Bringing Down The Hammer by Madbro

Bringing Down The Hammer

By: Madbro
Last Updated: May 8, 2015
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Build: The Ganker

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Threats to Falstad with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Murky The only thing you have to worry about with Murky is his blowfish bomb. As soon as he overextends you can easily burst him down with a few autos and (Q) - (W) combo with the smallest of help from your laner.
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E.T.C. Be careful of ETC's knockback. Stay a good distance from him when ganking so that he doesn't throw you to his laning partner or worse, his team. Also be extremely careful of his MoshPit ult! If he lands that on you his team will probably burst you down in seconds.
Stitches Watch out for the hook! As with all assassins, they rely on their engage instead of the other way around. Dodge the hooks or you will not be around very long to be useful in teamfights. You can usually escape from a failed gank but always be wary of the distance of the hook; it is extremely long!
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  No Threat
Sonya Sonya has incredible sustain and killing her low level will not be easy if she is in the hands of a decent player. Wait to gank her just before your lane's minion wave is dead so that she cannot heal from her Whirlwind (E) and she should be easy pickins. Make sure you have a Hero in lane with a knockback or stun against her and she will be even easier to kill. Both of those will cancel her Whirlwind (E).
Illidan Illidan is extremely strong in most all 1v1's and sometimes 1v2's. His evasion means that you have to plan your engage perfectly or your burst will do nothing and leave him chasing you for a short amount of time until you are dead. Plan your ganks well with your lanes and he should be no problem, otherwise he will dart safely back to a base.
Nova Nova is a big threat to a Hero like Falstad because of his lack of health and lack of instant AOE to get her out of cloak. Make sure you know where she is before flying off to gank or you could be waiting on a death timer fairly soon. If you know she is waiting to gank someone, wait for her to pop out of cloak and engage her, otherwise keep your distance.



The threat guide is not yet complete due to my lack of knowledge of Hero counters but I will update it as I learn more. If this Guide helps you, please like it by clicking that little thumbs up button in the top right hand corner. It will help me determine whether or not I should keep creating them. Guides take time and I want to know if I am helping the community of HeroesFire. Thanks and good luck in the Storm!

Before reading any further, please make note of this: Auto Attack Constantly! Falstad attacks 1.43 times every second so use this to your advantage when your enemies are slowed and fleeing. You can get quite a few autos off in that short amount of time which can potentially lead to more kills.

This Falstad build focuses on CONSTANT ganking; you fly in, do your bursty damage then retreat and repeat. Be aware that Falstad is pretty squishy so when ganking NEVER use to continue chasing unless you know where your enemies are; you will regret it if you blindly go in.

The Ganker build buffs which is your only source of CC throughout the game (unless you take at level 10) will allow you to hop around the map almost instantly; it is a good escape tool as well. If you communicate well with your team and gank effectively then you should dominate the early and mid game which will set the late game flow for your team.

Note: Since this build is mostly for continuous ganking, The Haunted Mines and Sky Temple are not ideal for building this way. It can be done but you wouldn't be playing to Falstad's full potential on these maps. These maps are more reliant on continuous teamfights and this build does not bring out the best in Falstad's teamfighting capabilities.


Ability Breakdown

(Q) Hammerang is Falstad's primary ability for ganking. Engage with this each time! Make sure to buff this ability with at least 2 different talent levels. Also make sure to position correctly so that on the hammer's return, it hits your opponent again for more damage and a continued slow.

(W) Lightning Rod should ALWAYS be a follow up to your (Q) for maximum damage during ganks. Hammerang will slow your opponents while will tick away and do its damage for 6 seconds. It is best to use these abilities back to back.

(E) Barrel Roll is Falstad's "Oh S***" button. If a gank goes badly just use this to get the heck out of there. Another useful scenario for is to allow to get off all of its ticks while an opponent is trying to escape. Use it carefully because you may put yourself in a bad spot due to its 14 second cooldown.

(R) Hinterland Blast is the first of Falstad's ults and should be chosen 99% of the time. His other ult works great with a high damage team but that is more effective in a team that is verbally communicating and is not for this build. is similar to Lux's ult (for any LoL players out there) and does a TON of damage in straight line after a few second delay. It is best used on rooted, stunned, or slowed targets but you can occasionally get a good snipe. Try and wait until you can hit at least 2 people before casting, then go hard with and to finish them off.

(Z) Flight is what makes Falstad such an awesome ganker. It takes a few seconds to cast but it is fairly quick. You can also cancel it by right clicking anywhere during the few seconds it takes to cast with no cooldown penalty. Use this as much as possible to keep the other team guessing as to where you are. Be careful not to go to far behind their lines though; as you take off, will show both your team and the enemy team where you are landing with a pulsing circle (the enemy team will only see it if they have vision in that area). This means that they can set up a quick kill on you if you use it recklessly.

Take a look at for the improved stats at level 20


Talent Breakdown

I will update this in the near future. My 8-5 calls :)


About Me

Hi all! My name is Taylor and I go by the name of MadBro in the Storm. I just recently started playing HoTs but I have been playing LoL for about 3 years. I was instantly drawn into the competitiveness of League which sucked me into the MOBA genre. This is the very first guide I have ever made for any hero/champion so I hope that it is informative and that it helps you improve your skill with Falstad. Please leave any comments or advice that you have with this build so that I can improve upon it in the future.

If this Guide helped you, please like it by clicking that little thumbs up button in the top right hand corner. It will help me determine whether or not I should keep creating them. These things take time and I want to know if I am helping the community of HeroesFire. Thanks and good luck in the Storm!

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