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Cavalry Charge

By: dremero
Last Updated: Apr 21, 2016
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Build: Tracer Basic Attack Damage Build

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Threats to Tracer with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Murky murky cannot do anything to you, just watch out not to get hit by octo-grab.
Nazeebo most of the abilities he uses cannot deal much damage to you as they are poison based so a simple recall will cure any ailment.
Abathur run and gun. He cannot do anything to you.
Malfurion the root you can escape with recall no problem, has a low health pool so he is a prime target.
Jaina very fleshy hero which can be taken down quickly, as tracer is a mobile hero it shouldn't be a problem as long as you dodge the enemies attacks.
Brightwing brightwings ult can be annoying as it cannot be avoided if you are chasing however you should be able to take them down without a problem.
Illidan you can pretty much take on illidan and he won't be able to do anything to you, that is if you initiate the fight. if the enemy illidan picks the hunt then you need to watch out as that will take most of your health however otherwise just keep moving and you'll be fine.
Li-Ming just evade her attacks with blink it's rather simplistic to do so and you should be able to kill her.
Thrall keep thrall at a distance and it should be fine however if in close combat range you will dramtically lose health in a short period of time. root can be avoided with blink.
Sgt. Hammer her range is the problem so don't engage unless you have a minimum of 2 blinks and recall at hand so you can close in, poke and then get out in one piece.
Raynor your primary focus is to poke, with raynor this is troublesome as he has the highest range in the game so in most situations you will be witiled down to low health, the stimpack helps him out a lot so only engage when he is not on full health or if you are at level 20.
Tracer compared to the other builds i've seen (most people use them) they cannot sustain themselves long enough in a one on one so you should win as long as you are able to get off your ult. if they pick untouchable then your only way of winning is if you are above level and you have more stacks else wise keep clear.
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Zeratul do not engage if you don't have any blinks available otherwise zeratul will burst you down pretty quickly. if he engages you then pray to god you have recall and blink or you are going down when it's one on one. poke them if you can as this will help your team locate them and finish the encounter because of your first talent.
Nova same situation as zeratul, the amount of damage that nova can do will kill you if you are not careful therefore if there is an enemy invs then keep your eyes open and have blinks on reserve. poke them if you can as this will help your team locate them and finish the encounter because of your first talent.

Intro Top

This is my first build guide so i would appreciate if anyone can tell me how i can improve. I've been spam playing tracer since she came out and this build is the best i could come up with which melds well with my style of play: Aggressive.
So far i've been on winstreaks going to around 4 or 5 and then breaking off. but that will change once players know how to counter tracer (which is basically Nova, Zeratul, Lili and Johanna)

General strategy Top

Tracer is a very mobile hero which is made for poking and aggressive play therefore you want to face any encounter in a mindset of high risk = high reward if done correctly. Don't be affraid to face plant the enemy gate if you know for sure that you will get the kill (do keep in mind that only do this if you have a recall ready) because of the 1st talent pick you should've have been able to damage them while chasing therefore they should still be visible once they pass the gate meaning you can secure the kill. This will get you donw to low health thats why the way you play tracer is to secure your kill, hearth back and then get back into the fray. rinse and repeat.

In team fights you want to focus down key team players on the enemy side, you want to jump in, do what you need to do and then get out. you should choose based on key factors such as: highest damage output on the enemy team or highest healing. If the target is eliminated then you have done your job right as your team should be able to decimate the rest of the team however as usual there will be straggelers which will want to run away in this instance you are the perfect tool to chase them down and finish them.

usualy talent rotaion is to blink into the enemy so you can get close enough to melee them and then if they are low enough use your ultimate on them, if you start to feel that you are going to die then recall, preferably do this as soon as you got your hit in as then you can preserve as much health as possible.

Early game you can be as aggressive as you want as most heroes won't be able to touch you (unless they are nova and zeratul) most important thing to remember is to focus the enemey hereos when laning early game as if you are able to secure the kill then you can start steam rolling by roaming from one lane to another. your focus is to decimate your foes as efficently as possible, that doesn't mean you'll kill them but they will be wasting their fountains.

The rest of the game is deterimned on the factor of whether you are higher level or not, if yes then this part should be easy as you can face most heroes without a problem and take them down (tracer isn't in my opinion that good of a laner) continue roaming whenever you see a chance to gank someone take it. if you are lower in level then don't initiate team fights and play defnsivily you want to be on an even playing ground so do your best to gain as much exp as possible. This can be done by capping camps therefore distracting the enemy team so you can push in a nother lane with the rest of your team.

