Cho: The Two-Headed Carry. (Talents Explained) by BigsWord

Cho: The Two-Headed Carry. (Talents Explained)

By: BigsWord
Last Updated: May 5, 2018
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Introduction Top

Well, they updated cho'gall so I should really update my guide! This way my first guide I made on HeroesFire! I am no big streamer or have top 200 mmr, but I do know Cho'Gall and am ready to teach!

Abilities Top

Surging Fist

Good escape/chase tool, but has to be charged up to be most effective.

Consuming Blaze

Great source of healing, especially later into the game! Try to hit all minions in a wave for big healing.

Rune Bomb

Rolls a bomb that does negligible damage by itself but gall can detonate.

Talking about your Trait Top

Ogre Hide

Knowing when to use your trait is a crucial part of Cho'Gall's kit that honestly, you need to decide when it's best to swap with your buddy. I can say that personally, you should have Ogre Hide active most of the time. The extra damage from Ogre Rage is great and can be turned on if Gall is using an ultimate, or for seiging towers safely/early, but it shouldn't be the trait that is active most of the time.


You get more healing when used on heroes. Not much to say except this is a great option!

Best source of healing you can get this tier, especially later on when stacked, but you can skip having to quest up all game if you want to and take the previous option.

Great when you have an Auriel on your team, but i wouldn't get it in any other situation.


7% max health damage sounds great, and it is pretty fun with a Q build, but not the best choice on this tier.

Honestly, I don't get why so many people take this talent, it feels like a crutch for bad Cho'Galls. The damage it adds is pitiful, only useful to help you in case you miss your bomb.

Got changed a bit with the cho'gall rework and scales VERY well with later talents. My choice for this tier.


Good if you're going full Q build, but if you aren't then you miss out on some pretty good healing with other talents.

More chances to heal! Pretty good talent.

The previous talent is useful at all times, while this is only active when your slave activates his trait.


Annihilation is at hand! Adds more damage passively, and gives you a little knockback with a stun to interrupt anyone foolish to come close! Nice!

A pretty good ult, but the other option is just REALLY amazing. Be careful and don't pull enemies out of a or something if you decide to take this.


This talent is when your damage starts to skyrocket! Adds an insane attack speed steroid after using your Q, so be sure you're going to be able to kill when you use it.

Allows you to pump out bombs like mad; if you and your buddy like explosions, take this!

If this was on any other tier, this would be insane with the increased attack speed the first option gives! Sadly, it isn't, so this talent falls short.


The healing is nice, but what you really need from this is the added Unstoppable effect.

The other two options are just better.

This talent isn't bad, but the first just adds something that is hard to pass by.


The shining star of this tier. Gives you a little more cc, but the range increase, which doesn't sound incredible, is absolutely amazing. If you took all the other AutoAttack Talents prepare to decimate their team.

The previous version of this talent that gave 50% damage reduction was absurd, but now it only adds a little root. Not quite as good but isn't bad if you took this ult.

If they have a bad murky i guess?

Lost Vikings get this talent, and they don't take it! If you don't die this talent is useless.

End Top

Thank you for reading my guide and if you have feedback please leave a comment!

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