Auto Soaker + Late Game Reaper by CaptainJSparrow

Auto Soaker + Late Game Reaper

By: CaptainJSparrow
Last Updated: Sep 8, 2015
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Build: Auto Soaker + Late Game Reaper

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Threats to Raynor with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
The Lost Vikings first erik, then kill baelog, last kill the fat one. Cannon fodder much?
  No Threat
Murky The later the game the faster you can kill him. cant really kill you thanks to adrenaline rush. Octo grab is the only thing he has to use against you and even then he needs another ally to kill you.
Abathur Higher than expected because of when he is parasiting some one he is a threat and can cause you to die alot faster. Find him and say hello to an easy kill.
  No Threat
E.T.C. Not the tankiest or damaging of the tanks but still a tank. The stun on his Q and the knockback on the W are the only concerns and even then they are minor. just watch if he chooses mosh pit, make him wiff it and have the rest of your team not in mosh pit help take him out.
  No Threat
Leoric Leoric the tank. alone not a problem as your Q can push him out far enough that he cant hit you. If he has help you may want to back off or just poke him as if he slows you you could die before the adrenaline rush even does much.
  No Threat
Zeratul Able to destroy you if he can get in close. just hit him with your Q and you should be fine. Now this is on the assumption your adrenaline rush is on CD as with it zeratul is nothing more than a little puppy.
Nova Like zera but can make clones which will waste your time and if you're not careful your life. If you can spot the real one quickly you can take her out very easily as she is so squishy, assuming she doesn't get away.
Diablo Only this high because of his Q and E and their all around annoyance. the more soulstones he has the harder it is to kill him so try to stop him from getting early kills. If he does get them coordinate with your team to kill him so the game wastes the stones. Other than that just a normal tank.
Rehgar If you see this man DO NOT ENGAGE. You ever try to kill a rehger? Its very damn hard thanks to the sheer amount of heals he can pop out. Get an ally or 2 to gank him, your team will be thankful in team fights.
The Butcher Early game you want this... thing dead. If he gets too many stacks of fresh meat get your team and gank him. Late game if he hasn't died recently and you spot him, well I would say to run but he probably has hit you with the charge already and is now in the process of killing you. If this happens hit him with your Q to make some space.If this happens and you find your self surrounded, then that suit wont help much in keeping you alive.

Intro Top

This is my first guide so sorry about it being bad. This build focuses on soaking to increase basic attack damage. The later into the game the more of a threat you are but play smart and you can dominate the enemy team.
Try not to stray too far away from teammates and into the jungle too early on as this could lead to early ganks.
One thing to remember is the bigger the map the more spread out your team is.
REMEMBER, a dead Raynor can't shoot people now can he?

Steps on what to do Top

1-soak for your team in order to get stacks of seasoned marksmen.
2-after getting a bonus of around 20 damage start to help in team fights
3-don't die, you cant shoot if you're dead
4-after getting that bonus to around 25 to 30 start to solo as you are probably around lvl 15-20
5-when you hit lvl 20 and get nexus fury you can kill almost anyone in a 1v1
6-help push and win the game

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