Level 1 talents Top

with this build you want to help your team as much as possible therefore reavling an enemy hero to your team is very beneficial as they can possible finish them off. To mention aswell this will help you if you are chasing down an enemy hero and they think that they got into the safety of their base, prove them wrong by shooting them through the gate with this talent. This particular talent does annoy invisible players as they cannot go invis for the duration that you keep on firing on them and then 4 seconds later so this can eaisly eliminate invis players if you have your team close by as they have no way to get out.

I've seen many players take slipstream however it is not effective if you are going to be helping your team out and espescially if you are not taking any other talents which will make your Recall better. The primary focus of this build is to poke, refresh and then poke again. it is useful to pick this if you are A) not facing any invis one the enemy team and B) if you are not so confident in your capability to escape then i would recommend taking this talent however i would still urge on to take tracer rounds.

The pulse rounds talent should compensate enough to not take pulse strike, plus it would make you over reliant on meleeing your opponet leaving you vulnerable to counter attacks or traps set by the enemy team.

Level 4 talents Top

Let's elimnate the first talent which will not be useful to you at all in team fights, that is the Is that a healthpack!? talent which increases your regen, in laning it is useful however that won't help you out when fighting agaisnt enemy heroes thats why we are not considering it.

Parting gift is ok as it can deliver damage to the enemy without you trying however it can be dodged if moved correctly, plus if you've been folowing this build then it won't benefical to you as you haven't picked any other talents (apart from total recall) which would help you synergise with this talent choice.

Untouchable, now this is the meat of your damage, once you get this talent it is your priority to preserve the stacks and build them up as they will skyrocket your damage to new heights which most heroes will have trouble catching up to. in all my games i was able to have the heighest damage out out of both teams and it is due to this talent. I will say this that you will get annoyyed when you die as you will have to rebuild all the stacks you lose, it's a risk reward talent after all however assists count to the stacks so if you deal enough damage then it should be pretty simple to get them back if you engage in team fights.

Level 7 talents Top

jumper is no use as it only gives you an additional blink only, at first glance it may seem good however when compared to the other two it loses out pretty heavily as bullet time and spatical echo will give you more out of them on average. Jumper will usually leave you in a situation where you cannot escape and will result in your death therefore i don't recommend picking this talent in any instance.

Spatial Echo is a good talent if you go full on recall build. We are going with a basic attack build which means it won't synergise with any of our other talent choices when compared to bullet time you will be able to achieve more blinks if you play aggressivly and have the tlaent sleight of hand active making bullet time our choice for level 7.

Level 10 talents Top

Pulse rounds in general make life easier as it gives you increased range on your ultimate meaning you don't have to as it were "touch butts" with the enemy if you want it to stick to them plus it makes it eaisier to spam the ultimate once sleight of hand has been chosen because of the increased reload speed.

Quantum spike isn't good wiht this build as your primamry damage is through your basic attacks so you want something which synergises with the rest of your build, the same can be said about sticky bomb, it is good as it can slow down an enemy so they cannot escape and your team can catch up however it would require you to get dicey as you will need to get up close and personal if you want it to "stick." This means that there is a lower chance of survival and ensuring your stacks survive.

Level 13 talents Top

Leeching rounds is what gives you your sustain alongside total recall, some may opt out for ricochet for more damage however it will make you more vulnerable in team fights whereas with this talent you are able to do your first initial attack on your target where you will definiatly lose a lot of health in doing so. Don't fret though you will be able to regain it by poking the enemy heroes while the rest of your team takes the attacks. You basically take this talent so you can jump in and take all the bullet hell which comes with it and then come back in, rinse and repeat.

Bullet spray won't be effecitive in this build as we haven't picked any talents which synergise well with it.

Level 16 talents Top

Sleight of hand is what makes this whole build synergise together, the increase in attack speed means you will be able to A) regain more health from leeching rounds B) charge up your ult so you can spam it more C) in general do more damage from the stacks of untouchable you should have amassed by this point of the game.

Focus fire isn't good in this instance as you want to go for specfic targets. I know it may seem contradictory however in the course of the fight you have to escape and maybe a new target appears which will require you to change targets to survive.

Damage output is not a problem, it is a good talent however it requires management plus it won't help that much in keeping you alive and being able to spam your ult.

Level 20 talents Top

Total Recall, this is you get out of jail free card, with this talent you will be able to pull off the most annyoing plays which will make your enemies rage with frustration. it restores all the health you lost in the set span of time meaning if you engage into a fight following the talent rotation of blink, melee, ultimate and recall you will not die as the enemy will waste all their damage in the first intial fight allowing you to return into the fray once their abilities are on cooldown.

The other two talents are mediocore at best when compared to total recall, so i wouldn't pick them at all as there won't be a safe way to heal and escape your enemies onslaught with this "kamikazi" set of skills.

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