Boss Bulldozer Butcher (Leoric Patch Ready Build) by Sokar

Boss Bulldozer Butcher (Leoric Patch Ready Build)

By: Sokar
Last Updated: Jul 18, 2015
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The Butcher

Build: Bulldozer DPS Build

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Threats to The Butcher with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Illidan Not a threat at all. His low HP pull and your brand make him go down easy Hamstring to slow and chases.
Murky He is no threat at all.
Abathur No even worth mentioning. He is dead in 1 to 2 hits at 16.
  No Threat
Anub'arak The only thing he can do is escape and stun you. Otherwise open up with Charge(RO) brand and hamstring and he will go down easy.
Li Li Blind does work to help counter part of the health regen benefits of brand. This can be used to protect her team mates.
The Lost Vikings Furnace makes a nice Viking Pie.
Malfurion Watch out for roots and range hits and you can take him down easy.
Brightwing Polymorph and Shrink Ray will deminish returns on the brand and cancel charge(RO) as well as prevent using brand for the health regen.
Zeratul If he jumps you it will hurt as he is a melee class you should brand him and charge(RO) then hamstring.
Thrall He can hit hard but you can also with a faster regen heal. Charge(RO) and Brand then hamstring the chase. Dodge his Root.
Tassadar Minimal Range damage. His wall can prevent your charge(RO) so just plan accordingly. Void will shut you down long enough for you traits to refresh and take him down.
  No Threat
Uther His Cleanse and stun makes keeping your brand up difficult to use. He also may take Shrink Ray which will greatly effect healing and dps.
Nova He slow picks and range make life difficult in the mid to late game.
Kael'thas He is more of a threat with his kiting ability. Your bet bet is to Charge(RO) and Brand hamstring repeat. Watch out for the kiting.
Johanna Charge(RO) is a complete shut down by her D trait brands can be countered with E and make you miss that health regen from brand.
Jaina Her range and slows are a concern but a Charge(RO) and brand counter her effectively. If she kites you however you are not going to escape.

Who I am: Top

I have been playing Heroes of the storm since the beginning of beta. I have all characters unlocked with a minimum level of 5. I have 12 level 10+ characters. I have focuses mostly on special and assassin characters for the majority of my HOTS Career. I play daily on NA servers with my gaming group DVSGaming.Org. I have 3000+ games under my belt for Heroes of the Storm a majority of them Quick Match games to refine my builds.

Selection Reasons: Top

Update 7-20-2015 (Still number 1 Build)

I have put a lot of time and energy finding the best dps build and by far out of all my builds this is the one that get's the job done every time. I am now Level 11 "The Butcher". I have been playing him in Hero League with huge team pushing success. This build can help you carry some of the weaker players and keep the game going in your teams favor. At 16 I have pushed both bosses on the Raven Map by myself. This allows my teams to split push the opposite lanes and keep the momentum going.

This build is all about raw auto-attack and stun damage. You can Solo Bosses at 16 and merc camps at 10 bruisers I have push as low as level 3 solo. This build will take out tanks like Johanna, Muradin and Diablo faster then you think. Brand and initiation are the key factors. I even take out the so called DPS builds from this site. Butcher and me 1 V 1 I win every time. The builds max dps and faster auto attack with brand put me over the top attack speed and brand heal wise. At 35 meat abathur and tyrande buffs but the auto attack around 600+ dps per auto attack at 20. That's some serious damage.

My typical initiator is Ruthless Onslaught then I lead in with the brand and auto attack and hamstring chase till dead. Switch targets rinse and repeat.

On Bosses start with Ruthless Onslaught with a Furnace Blast kick going and then auto attack and hamstring till stun. Brand and then rinse and repeat. Typically a boss will be dead in 30 seconds at level 16.

Level 1:

This build is a take down build. Pure and simple. So the only beneficial trait for dps in this level is Invigoration.

Level 4:

The enhanced damage after a charge of Ruthless Onslaught causes this to do some serious damage and will stack later with the Savage Charge at Level 13.

Level 7:

Again 35% Attack Speed from Fresh Meat stacks really well with Abathur's Symbiote and Tassadar's Shield make you a force to be reckoned with.

Level 10:

Furnace Blast offers High DPS in a AOE area. This is best utilized by popping R and then charging the center member of a group.

Level 13:

For this level I usually switch my tactic based on the map. If it's a item collection map like Mines, Garden or Pirate bay I go Burning Rage otherwise I always go for the enhanced Savage Charge talent.

Level 16:

This is where you really pick up the DPS auto attack damage. [Blood Frenzy] is the best DPS talent in this Level.

Level 20:

At this Level I assess my groups ability to for team work and balance a group team fight vs soloing while considering the map and objectives as well.

Typically I always go for Fires of Hell for the AOE Team Fight wipe. Especially with a Abathur with Adrenal Overload or Tassadar with Khala's Embrace or Shielding me in general on my team.

Nexus Blades gives you a nice 20% boost to you already crazy 500+ damage in auto attacks pushing you up to 600 damage per hit with a slow. This is typically picked when I know I am losing team fights on picks and the other team is not playing a organized team fighting game.

Bolt of the Storm would only be viable if I knew my team mates were not going to back me up.

Want to team up? Top

I am part of community of gamers at DVSGaming.Org. We have a teamspeak 3 server and host a variety of games to play with other gamers. I am Team Captain for the Heroes of the Storm so if your dedicated and interested in grouping add me on Battle.Net Battle Tag: Sokar#1115

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