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Brawler Uther

By: MarkovChains
Last Updated: Feb 4, 2015
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Build: Get in there and fight maggot

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Intro Top

I wanted to design a support that would get in the fight and help the tanks by healing them, taking some damage for them and defend your ranged assassin by body blocking and CCing enemies. I wanted to design a brawler that stays in the fight even when things get rough. Most Uther plays range and loose all damage from their auto-attack. If you are playing range with a melee heroes it's bad, switch for a range hero.

My goal was not to fully optimized Uther as a heroes, but I made a build that optimize the idea I had in mind. I'm the kind of guy that want to win team fights, and this is the purpose of this build. It is optimize for 5 on 5 clashes.

This brawler is really good when he is fighting between two tanks and with 2 ranged dps behind him.

Talents Top

Talents 1 & 4 are no-brainier for the character I wanted to build. Both of these passive pushes your Uther to stay in team fights. You will never lack mana, which is great for sustain in team fights. It is also great for laning, combined with burning rage give you great lane presence late game. Also the heal on auto-attack kinda does what BrightWing passive does. It is a slow constant heal, this talent combine with your healing wave are more than enough heals for your 2 tanks. That way you can keep your big heals for yourself or ranged target if the enemies reached them.

Talent 7 : You got a lot of flexibility here. Cleanse can be useful against some composition, Holy devotion can ben be good if your team lacks tanks. That way even if you die early in the fights you will be able to deal a lot of damage. If cleanse is not very useful and you feel confident about your team compo, Wave of Light is the way to go.

Talent 10 : Nothing to add here, this ult is crazy. With a brawler like this, its huge cause your always right in the fight, and it helps with survivability.

Talent 13: Its part of the build, you will deal some much damage with this passive because you will be staying right in the middle of teamfight through out the entire game. Plus the AoE damage continue in your deathform, which is great. Finally, it's great for clearing lane and getting camps, it's a must for this build.

Talent 16: I'm in love with Holy shock so I always use it. But it may be not the best. Actually Gathering Radiance should be pretty good too. I just hate when someone get away with like 100 hp.

Talent 20: No brainer again, the radius gets RIDICULOUS and the cooldown too!

Gameplay Top

Don't be shy, go in!

Follow closely one of you tank and engage in teamfights. Don't be shy to heal yourself if your ranged are safe, your wave plus you auto-attack heals will keep your tank safe.

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