Build be Balanced.Balance be love.79% win rate/rank8 by ear2earGrin

Build be Balanced.Balance be love.79% win rate/rank8

By: ear2earGrin
Last Updated: Apr 24, 2015
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Hey guys.
I will keep this as short and simple as possible(i hope you hate those long guides people tend to write to make themselves feel pro,explaining **** everybody knows about how a spell works,just as much as I do and that you will appriciate me saving your time ).
I find this build to be best because its synergises Explosive shot with Withering fire in a way that gives you the fastest mob clear possible while also provides great hero damage,while still gives you great mobility because of Evasive fire. Here are some Screenshots of my last ranked games using it:

75 win rate Screen
76 win rate Rank 9
Rank 8 79%

(rank 8 at the moment)

Quick overview why i take each talent the way i do:

lvl 1 :Barbed Shot is great exactly because you need that damage to make mobs explode quicker - hence more damage ( i dont think the 25% range increase is worth it since the range is pretty ok rounded up)
lvl 4 : - here this is the only worth option
lvl 7 : Core talent for this build so there is no question in my head about it
lvl 10 : Possession i just dont find even remotely worth unless u have in impoved (which means a whole other talent path) compared to a 2,5sec silence on 4-5 people in a teamfight... possession is plain useless.
lvl 13 : this your escape means.because of whitering fire's low CD and cost,this just makes u impossible to catch unless u make a big mistake.Most of the games i end up at 0-1 deaths (in ranked)
lvl 16 : 25 % damage increase is just HUGE boost... I just dont see any of the other 3 choises to be nearly as good.
lvl 20: The only talent point i can say is optional on your preferences (all 3 options have their uses..maybe not so much for bolt of the storm but still viable) basicly a situational talent point to pick.

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