHT into your tempest to pass. Stuns do not stop this storm of death and slows just might reduce you to the speed they are going in your slow (the difference being that theirs wont wear off without leaving that circle and staying out) I guess you could find some use if you are going up against a team with way too much CC but it really just doesn't seem like a necessary talent.

Spell Shield
If the enemy team is targeting you for spells then just be glad that they are giving your backline more time to target all of them. For the most part you wont be dying from just spells though and will make it quite a chase to land that one Arthas kill, making this shield not that great.



This is pretty much the best talent because you are saving either yourself or peeling for a the back line more effectively. Pop this before running into a fight and you wont be disappointed.

The coil talents are both just as lackluster, Immortal Coil wont heal as much as your Stoneskin will shield and Embrace Death isn't gonna be very useful if you are literally killing yourself for it.

Frostmourne Feeds
This one is useful for your bruiser build but that is pretty much all it's useful for.


Hardened Shield
You probably should just stick to this one, the longer you live the more damage you deal and the longer your team lives to deal it for you. The others are pretty bad. Legion of Northrend will not last long enough to heal off of each ghoul (which should be your goal with ghouls) and Absolute Zero is pretty much only good if you are winning by a landslide. You also have no abilities worth Rewind except maybe Howling Blast which you shouldn't be needing to use twice either way.

To do list:
-Add a guide to the right amount of chasing
-Explain more about the uses of Sindragrosa
-Give a guide on when to use abilities and why
-Feed the ghouls
-Make full guides for each of the three builds listed
-Add threats for each build and explain them fully

Thank you so much for reading this guide! This is the first one I have made so any advice is very much appreciated! Cya in the Nexus!

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