Brightwing Fight Time Builds! (with Video!) by Hugztime

Brightwing Fight Time Builds! (with Video!)

By: Hugztime
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2015
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Build: Damage Mitigation

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Build: Shielding Friends!

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Build: Harassment

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Introduction Top

Brightwing is a support class that offers a unique method of healing for her friends! When starting out a match, little 'ol Brightwing has no active skill to heal. Instead, she relies on her trait, Soothing Mist to patch up a hero that happens to be around her. She also offers utilities such as shields, movement speed boosts, and one of the best CC skills in the game in the form of Polymorph. A traditional mount has been replaced with the skill Phase Shift, which allows Brightwing to have full map presence. Although Brightwing does not have any burst healing healing potential, she can truly shine in the middle of team fights, CC'ing incoming threats with Polymorph, shielding her front-line with Pixie Dust, while passively mitigating AOE team damage with Soothing Mist.

- Able to AOE heal completely mana-free
- Polymorph can ruin a LOT of big plays from your enemies
- Phase Shift allows Brightwing to split-push and soak XP like no tomorrow
- Hard to chase down with Blink Heal and her speed boost from Pixie Dust
- Adorably sadistic

- No burst healing potential
- Low single-target healing potential
- Not having a mount can sometimes mean you arrive late to the party

Damage Mitigation Quick Match Video Top

Talents Top

You're first talents are probably the hardest to choose from. These will determine what kind of Brightwing you want to be for match. Make sure you consider your team composition, the enemies composition, the map your on ect...

Unfurling Spray

Always handy as it allows you some slack with your positioning during teamfights while still being able to heal the entire team.

Hyper Shift

Can be extremely handy on maps that force the team to split up for objectives. Maps such as Blackheart's Bay, Dragon Shire, and Sky Temple are perfect examples of maps where choosing Hyper Shift make perfect sense. This will allow you to be two places at once essentially, able to support your whole team instead of choosing just one objective.

Arcane Precision

If you have another support character like Li Li, or Uther on your team you could pick this up to start a Harassment Build.


The only time I choose this talent is when I'm on Haunted Mines, and I want to be able to take the siege giants to defend against an enemy skull golem. That's it though. Being able to take seige camps almost instantly is great early game, but near the end of a match, when your team should be sticking together, you can melt camps just as quickly.

Manic Pixie

This should be your go-to talent if you're building a Damage Mitigation Brightwing. This will increase the amount of healing a teammate receives from your trait when they are shielded with Pixie Dust. This will synergize well with later talents as long as you're consistent with casting Pixie Dust on your teammates that need it.

Arcane Barrage

Not a fan of this talent. It's easy enough to dodge your flares as is. It's even easier to dodge if you're firing them from long range.


This talent can be incredibly useful if the enemy team has a Nova, or Zeratul that keeps ruining your day. It's an even better choice when choosing Hyper Shift

Unstable Anomaly

If you chose Arcane Precision as your first talent, and you plan on building a Harassment Brightwing I would recommend this. The explosive damage that comes at the end of this CC will force the recipient to choose between moving out of position, or making their nearby teammates take the explosive damage. Both are a win for you!


This is a no-brainer if you're going with the Damage Mitigating build. It works so well with the previous talent Manic Pixie because the more you cast Pixie Dust the faster your trait heals. It also means friends with your Pixie Dust shield are being healed for a higher amount as well. Try to target your front-line warriors to ensure they're getting the most out of this. Keep an eye on your mana as Brightwing's mana regen isn't the best. You can always hearth back to base then warp back using Phase Shift, but you still don't want to be oom during a big fight.

Phase Shield

This is also a no-brainer if you chose to go the Shielding Friends build route. You'll be warping all over the place thanks to your Hyper Shift, and providing HUGE shields to friends later in the game.

Dream Shot

If you decide to go with the Harassing Build then this is your talent. If you're good at reading your enemies movement then this will increase the amount of flares you can use substantially.


