Raynor's Comprehensive Build [Hero-league] by Halfie

Raynor's Comprehensive Build [Hero-league]

By: Halfie
Last Updated: Oct 2, 2016
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Build: Early Push/Late Game DPS

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Threats to Raynor with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
  No Threat
Uther Uther isn't a threat early or late game - alone. But with any team-mate, his stun and healing capability will make any fight much harder for you.
Abathur Abathur's symbiote on any hero, should not be ignored. Abathur might give the hero more health but you can still kite an Abathur symbiotic stab since it has less range than you. If Abathur is going mine build, this can disrupt your healing by causing it to trigger on the way to a teamfight, be aware of typical mine locations (usually between lanes on your side, around an objective or in nearby vents/smoke.
Li Li Lili is one quick mutha-...panda! Penetrating round with bullseye cancels her 1,000 jugs (heroic ability), but her blistering winds will make you miss your auto-attacks and that can reduce your DPS significantly. For this reason, and the fact that she is a support, you want to kill her first. Keep in mind that your auto-attacks will speed her up, so try to maneuver as you attack.
Murky Murky can actually dish out some huge damage with Octograb into pufferfish. Fortunately, you can easily kite him with your range and disengage from him with your (Q) ability.
Malfurion Malfurion doesn't have much in his kit to stop you. He can root you but it is easily dodged. His healing makes him troublesome more than anything else.
Rexxar Rexxar depends on the fact that you attack Misha, if you are able to target Rexxar then you shouldn't have a problem dealing with him. That being said, Misha's stun is particularly problematic, so dodge it and you can easily trump Rexxar.
Lt. Morales Lt. Morales may shack up with you from time to time but if she's your enemy, you'll have no problem killing her with your firing squad.
Medivh Medihv is an old man and the way he covers from your bullets is proof. If you kite his Q, then he is easy pickings.
Auriel Auriel is a good target because of her low health pool and reliance on allies. Be aware of her damage potential and heroic.
  No Threat
Nazeebo Nazeebo is still a threat but one you can easily deal with. Many of his abilities rely on positioning, one thing you won't let him do. Close the distance on him fast and make use of your range to avoid the toads. Remember that your Penetrating Round can open up a space between two zombies to escape. Your heal will outpace his damage because he relies on his poison trait.
Azmodan Azmodan may slow you down but he won't be a threat for you. If you catch him out of position, make sure you close the distance and save Penetrating Round to cancel his All Shall Burn ability. Activate your heal early to avoid being bursted by his Globe of Annihilation.
The Lost Vikings The Lost Vikings are individually fodder for your rifle. A (Q) will take down 1/3 of their hp but all together, they can be tricky. Especially with their Longboat ultimate, they are very resilient and can outlast you with their shields and ability to kite. Do not underestimate the trio.
Brightwing Brightwing will not put up much of a fight alone, even though she has the ability to gain two block (-50% basic attack) charges. Her polymorph however, will put you at a disadvantage versus any other hero and will reduce you to a sheep. Her emerald wings will often never catch you due to the range of this build but polymorph is still dangerous against you.
Anub'arak Anub'arak is very tanky, can close distance quickly and his multiple stuns will give you trouble if you're not careful. Fortunately, he doesn't dish out the damage needed to kill you alone but with an ally at his side, he is a serious threat.
Kharazim Kharazim can do surprisingly a lot of damage and you cannot kite him since he has a dash. Fortunately, you just deal more damage.
Artanis Artanis is easily kited. Use your range to your advantage and use Penetrating Round to keep him from gaining ground. Avoid his swap and you can easily dominate him.
  No Threat
Sgt. Hammer Sgt. Hammer may have served with you in the Terran Alliance but she's no friend to you. You simply cannot outpace damage with her in siege mode. You can push her out of range but you need to enter her range first, to do so. Also, some of her traits extend her range so that you cannot zone or kite her. Approach with caution, preferably with a teammate.
Stitches Stiches will need some stitches after dealing with you. AVOID HIS HOOK. Assuming you've done that, your heal will outpace his damage because he relies too much on his sustainability. You simply dish out too much damage with any of your later traits. Note: You cannot kill him in the early game alone.
Jaina Jaino may be squishy enough for you to kill her quickly after a Penetrating Round to initiate but the same can be said of you. A good Jaina will catch you out of position and burst you down in seconds.
