Competitive Rehgar builds (Xul patch) by Freelancer1495

Competitive Rehgar builds (Xul patch)

By: Freelancer1495
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2016
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Build: Chain heal and slow

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Build: Damage Lightning Shield

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Overview Top

Instead of using a mount, Rehgar transforms into a ghost wolf and increasing his movement speed by 30%. While in ghost wolf form, you will lunge at your target dealing 100% increase basic attack damage and shifting out of ghost wolf.

Heal your main target for 387 health and two nearby allies for 193 Health, prioritizing Heroes.

Imbue a nearby ally with lightning dealing 62 damage per second, lasts 5 seconds.

Place a totem that slows enemies by 35% for 8 seconds.

After 1 second heal an allied hero for 2298 health (available at level 10)

Grant nearby allied heroes with 40% attack speed and 30% movement speed, lasts 10 seconds (available at 10)

*High mobility

*High burst healing


*High mana management

*30% mount speed instead of 40%

*No interrupts against enemies

*Hard to master

*Low Damage

The Build Top

Take a look at all the builds to make sure you can get a feel for what build best suits your play style and your teams needs.
Rehgar is a hero all about timing and using your abilities on the right targets. Timing will decide in fights if your team lives or dies, wins or loses, so keep that in mind. Rehgar has the ability to both heal your team via aoe heals or help the team more via damage if it is lacking. You should almost always be using Chain Heal on cooldown and utilizing Ghost Wolf to get in the extra damage from your lunge. Rehgars' Ancestral Healing allows your teams tanks and dive assassins, such as Illidan, The Butcher, Thrall, to go into the enemy team without fear of dying to burst and letting them use their abilities to win team fights.

To try and help with understanding which talents to pick and why ones are better than others, they will be color coded as follows -

Green is the primary choice

Purple is the secondary choice

Blue is the third choice

White is the fourth choice


Colossal Totem

This talent has amazing synergy with the later 16 talent Earthgrasp Totem that slows the enemy team by 90%. Whilst at the same time at low levels the increase in radius can help secure kills or help teammates that are in trouble disengage. An all around solid pick.

Electric Charge

The increase in radius helps with Rising Storm later on and the increase in size can help secure kills and output damage, especially if you are casting Lightning Shield on melee heroes. All around solid pick.

Wolf Run

This talent is very negligible when it comes to almost any game play, the 30% movement speed suffices for fights and moving along the battlefield and the increase to 40% isn't a huge impact to play. By the time you shape shift into wolf form and the enemy is able to get out of combat, mount and start to chase you, the 10% they have on you wont do much.

Lightning Bond

This talent is very sub par because you as Rehgar, don't get any benefits from other talents that you pick, such as Earth Shield or Rising Storm to better your lightning shield, only your main target does. With that said the extra damage is pretty low and your team should already have heroes picked to deal that damage so you can focus on healing.


Spiritwalker's Grace

This talent is very strong. With the mana cost being reduced from 65 to 45 it allows you to sustain better during fights. Allowing you to use other abilities more often and keep your team alive and happy.

Feral Heart

This talent is strong, but is overshadowed by Spiritwalker's Grace due to sustain during fights and the recent change adding Feral Lunge to your base kit, forcing you to shift out of ghost wolf more often. If you find yourself moving between lanes and running out of mana often due to bad mana management, then I would take this talent. Keep in mind though, you have to be in Ghost Wolf to allow the talent to work, walking around in your orc form will not trigger the talent.


The reduction to the mana going from 60 to 35 allows for more sustain and damage dealt during fights. Which allows you to cast mana or more chain heals and slows, making your team fights be all that more successful.

Healing Totem

With all of the nerfs to healing totem in the past year, this talent has become very very subpar. With it being able to get hit by spells and auto-attack and it only healing 20% hp IF your team stays in its radius. All of the other talents outshine this one and I would never recommend picking it.


Blood and Thunder

This talent is very strong since it lowers the cool down of all of your talents allowing you to cast more Chain Heal, dish out more damage and slow your opponents more often. BUT is over shadowed by Cleanse if the enemy team has a lot of stuns or roots. You have to keep in mind and get in the habit of shifting into Ghost Wolf mid fights and hitting an enemy while in ghost wolf. You can't cast a spell while in ghost wolf or else you won't get the benefit of the talent and your ghost wolf will be put on a 4 second cool down. When used right, this talent is amazing


This talent is really only viable when your team is facing stealth heroes such as Nova or Zeratul, given that it will reveal them. It is good also to scout an area such as a boss or map objective, but picking this talent over Cleanse or Blood and Thunder is not recommended.


Cleanse is by far the strongest talent pick available in this tier. Being able to cleanse that teammate that just got locked down by Storm Bolt or Gravity Lapse can be a life saver. This talent has a high skill cap as it requires you to notice a teammate has been locked down and to cleanse them before they die. If you can master this talent you will be able to secure that many more team fight wins.

