EggY's Tyrande (updated 5/11) by EggY

EggY's Tyrande (updated 5/11)

By: EggY
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2015
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General Overview Top

Hey guys quick overview, if you have more questions watch me live/VODS at or tweet at me .

Note: Tyrande is a high skill cap. She is only as good as your skill shots. If you can't hit stun 90%+ you will find her useless many times.

LvL 1: Empower
If you upgrade your owl here your CD's go down, meaning you can easily stun more people faster.

Lvl 4: Pierce
Goes through more than 1 what else is there to say this thing is awesome!

The other choices Healing Ward and Protective Shield are more situational than anything. You can test yourself but the CD reduction is big.

Lvl 7: Lunar Blaze/b]

The stun range becomes pretty insane. On avg you should be able to get at least two people with this radius. If lucky+skilled enough you will get 3-5. If you feel the opposing team has too much DPS, Shrink Ray might be a good route to go. Other choices are a bit, meh.

Lvl 10: Starfall

The best choice if you are doing Pubs. Getting Shadowstalk in a pub match can be very difficult, even if you have a full team on Skype, it can be hard to use if you are uncoordinated. Best to play it safe and add some extra slow+DPS to teamfights. Also pretty nice when trying to take objectives.

Lvl 13: Sprint or Shrink
Depends the type of player you are, but if you like being aggresive take sprint and make some plays. If you are defensive take shrink(prob the right choice, I like to have fun so I take sprint)

Lvl 16: Ranger

Its wider, does more damage, gives more vision. What else do you need? I have thought about Shooting Star but with owl you can easily hit 3+ people if aimed correctly, while hitting the stun on 1-2 will be much harder.

Lvl 20: Storm Shield.

The longer you stay alive the better. If your team is lacking DPS, I would get Rank 2 Starfall. If you feel your team is getting DPS'd a little to quicky, Storm Shield might be up your valley. But if your team is even or ahead, Bolt of the Storm is a fun choice. Longer you live, more people you stun, the better.

Thank for reading. if you have more question please tweet at me

If you like this guide, please check out my other guides that I have done on support.
My guides are short and simple to help you learn the character in under a minute! All my supports are level 10+ and it is the only classes I play!

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