Falstad Falstad will try to kite you but as long as you keep your distance with Penetrating Round, you can outshot him since your range is bigger. Keep abilities in mind, they can burst you before you get a chance to heal.
Tychus Tychus Findlay is your old pal, you fought countless battles together and it shows. You and he have similar toolkits, you both are assassins with a push effect but whereas you have a heal, Tychus has a dash. In order to beat Tychus, you have to use your range and interrupt his Overkill (Q) ability with penetrating round because it takes some time to get that mini-gun going - use that time to show him how you were always the better shot.
Chen Chen is a tanky hero because of his brew drinking and his mobility will make it hard to kite him effectively. After level 13, you should be able to take him more easily but you might not win a long fight with him at earlier levels.
Sylvanas Sylvanas can be tricky and you often want to target someone other than her. Both you and her deal quite a bit of damage to each other but your range is a large advantage.
Cho Cho dies quickly once you've taken the Giant Killer talent but early game might be tough. Luckily you can keep your range and have a knockback so you should be able to dodge him completely.
Gall Gal's Shadowflame is harder to dodge since its longer ranged and fast but dread orb and runic blast should never hit you if you maintain your distance. Get too close and his shadow bolt heroic can devastate you and go right through your healing.
  No Threat
Arthas Arthas's durability and sustaining ability damage make him a target you want to avoid. He won't go down easy between all his heals and defensive traits. He can also dish out high burst damage that will kill you soon after or even before you pop your heal.
Diablo Diablo will toss you around and try to burn you alive. At early stages, Diablo is a BIG threat. He will grab you, try to knock you towards his towers and with his team-mate, he will kill you. With later talents, you'll be able to take him mano-a-mano!
Thrall Thrall can dish out sizeable damage if left unchecked and he has the ability to sustain himself through healing. While you have a range advantage, Thrall can quickly close the distance with a movement speed increase. In a drawn out fight, Thrall will win. So try to disengage him, and keep your distance.
Muradin Muradin can close the distance with a leap, stun you with his (Q) and then slow you down and ensure you don't get away. Unfortunately, you won't be able to disengage from him if he gets this simple combo off. With your later talents, you can combat Muradin but anything before level 13 and he'll be a big threat.
Leoric King Leoric is not worth your time. He can out-heal your DPS and his slows +wraith form will ensure that he and his team catch up to you.
Greymane Greymane's burst as a wolf is the real trouble because it can bypass your heal. Keep your distance and use your distance. Avoid fighting 1v1 unless you have a level advantage.
Tracer Tracer can kite you really efficiently. On a 1v1 scenario, you should take your chances fighting because she can chase you very far.
Chromie Chromie deals enough burst damage to kill you with her combo long-range. Get in close range and she is no threat at all.
  No Threat
Illidan Illidan is so mobile that you cannot effectively disengage him. His evade makes your basic attacks miss and since basic attacks constitute most of your damage, Illidan is one hero that you'll need to keep an eye out for. Try to stay close to an ally that can stun and kill him before or after his evade wears off.
Nova Nova requires you to be on-edge. Her invisibility is counteracted by your Penetrating Round but her burst can kill you before your Adrenaline Rush can be used. Unfortunately, Raynor doesn't have anything to reduce ability damage to be careful of Nova's damage potential.
Sonya Sonya will close the distance between you two and kill you quickly. She has a stun that makes Raynor unable to attack. She has a repeatable burst that will mitigate your healing. And she can outrun you.
Tyrael Tyreal is very mobile, tanky, and can dish out sizeable damage. For these reasons, he is a threat. He can catch up to you. If you manage to kill him, make sure you killed him with a Penetrating Round (Q) to escape his trait.
Kerrigan Kerrigan was your lover, but now she's the Queen of blades and you can no longer love this heartless zerg-girl. She is a threat because she's tanky, has high mobility, can stun and dishes out enough burst damage to counteract your heal. You can dish out a good amount of damage yourself but not alone. Its a love-hate relationship.
Zeratul Zeratul represents a large threat. He can swim around you with blink, slow you and his burst is high enough to mitigate your adrenaline rush healing. Always stick with an ally when there is a Zeratul...this Protoss will not hesitate to assassinate you.
Lunara Lunara is a buck-shot waiting to be hunted but she may hunt you isntead. She's mobile and can kite you. Landing a Penetrating Round is key.
Li-Ming Li Ming has the burst damage of Jaina but the range of Kael'thas. This hero can basically kite and toy with you. With a quick burst she can trigger your adrenaline rush but catch up moments later and finish you off.

