Butterfly Tank (Ice Block Brightwing) by brentworth

Butterfly Tank (Ice Block Brightwing)

By: brentworth
Last Updated: Apr 3, 2015
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Build: Butterfly Tank

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Threats to Brightwing with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Stitches Blink Heal > Ult
Tychus Poly
Sonya Poly
Illidan Poly
Sylvanas Poly
  No Threat
  No Threat
Muradin Stuns
Valla Ult and Mobility > Brightwing Speed. Poly > Ult
Zagara Hydra
  No Threat
Uther Stuns
Nazeebo Ult > Brightwing Speed
  No Threat
Jaina Early Game Slows
Nova TT and Snipe
Murky Octo Grab

Basics Top

Brightwing specializes on extending battles and swinging them into your team's favor. The healing power of Brightwing is not the standard one click technique (no easy ult) and relies instead on misdirecting enemies and Blink healing to low health allies. This bait and switch often leads to many decisive battles. The rapid passive healing of Soothing Mist during and post group fights often extends a team push well after the team battle. Phase Shift is your "Z" mount. Make sure to use it as often as possible by filling up at the well with you're Hearthstone and heading back into battle or to capture objectives.

Butterfly Tank Top

You'd assume Brightwing to have no tank worthy attributes, quite the opposite. Consider Muradin, who regenerates out of battle. Add in the Ice Block and the ability to virtually escape any situation with Blink Heal and you have the "Butterfly Tank." While this isn't always advisable, more often than not I am leading up front late game. You have to be ware of stuns and silence which will hard counter this. The idea is to gain a better team position on the field by confusing the enemy into attacking the little guy. You soak up as much damage as possible and either escape or Ice Block and then escape. With the combined skills Brightwing can survive a nuclear fallout (literally) . As the enemy becomes thinned out you can gauge just how deep you will go back in. Usually after tanking I find the enemy fleeing and follow up with a Blink Heal to the lead ally and make them Sticky

Overview and Application Top

Although not in most guides, I prefer Arcane Precision. This skill helps in early game pushes and sometimes can be the deciding factor to finishing off a fleeing opponent. It also hits enemy forts quite hard and comes heavily into play if your team is wiped and you are left alone to clear lanes. The late game crits can deal upwards of 600 inside of the middle circle.

Pixie Dust is used solely for the 20% speed boost to help allies escape or to help allies chase down a weakened opponent.

Polymorph is very straight forward and a hard counter to several heroes. Just beware in the early game that it actually gives a speed boost to the opponent and usually puts them out of your team's reach. I opt for Sticky Powder late game. Most team's smell blood on the straggling unit and focus it quickly. It also clean up chases when you leap frog to your lead hero with Blink Heal.

Protective Shield is more favorable than Envenom . I've found more often than not envenom simply weakens a foe enough to not kill them.

Gust of healing is superior to Regenerative Rains . The APM required to make Regenerative Rains a viable late game build relies too heavily on hitting every skill without being interrupted. You have to manually activate this and it is easy to forget. Use it or lose it.

Blink Heal is used primarily to save weakened heroes during a team fight and secondarily to escape or flee. I find that when a fight goes wrong I can usually bait players into chasing after me instead of my allies and then teleporting out. You will find Brightwing oddly tanky when using this correctly.

Ice Block is a must have. Because of the ability to Blink I survive several situations that I should not. As soon as I pop Ice Block I am looking for my best exit point out of battle. While my allies are dealing damage most enemies are waiting for me to thaw to get an "easy" kill. As soon as I am about to thaw I spam Blink Heal and am safely out of battle while still supporting the team from the back. This has a high rate of success if you successfully blink from the hot zone leading to a "2nd life."

Storm Shield is a nice panic button and can swing close battles.

Saving the Fleeing Ally Top

Utlizing the minimap is very important for this character. Because of the extensive mobility Brightwing can save heroes that other wise have no escape in 2v1 or 3v1 situations. It is important to know when your team mate is over their head. Using Phase Shift at the right moment and dropping your skills onto an ally usually will save them, although barely. Because Brightwing is slower they will instead begin to focus you. When your ally is far enough away you can Blink Heal to their location and both escape.

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