Cups of Damage by Oerba

Cups of Damage

By: Oerba
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2015
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Li Li

Build: Lilililili

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.. This is for peeps who already know the game. If there are some new peeps who want more from it, I will happily expand.

Starting Off Top

You are Lili.
You are support.
Do support things, because early on (with this build) you're just doin' yer' regular ol' job.
Remember to collect those orbs!

Shake It Off is optional.
Two For One is optional.

Mid-game Top

Kind of. Basically, you're just an additive of damage in team fights.
Still gotta' do your job as a support so don't forget to throw out heals and stuff!
But now you're another threat, so that's cool! :D

End-game Top

You are god.
You have the highest scaling ability to really destroy people as well as heal.
You have become the best of both worlds!
Take on your role as the new true carry of the world, and start really destroying people.
Combo all your goodies, and you'll be fine. If you've taken Shake it Off you'll never be caught!
Don't think of yourself too much as a support now, but more of an "assassin/specialist" - as the game labels it.

Trust the power of the Lili..

TIPS: Try not to use your ultimate before using your Blinding Wind, you won't have the ability power boost - and it is VERY worth it to have that buff.

Don't forget that you can also heal yourself, you can very easily 1v1 quite a few peeps.

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