Table of Contents Top

Introduction Top

"I'm Jim Raynor, and this is my favourite Guide on Heroes Fire" - Raynor himself

Listen, here's the run-down - Raynor is a versatile hero that contributes great DPS to his team, attack speed to surrounding allies with Inspire, and lane push, by coercing mercenaries with Raiders Recruitment and blasting forts with Hyperion. While he doesn't have the manoeuvrability of other Assassins, Raynor is no less of a threat if he is left unchecked in any team-fight.

Halfie's guide is a damn stim-pak to your game that'll have you singing your favourite tune as you win countless games all the way to rank 1. So sit back, grab a drink, dress your friend up as Kerrigan, and keep on readin', cause this'll be one heck of a ride!

Pros and Cons Top


    [+] Great Late game DPS
    [+] Versatile
    [+] Increased attack & vision range that can be utilized
    [+] Resilient, can heal himself
    [+] No mana issues
    [+] Unique Bribe ability


    [-] Susceptible to Crowd-Control (Stuns, slows, roots)
    [-] Weak early game
    [-] No escape
    [-] Long Cooldowns (CDs)
    [-] Threatened by Heroes with high mobility or disable.

Abilities Top

Auto attack is your so-called "Right-click". Great range due to Advanced Optics combat trait. Many traits will make this crucial to your DPS. Your auto-attack damage scales from 40 starting damage (+12 per level) which is very high.

Attack Speed Comparison

Basic Abilities

Penetrating Round (Q)
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Penetrating Round(Q) is an immediate high damage burst that deals 249.60 (+4% per level) damage and knocks enemies back. It can hit multiple targets in a straight shot that is aimed.

This is your tool to disengage from a fight, especially if enemies are converging upon you. Important: This skill only dazes enemies and cannot be used to break any channelled ability like Nazeebo's Ravenous Spirit or ETC's Mosh Pit. This ability can also be used to strategically push your enemy towards your team but to do this, you must be in the risky position of being behind the enemy.
Inspire (W)
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Inspire(W) provides an attack-speed increase of 30.00% to Raynor and 15.00% increase to allies within a large AOE radius for 6 seconds.

The bonus this provides to a minion wave is not that noticeable but it shines with Siege Giants and other Mercenaries. TIP: Consider using this near allied units such as Zagara's minions, Azmodan's General of Hell or any other summoned unit!
Adrenaline Rush (E)
Cooldown: 40 seconds
Adrenaline Rush(E) is a fast heal-over-time effect for 457.60 (+4% per level) that automatically activates when you are below 30% Health. The heal is not instantaneous either, so be careful not to get bursted down before you can reap the full heal.

New players may be fooled into thinking that they can down you, then you actually just heal up and kill them. But experienced players will expect this ability and may harass you just to get it out of the way. Be more cautious when this ability is in cooldown.

Combat Trait

Advanced Optics(Passive) boosts your attack range to a comfortable place. With this skill, you can often hit ranged enemies before they can hit you. Therefore, you must abuse this ability by kiting your enemies. Basically, you shoot the target and move in such a way that they do not have the range to retaliate against you, keep your distance from the target while attacking it so that you take little- if any -damage from the target.

The vision increase is there to aid your attack range, otherwise you'd be unable to attack your target unless some other ally granted sight. Extra vision is always useful, especially in a map like Haunted Mines. Keep in mind that you can often shoot over walls, a fact that is extremely useful on maps like Cursed Hollow.

Heroic abilities Top

Hyperion(R) A huge AOE that moves slowly across a fixed position but limited to 4 targets. A Yamato Cannon periodically fires on Structures for massive damage.
    [+] Pushing
    [+] Teamfights
    [-] 1 vs 1 scenario
    [-] Objective contesting
Raynor's Raiders(R) spawns two banshees that are limited to 1 targets. Their duration is 22 seconds but they can be targeted and take AOE damage.
    [+] Chasing/contesting
    [+] 1 vs 1 scenario
    [-] Vulnerable to enemy attacks (low hp)
    [-] Single target

Choosing based upon map.

The pushing power of Hyperion is best for maps like Cursed Hollow, Garden of Terror, Haunted Mines, and Tomb of the Spider Queen.

The harassment and contesting strength of Raynor's Raiders is most felt on maps where objectives have to be held such as Dragon Shire, Battlefield Of Eternity, Blackheart's Bay, and Sky Temple.

Refer to Map Breakdown Section below.