Totemic Projection

To be honest this talent is weak and almost completely useless. Being able to move your Earthbind Totem once is never needed in a fight and being able to move it once (and it will not reset Earthgrasp Totem if you choose it) may allow you to make a kill or save a teammate, but is unlikely. Cleanse and Blood and Thunder are just stronger and more relieable than totemic projection


Ancestral Healing

By far the superior choice when it comes to Rehgars two heroic ability choices. Being able to bring a allied hero from the brink of death and back to almost full health if not full is very strong. Allows your team to go in and not fear death with you at their backs. You have to keep in mind thought that there is a 1 second delay, so you have to start to cast as they get low, not when they already are low. Or else you risk them dying and your Ancestral Healing going on a 10 second cool down.


Despite the buffs bloodlust has been given it is still weak compared to Ancestral Healing. The raw power of Ancestral healing just out performs bloodlust even though you can cast bloodlust in ghost wolf and ancestral healing you cannot. The only time I would recommend this heroic is if you have a strong and reliable second healer and your team has auto attack heroes such as Raynor or Illidan for the synergy.


Earth Shield

Earth shield is a strong talent when used with Rising Storm and Stormcaller. Giving your target a shield for 12% of their hp is pretty good, especially when used on allied tanks who benefit from it even more due to their increased health pool.

Tidal Waves

This talent is the weakest of the 3 choices available but can be strong when utilized in team fights once your allies start taking damage. You can lower Chain Heal cool down by a maximum of 3 seconds which can help your output of heals and help keep your team alive during prolonged fights. But you have to take into account if you don't always heal 3 targets with your chain heal, than 90% of the time Earthliving Enchant will be the talent of choice

Earthliving Enchant

This talent is the talent of choice in this tier. The extra health over timed gained by allies can be invaluable especially when your team is all low on health or you have a back line of assassins such as Lunara or [li-ming]] that are very low health heroes.


Earthgrasp Totem

This talent is very strong when combined with Colossal Totem. Being able to slow possibly the entire team by 90% for 1.5 seconds is VERY strong. It can help secure kills and let allies disengage that are low or from a lost team fight.

Hunger of the Wolf
This is the weakest of the 3 choices in this tier. While the ability to deal extra damage and heal will help in 1v1 and laning scenarios it is just outperformed by the other 2 choices. The ONLY time I would ever recommend picking this talents was if the other team has very tanky heroes such as Leoric or Johanna.

Rising Storm

Despite the nerfs to this talent in the past weeks it is still a solid pick. If whoever you cast lightning shield on stays within range of any enemy hero the damage can start to ramp up pretty quickly going from 10% to 200% increase in a short time.


Farseer's Blessing

I'd recommend picking this talent if the majority of your team is melee and clumped up most teamfights. While it may sound appealing, landing a successful AoE Ancestral Healing can be quite difficult since you have to rely on your teams positioning. This talent can be very strong if it his 3 or more of your team, but is very unreliable.

Gladiator's War Shout

If you chose Bloodlust as a heroic I'd consider this talent if your team is having trouble staying alive. Heroes who's damage is dealt from auto attacks will greatly benefit front this and can cause the tide of the battle to go in your teams favor.


Rewind is a strong talent that lets you consecutively cast multiple Chain Heal or Earthbind Totem in a row. Casting Chain Heal --> Rewind --> [chain heal]] can provide great burst AoE healing when your team is very low.

Storm Shield

This talent is by far the most reliable and strongest of the 4 choices. Being able to preemptively shield your whole team for 20% of their max health is strong. Keep in mind that you want to position yourself so you can shield as many hallies as possible since the shield is centered on you and shields nearby allies.

Mastering Rehgar Top

  • Make sure you are always checking who is low and to know how your teams heroes play so you can focus on healing who will be in the most danger.

  • If you can safely utilize Feral Lunge do so as often in fights to get in the extra damage and help secure kills.

  • Use Lightning Shield on tanks or melee heroes that will almost always be next to an enemy to get the most out of its damage capabilites.

  • Cast Ancestral Healing on whichever ally is under the most pressure or if your team decides to push on after a fight and a hero is low use it one them so they can continue to push and not have to hearth back to your base.

  • If you are facing a stun/root heavy enemy team, always be ready to cast Cleanse on whoever gets stunned or rooted and has a high chance of dying. The difference between a good cleasne user and a mediocre one is being able to tell when a ally can be stunned and live to save the cleanse and when another ally is stunned and needs the cleanse to survive.

End Top

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide and I hope it made a impact on your understanding of Rehgar and his playstyle! If you found it helpful dont forget to give it a up vote so others can see it as well. :)

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