Defense From Your Pal, Satan. by Jalianos

Defense From Your Pal, Satan.

By: Jalianos
Last Updated: Aug 2, 2015
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Build: A Real Tank.

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Threats to Diablo with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
E.T.C. If the player chooses Mosh Pit, you go end that sonofagun.
Nazeebo If the player chooses Ravenous Spirit, you go end that sonofagun.
Nova Although she is stealthy and that requires the use of Fire Stomp, if the player chooses Triple Tap, you go intercept those bullets and end that sonofagun.
Illidan Hahaha this guy. Picking the Block and Imposing Presence talents will ensure that he doesn't do to much damage to you from his basic attacks.
Abathur Any Abathur is annoying if the player knows how to use him/it. However if you catch him far from his team and a tower, you go end that sonofagun.
Valla Can be slippery but if she over extends, you go end that sonofagun.
Kael'thas Throw him into your team and he is most likely done because of no escape mechanisms.
Jaina Her Water Elemental sucks but if she over extends, you throw her into your team and she is done.
Diablo Yeah, you. Generally protect him from your team and if the player chooses Lightning Breath, you go end that sonofagun.
Arthas Easy Target if you have damage dealers on the team. However, his stun is a pain in the ass.
Tassadar Archon is hard to fight against. Wait until the player is done with it and that's when you go end that sonofagun,
Anub'arak His Armor is great and if the player choose Locust Swarm, you might have a hard time. Good Defensive play is required.
Azmodan I see Azmodan as a primarily siege hero. Although if he throws his globes at you, which he will, you're gonna have a bad time is you can't dodge. If he doesn't have March of Sin, you go end that sonofagun.
Chen A Harder matchup. However, if you see him drinking his brew, you go end that sonofagun.
  No Threat
Kerrigan Peel her for your team and you just might win the fight.
Brightwing Emerald Wind can counter Apocalypse by pushing your team away. Also Polymorph sucks doesn't it?
Zeratul Peel this mofo like an orange. Otherwise your team is dead.
Uther Throw him into your team and you just might throw the fight due to Divine Storm.
Johanna Throw her into your team and you just might throw the fight due to Condemn.

Introduction. Top

Hello ladies and gents. My name is Jake and I have been playing Heroes of the Storm for quite some time now. Ever since I had first started playing, I had wanted to play as a character that fit the role that I play as, Tank. So I studied the characters well before I had acquired Beta access. Diablo had stuck out to me because he can do so much for his team besides take damage and initiate although that's what he is best at. He can also deal plenty of damage early on and late game with his abilities. This build will show you how you can defend your team and also absolutely wreck the other team.

Knowing Your Role. Top

  • Body blocks escaping enemy heroes.
  • Can end heroes that use channeling abilities with ease.
  • Will initiate team fights without any agenda.
  • Can focus and end the squishy damage dealing heroes in a fight.
  • Soaks up plenty of damage with such high HP in end game.
  • Can dash through minion waves with Fire Stomp.
  • Black Soulstone is an amazing passive.

  • Definitely isn't the hardest hitter.
  • Isn't really good at escaping fights.
  • Can accidentally throw an enemy into a wounded teammate while using Overpower.

Talents. Top

Tier 1

I absolutely love this talent for tanks, especially Diablo. I will pick this talent I'd say about 85% of time. It counters all of the basic attack based heroes such as Illidan which is real helpful in soaking up damage for the team.

Here is the other 15%. The HP regeneration is absolutely great but only pick this ability if the other team doesn't have any basic attack based damage dealers or if they just so happen to have 3 tanks because Quick Match is just great.

Tier 2

Always choose this talent. The damage aura is great for clearing minion waves, which translate into team experience and it also does damage to heroes that are too close to you for a maximum of 72 damage per second for six seconds.

Tier 3

This talent is an absolute necessity if you want to be a tank as Diablo. The 66% health bonus is extremely useful for soaking up damage for your team. Early on it seems like a weak talent but late game the amount of health increases exponentially.

Tier 4

The ultimate heroic ability. This ability isn't something you can just cast and it turns the fight your way. No, you have to use it with a bit strategy. Only use this when the enemy team is crowded together, if you use this when they are spaced out and in open terrain you had just wasted your ability. The 1.75 seconds is a lot of time for your enemies to escape your demonic runes however if you land it, the two second stun and maximum of 410 damage is pretty nice.

This ability isn't bad at all. I just prefer Apocalypse. Although the damage you can deal is great (maximum of 3552 damage), I feel that it is to hard to control which direction Diablo faces, thus making it harder to deal a maximum amount of damage. I'm not saying to never pick Lightning Breath it's just my preference.

Tier 5

Diablo has some good talents at Tier 5, but Firestorm just does too much damage to pass it up. firestomp already deals a maximum of 309 damage for each enemy it, and 386 on the way back with Firestorm. That's 695 damage to any enemy that is unlucky enough to hit both waves. Also don't forget the damage aura from Fire Devil That's 695 max. damage + 72 max. damage per second for 6 seconds.

Tier 6

This talent is also useful against basic attack based heroes. Slowing their attack speed means less damage done to you which ultimately means more health to have during fights. Rampage isn't a bad alternative if you don't want Imposing Presence.

Tier 7

Always grab this as a last talent. It steals 10% max. HP from each enemy hero near you which is great to increase the amount of damage you can soak for your team. Always use this during fights. It hurts the other team and heals you. If for some reason you don't like to do that, Dying Breath is an okay alternative.

Laning and Attacking Your Enemies. Top

  1. Be a team player. It is required in being a tank.
  2. Watch the minimap. If you see enemies, strong or not coming to you and your team's way, notify it.
  3. Protect your team. Like said, being a team player is required if you want to play as a tank. If you see your teammate being chased with low HP go Shadow Charge the mofo that is chasing him/her.
  4. Always help fight mercenary camps.

Beginning of the Game.

Early on you want to be aggressive as hell (no pun intended). Attack the enemies with your ally, especially if they over extend, that's when you want to Shadow Charge + Overpower them so your ally can attack. Fire Stomp helps in attacking the towers or clearing minion waves.

Middle of the Game.

This is the part of the game where players start to roam out of the lanes crazily, whether going for the map's objective or going for a kill. In this part of the game it is best to be defensive more than offensive, because it is during this phase in which your team can have the game swing your way. If you're too aggressive early on, that can quickly make things go well for the enemy team. It is also best during this phase to always be with another ally. The more, the better. Teamwork is key here. During fights, you'd like to initiate with Shadow Charge and throw the enemy's squishiest player into your team, using Overpower, with thought of who it is. Now that the enemy team is close together this where you use Apocalypse then Fire Stomp while they are stunned. If you ever notice your HP drop about halfway, use Lord of Terror.

Conclusion of the Game.

Whether the game is in your favor or not, this is where you want to be aggressive. Now don't be stupidly aggressive, be strategically aggressive. If you are going to attack the other teams base, do it with another ally. If the enemy is attacking your base, have not just you but your team defend it.

Conclusion Top

Diablo is an extremely fun hero and can absolutely destroy the enemies if paired with intelligent teammates. Thanks for reading this Build and hopefully it will help you win many games. All criticism is greatly appreciated.

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