This is a talent can sometimes take the place of Mistified in the Damage Mitigation build. Only choose this if the enemy team has a lot of CC heroes such as Muradin, The Butcher, or other Brightwing players.

Blink Heal

Blink heal is fantastically useful in almost all situations. One of you're friends isn't looking to good? Blink heal! Stuck in Nazeebo's Zombie Wall? Blink heal out of there! Zeratul looking to ruin your day? Oh GOD BLINK HEAL, BLINK HEAL!!!1 It's doesn't heal for a ton, but the heal combined with the utility of blinking can make Brightwing very hard to catch.

Emerald Wind

Emerald wind is a solid choice for anyone choosing to go with the Harassment Build. It doesn't offer tremendous damage, but the displacement it provides can help you knock enemies off important objectives, and help your team disengage a fight if things aren't going their way.

Sticky Flare

A solid choice for the harassment build. A 40% slow could be the difference between an enemy getting away, or you brutally murdering them

Pixie Boost

I hardly ever choose Pixie Boost as I feel it's outclassed by Shield Dust in almost every situation. The target of Pixie Dust already gets a 20% movement speed increase which is usually enough to chase down feeling targets. The added 30% really doesn't make much difference.

Shield Dust

One of the handiest talents of Brightwing. Always pick this when choosing Damage Mitigation or Shielding Friends! builds. This will make it harder for enemies like Nova, Jaina, or [Kael'thas]] to burst down your friends with their scary abilities.

Ice Block

It may just be me, but I don't see any value in Ice Block... The only situation I can image it being useful is if the enemy team has The Butcher and he/she likes to charge in on you all the time.

Greater Polymorph

This talent is outclassed by the other choices. Although it is funny to see someone run around as a crab, the extra second worth of giggling isn't worth passing up the other talents with.

Bouncy Dust

Fantastic for Shielding Friends! and Damage Mitigation builds. Two-for-one Pixie Dust! This means you have two friends blocking basics and getting more heals from your trait, or taking less damage from abilities. It's a fantastic talent!


This is your go-to for the Harassment build. Enemies that are Polymorph'd receive 25% more damage from basic attacks and abilities, which means if your team focuses on that enemy they simply cease to be anymore!

Hardened Focus

This one is deceptive... It's not hard to keep Brightwing over 80% health since her Soothing Mist also heals her, so it seems like an obvious choice. When using it though, I found myself constantly running back to base for mana since I was slinging abilities too quickly for my mana bar to keep up. Only use if you have Malfurion Innervateing you constantly.

Double Wyrmhole

Being able to use Blink Heal two times in a row is the closest thing Brightwing will have to burst healing potential. It's still doesn't match up to heroes like Uther or Rehgar, but it's okay. I usually never recommend this.

Continuous Winds This is another level 20 talent that I usually don't recommend. Emerald Wind does the job that it needs to without this talent's added time and damage. People usually don't walk back into the winds after they're initially pushed back, and if they do, the added damage is insignificant.

Revitalizing Mist

This is my go-to level 20 talent for the Damage Mitigation build. A lot of people will say go for Storm Shield or Double Wyrmhole but hear me out on this. If you have an organized team that sticks together well, and you chose Mistified for your level 7 talent, it is very possible to get three stacks of this on your whole team. At level 20, your trait Soothing Mist is AOE healing for 175. Add the 75% increase from Revitalizing Mist and that number goes up to 306.25. Multiply the 306.25 times you and your 4 teammates, and you're healing 1531.25 for absolutely NO MANA AT ALL. Totally bonkers...

Storm Shield

The perfect way to round off the Shielding Friends! build. This extra shield, combined with Bouncy Dust can make your front line extremely tanky, and can make the difference between a game-winning push or a total wipe.


Great for the Harassment Build. Critterize > Arcane Flare > Rewind > Critterize > Arcane Flare

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