Brightwing going, going, going. by Bumblelee

Brightwing going, going, going.

By: Bumblelee
Last Updated: May 4, 2015
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Build: Build HEAL-TP-RUN

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Explanation. Top

1.- I highly recommend the 2nd and the 4th talent, it depends on what you need/like.

2.-It's nice to have some more security on what you are doing, that's why I prefer the 2nd talent, but you can try the first aswell.

3.- That one will save your team's *** lots of times, I promise. But if you are feeling like your towers are going down too easily, pick the MULE ;)

4.- You will love to tp, I promise, and its heals are quite good, you can troll your enemies a lot with this.

5.- Just to escape, it works well.

6.-Hmmm... I think you will always have 80%+ of health, I trust you, but if you don't, pick the 2nd (to bother the enemies more) or the 4th talent (moar self-confidence).

7.- Oh plz, more tps, more trolling, but if you think 2 tps are enough, just pick the shields, so you can super duper shield forever and ever.

How to play it. Top

Learn to tp around your buddies, don't forget the neverending aoe healing's range, polymorph the bad guys when they are with their ultis (it doesnt work with the diablo's fire breathe, just saying) and when you are a little bit ****ed in the team fights, don't forget to press the "D" (3rd tier, 2nd talent).

Enjoy playing and GL! :)

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