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EggY's LiLi

By: EggY
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2015
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Li Li


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Note: LiLi's is the most powerful Healer yet. You have to play he really well, to get a good result. Knowledge of your opponents cooldowns and positioning in a fight is key to playing a good lili. Always be away from the enemy when casting 1000 Jugs, and always just be on the edge of your radius with the 1000 jugs, just be in range to heal. The farther away from the enemy the harder it is for them to stun you.

Level 1: Protoss

The bigger the range the better. I think Timeless Creature has some value in it since at level 4 we are taking Mending Serpent, but eh, the longer the range with lili, the better.

Level 4: Mending Serpent.

I used to take Healing Ward 100% of the time before, but after its nerf its hard to make it work consistently. Best to go with something solid like mending.

Level 7: Shake it off or The Good Stuff

Its pretty dependent really. How CC/Stun/Slow heavy the enemy composition is and how careless you are. If you feel you are out of position, get picked on alot, and they have a seriously heavy CC/slow team them you probably should take Shake It Off. I really like having a HOT(heal over time) spell on any Healer/Support just because its more heals. I would most likely take The Good Stuff

Level 10: Jug of 1000 Cups

You have to be really good with this. Right click spam walking is my key to using this spell effectively. You when healing somebody they have to be on the outer edge of the radius of the spell. If they're on the edge, that means you are far away from the fight, and less likely to get stunned.

Level 13: Shrink

Shrink is great. Always. Other choices are meh.

Level 16: 2for1

Well you really cant get a better deal than 2 for 1. Herbal Cleanse is meant for dealing specifically against specific builds. In pugs I would take 2 for 1, just because the more people you heal the better. All my builds are created for pugs, just for future notice.

Level 20: Storm Shield

Don't get me wrong level 2 brews is great, but it can be interrupted so that is always a risk. What I have found is that Storm into Jugs is fantastic. When your team goes into a fight, the storm shield gives you enough time(and buffer) to position yourself correctly in order to maximize your healing and lower the chance of you being stunned. If you have the skill and game sense to pull it off, this is a really strong combo.

If you like this guide, please check out my other guides that I have done on support.
All my guides are directed to Public(pug) matches.
In competitive play you must always adapt to your opponents team.
My guides are short and simple to help you learn the character in under a minute!
I have minumum 100 games with each support Hero, I lost counting/uploading to hotslogs

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