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Deckard Cain

By: lemniscate
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2021
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Build: Heal/Utility/Damage

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Sapphire at level 1 and Ruby at level 4 are invaluable methods of disengage and engage. At level 7, I like to take the CDR for my E. It pairs well with the first two talents, since you are looking to hit a bunch of enemy heroes with your W anyway. At level 10, Stay Awhile and Listen is far too powerful to pass up. A good sleep can turn the teamfight in your favor. Since at levels 1 and 4 I like to take the gems, at 13 I like to guarantee a lot of extra healing by taking the super potions. Level 16 has really good synergy with both the sleep at 10 and levels 1, 4, and 7. Throw either a Sapphire- or Ruby-empowered W, followed by an E, and use your sleep in a super quick combo to guarantee maximum damage. Finally, at level 20, I like to take Perfect Gems since I have two of them. The CDR is huge and it allows you to spam the W-E combo.

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