Talents Top

Tier 1 - Level 1

Seasoned Marksman is a quest-oriented talent that is great for the full DPS oriented build. Attaining the quest, i.e. gaining attack speed after attaining full stacks, provides Raynor with even more burst damage in the mid to late game.
Other Traits (Click the plus sign)

Old Talent Raiders' Recruitment

Tier 2 - Level 4

Focused Attack adds a nice boost to Raynor's attacks that are both unpredictable and deadly. This talent rewards you for focusing on one target.
Other Traits

Tier 3 - Level 7

Fight or Flight makes Raynor take 25% less damage and makes your heal an activated ability. That utility cannot be underestimated because it allows you the flexibility of when to heal and makes Raynor less predictable. But you have to make use of the activated ability, pop it if you get caught in an enemy's ability - it'll provide you much more survivability than move speed ever could.
Other Traits

Fight or Flight Pro Advice

HEROIC Tier - Level 10

It's never bad to have a good ol' Battlecruiser watching your back, so pick Hyperion - Handsome Jack agrees. This ability hits multiple targets, has a Yamato Cannon that deals high siege damage, and can be used effectively when pushing.
Other Traits

Tier 5 - Level 13

Giant Killer is picked up to maximize your DPS on heroes. If you are facing a team with warriors such as Stitches, Muradin, etc. The damage it provides is extremely noticeable and is often warranted. Dealing percentage damage is exactly what you need in the late game when heroes go into the 3000+ health range.
Other Traits

Tier 6 - Level 16

Level 16 is the hardest choice for a talent. Most of the choices increase your DPS in some capability. In solo queue, Bullseye is your default talent. The stun of 1 seconds allows Raynor to escape, chase or solidify a kill.

Executioner is a must talent if you're playing with a team composition that has stuns Muradin, slows Jaina, or roots Malfurion. You want to pick this up most of the time because a 30% increase to damage is no joke on Raynor. This talent can synergize well with Hamstring Shot. If I ever have an Arthas or Muradin on my team, this talent is chosen as a no-brainer because of their ability to constantly slow/stun the enemy & ensure that 40% bonus.
Other Traits

FINAL Tier - Level 20

Nexus Frenzy is taken because it maximizes Raynor's strength, that is, the range of his attack and the speed of his attack. This talent makes anyone melt if they withstand a full assault from you.

Works well with the distance you can already maintain from Penetrating Rounds and Advanced Optics, and allows you to attack enemies in team fights from a comfortable distance.
Other Traits

Laning Strategy and Map Breakdown Top

  • Take the lane closest to the Siege Camp
  • Luckily, Raynor is one of the few heroes without mana issues, allowing you to use his abilities frequently
  • Use Inspire when the opposing minions meet. Take advantage of the attack speed to auto attack the enemy
  • Harass enemy heroes by using Penetrating Round to zone them out or by hitting heroes along with their minions
  • Soak up exp by making every lane is covered.
  • As soon as you have a minion count of 30 on Raiders Recruitment, use it on the Siege camp and push,
    using Inspire with the Siege Giants
  • Pay attention to Map Objectives, they take precedence over your push.
  • Lastly, rotate to other lanes whenever necessary even if it'll lower your minion counts. Be careful of enemy heroes trying to gank you. Don't over-extend and use the mercenaries to push effectively.

Lane either bot or top. Use Penetrating Rounds to push enemies into Demon/Angel's AOE, if you are defending. Inspire is amazing when your whole team is attacking the Angel/Demon, allowing your team to win a race.
Raynor's Raiders is the recommended Heroic because the middle is highly contested. Therefore, Battlefield of Eternity is a contesting-oriented map.

First treasure chest is at 50 seconds. Use Penetrating Rounds to zone and secure it for your team.
Maintain control of Pirate Captain area, using the middle maze area to get behind the enemy or attack from afar.
Help team-mates with a surplus of coins, focus enemy heroes with coins.
Raynor's Raiders is the recommended Heroic because treasure chests, merc/coin camps, and middle are all highly contested. Therefore, Blackheart's Bay is a contesting-oriented map. The Pirate Captain pushes enough so that Hyperion is just unnecessary.

Utilize your range, vision and Raynor's Raiders to contest the curse.
Stay grouped with your team for the objectives. Heavy pushes utilizing Raynor's Raiders when enemy is cursed.
Capture opponent Mercenary camps.
Hyperion is the recommended Heroic because this is a push-oriented map where huge level advantages can be gained during the Curse phase. Despite the contesting of curses themselves, Raynor's Raiders is weakened by the fact that heroes typically group up around the curses, making Banshee's easy targets.

Dragon Knight is prioritized over anything.
Save Raynor's Raiders to capture moon or sun shrines.
Use Penetrating Round to push enemies out of shrines for you to take.
Raynor's Raiders is the recommended Heroic because this is a contesting-oriented map (they can help you hold a shrine or contest dragon capture in middle lane) and the Dragon's ability to push late-game reduces Hyperion's neccessity.

Given the frequent use of the Giant Terrors (Merc camps disable during this time), you might find that your Give Me More! is more useful than Seasoned Marksmen
Your range is amazing on this map, allowing you to hide behind walls and attack enemies trying to kill the Giant Terrors in the middle of the map.
Hyperion is the recommended Heroic because this is a push-oriented map, contesting is limited to the Terrors and even then, the Terrors are often split up by team.

