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Cheers, Loves

By: JustindeV
Last Updated: May 13, 2016
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Threats to Tracer with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
Xul The only threat on this hero is Bone Prison. Tracer can easily escape with her E ability which make Xul weak against Tracer.
Jaina Just blink out of her Blizzards, use your recall on her Ring and blink away from her Elemental
The Lost Vikings Not a threat at all. Don't pay much attention on these Vikings.
Nova Nova will probably hit you with her Q and W ability, but right after you can blink towards her and take her down. Just... don't waste your Pulse Bomb on her Decoy ;).
Illidan Illidan can easily take you down if you're low on blinks, make sure you don't waste them.
Murky As you might know, Murky is a low-health hero. Tracer can take him down with her melee and basic-attack. But once you get caught into his Octo-Grab and his teammates are near... dead. TIP: Don't use your Pulse Bomb on him.
Li-Ming Can dodge both her Q and W ability, aslong as you use your Blink.
  No Threat
Muradin Watch his stun.
Valla Valla is not that hard to kill, but she will do alot of damage to you aswell.
Abathur Because Tracers health is low, she will take alot of damage from Abathurs abilities. His mines, spikes (when he has a good aim), cirkel of spikes
E.T.C. E.T.C's stun will make Tracer not able to escape and the enemy will easily take Tracer out.
The Butcher Tracer can stop Butcher's charge with Recall (E), but once you got caught by his 1st ultimate, you will be silenced and wont be abled to blink away.
Kael'thas You can't avoid Kael'thas W ability and he can stun you with his E. His W ability will do alot of damage because Tracer's has not that much health. And when you're stunned and the enemies are coming... You can guess... you die.

Talents Top

Level 1 Slipstream

Tracer can use her recall more often --> Faster escape from deadly fights.

Level 4 Parting Gift

This can help her killing if Tracer's in trouble and the hero she's fighting with is low on health.

Level 7 Spatial Echo

This talent makes Tracer escape after using Recall, very useful if she got back in a bad position.

Level 10 Pulse Rounds

This talent if the way you want it. I always use Pulse Rounds. This makes Tracer use her Ultimate on heroes who are further away. I don't like to get close to enemies.
Most players who have played Tracer probably don't agree. But hey, my opinion.

Level 13 Bullet spray

Helps alot versus minions, not very useful against heroes.

Level 16 Sleight of Hand

Tracer can shoot more often.

Level 20 Total Recall

-Tracer can jump into a fight with enemies and when low on health, recall and your health is back
-When in trouble (like rooted) and enemies 5v1 you, use Recall and you're not rooted anymore+health back+2 blinks
For both, make sure you recall within 4 seconds (depends if you picked talent 1 Slipstream) of taking damage, if not. You don't get your health back

Screenshot game with this build Top

Proof build
In case you were wondering what you can expect if you build this way :p

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