Defensive Creep Anti-gank Zagara by Rafos

Defensive Creep Anti-gank Zagara

By: Rafos
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2016
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The Butcher


Aim to fill the entire field with creep. When it's done you can pretty much outrun anyone and therefore have great survival.

Tier 1, Reconstruction

The tier 1 talents for Zagara are probably her worst ones, none are too effective. The regeneration is very minor, but might be important before level 10.

Tier 2, Tumor Clutch

Allows you to really flood the field with creep, without it you have to prioritize MP and sometimes choose to not creep, even when you csn.

Tier 3, Endless Creep

Allows you to take bigger areas faster. Make sure to cover up the corners, so the other team can't see the outlines of the creeps, so they can't see the middle of them, in order to kill them.

Heroic, Nydus Network

With it, you're able to teleport often and effectively, in addition to quickly restore MP and HP. You can easily access many zones of the map, which can save a great deal of downtime. As for the other one, I don't necessarily consider it bad, but when you take it, you'll not have so much MP and HP regeneration, with will have to make your playstyle a lot more inefficient. It's effect is rather predictable, IMO, and kind of easy to avoid. You could require more for 120 seconds CD.

Tier 5, Mutalisk

Not an obvious one, I just believe it's the most effective one of them.

Tier 6, Metabolic Boost

Pretty much the reason to play this build.

Tier 7, Broodling Nest

A nice little bonus, it's even sometimes fine to reload every 20 seconds just to get the broodlings.

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