Start bottom lane and use Raiders Recruitment on a Siege Merc camp just before the mines open.
Raynor's DPS is useful for taking down the enemy Siege Golem
The small golems in the mines will add to both Raiders Recruitment and Puttin' On a Clinic
Hyperion is the recommended Heroic because this is a push-oriented map, contesting is limited to the Mines themselves, and the small tunnels of the Mines reduce Raynor's Raiders effectiveness.

This map has the tendency to snowball quickly due to the strength of the Infernal Titans. This is heavily a contesting-oriented because of the Shrines' importance and frequency so you want to maximize contest traits such as Raynor's Raiders and Fight or Flight. Give Me More! may also be preferred but Raiders Recruitment can really maximize the 6 Merc camps on the map. Cluster Round is amazing on this map because of how many minions there are at the shrines - allowing you to hit more people (wider shot) for more damage (almost always 100% more).

Penetrating Rounds will help you contest the Temples as well as breaking the Anubis Guardian's push ability.
The placement of the Siege camps allow you to capture them easily as well.
Your range will allow you to even attack enemies from behind the Temples' adjacent walls.
Raynor's Raiders is the recommended Heroic because the Temple zones and boss camp are contesting-oriented. The Temple pushes enough so that Hyperion is just unnecessary.

Inspire is great for increasing the push potential of the spiders or the Spider Queen and her summons.
Don't get caught out alone, I recommend taking bottom lane or middle lane for the mercs.
Turn in the Spider Gems frequently but don't turn in near enemies.
Hyperion is the recommended Heroic because this is a push-oriented map, contesting is limited, and the close lanes diminish Raynor's Raiders effectiveness.

The map is relatively small so you want to be rotating from bottom lane to middle lane and have top lane solo. Pumpkin mercenaries on this map do a large amount of damage to the forts so Raiders Recruitment is even more effective. Taking enemy mercenaries now has an even greater effect, not only does it rob them of the mercenaries on their side but they will go straight for the fort. Raynor's Raiders is the recommended Heroic because the zones are contesting-oriented and you can only push so far which reduces Hyperion's effectiveness.

Tips Top

  • Play the Terran Theme Music
  • Keep your distance, making sure to kite at early levels
  • Kiting at later levels may lower DPS - move if necessary
  • Make every use of the Raiders Recruitment ability by stealing enemy mercenary camps and checking Merc Camp respawn timers. For Bruiser camps, use bribe on the melee knights and kill the mage yourself.
  • Manipulate Adrenaline Rush by taking tower/minion damage to activate it.
  • Late game, stick with your team and push when you have space.

Facing Raynor Top

  • Be aware of his heal and DPS potential
  • Pay attention to the talents Raynor picks up, that'll distinguish what type of role Raynor is aiming towards
  • "Pop" his heal by getting him low through harassment, then follow up immediately.
  • Save burst damage or Crowd-control effects for when you get him low so that you can kill him before he heals.
  • Get in a stun or push effect before he can get in range to Penetrating Round you.
  • Don't ignore Raynor in a team fight and don't let them push undisturbed.
  • If a player overextends with Raynor, punish them.

My Guide Needs You! Top

Thank you for your service, as a reader and rater. Simply, I hope this guide helps you win games.

I will do my best to keep this guide up to date with every patch that Blizzard has to offer. Constructive criticism is welcome. If there is anything else, drop a comment below and let me know.

Happy Gaming

Changelog Top

v1.1-1.5 - Various talent changes from rigorous testing and other updates to the guide such as threats. A more comprehensive recording is located in the comment section.

v2.1-2.5- Updated talents based on Raynor Patch changes (notably in v2.1 and v2.3). Updates to guide with additions of new heroes and maps. Comprehensive Recording of v2-2.5 located in comment section.

v3.1-3.5 - Updated talents to reflect the changes to the Focused Attack (4), Executioner (16), and Bullseye (16) talents. New heroes were added to the threat list.

V4.1 - Guide reflects changes to Focused Attack (4), Executioner (16) and Bullseye (16) talents. Thanks go out to Arihuss.

V4.1 - Added all current heroes to the threat list and updated the entire list based on current meta.

V4.2 (Current) - It's a sad day...Blizzard removes Raiders' Recruitment Talent from Raynor and now the guide reflects that. I don't understand why they made this change since Raynor use to be an assasin/specialist and still has many talents that aid pushing. Whereas Falstad received a version of Bribe but he isn't designed for pushing at all. Once again, I feel the cold chill of the Blizzard

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