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Energizer Bunny

By: theRBfool
Last Updated: Jul 19, 2015
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Build: Energizer Bunny

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Hi there, my name is theRBfool.

Now that were done with formalities let's get down to business. What is this build?
This build is all about you staying in teamfights, this is all thanks to your one talent Pyromaniac. This talent is the main focus for the build and the rotation is pretty simple in 1v1 fights.
Start with Verdant Spheres > Living Bomb > Nether Wind > Flamestrike > Living Bomb. If they are still alive then just chase until your abilities are back off of cooldown and start it all over again.

In a team fights you apply Living Bomb on two different targets and then focus on killing either the closest healer or assassin ( Malfurion/ Valla/ Li Li/ Tychus/ etc.), also use Nether Wind to lock out a strong tank/ assassin/ support ( E.T.C./ Diablo/ Illidan/ Jaina/ Li Li/ Malfurion/ etc.). When they start to disburse focus the target either closest to you or the one your team is focusing (unless it's a tank). If your team lost the engagement and you need to retreat, then use Nether Wind on the Hero that has the fastest way to chase you down ( E.T.C./ Illidan/ Falstad/ etc.) and try to help your teammates if there not out of the clear yet.

Passive, Basic abilities and Ultimates. Top

Passive ability

This is what makes Kael'thas such an amazing hero, the fact that he can actually choose what ability to empower and when is just amazing. What also makes Kael'thas so great is that this passive doesn't just give more damage to the ability that you want to empower, but a bonus effect.

Basic abilities

Has a pretty decent aoe/ damage by itself, but what makes it shine is when you empower it with Verdant Spheres. Not only does the aoe increase by a whopping 50%, but it also does more damage. Kael'thas wave clearing since 2015.

Now what makes this ability interesting is not what it does by itself, but how it benefits from Verdant Spheres. Normally without empowering you get one bomb and some damage, but when you empower it then your first cast is entirely free (mana wise) and it instantly decreases the cooldown. Plus if you cast two Living Bombs on the same target then the first cast detonates immediately and the second one gets applied.

Now this ability might seem a little lack lustre compared to the others, but don't dismiss it yet. A stun especially on an assassin is tremendously helpful, why? Because you deny the enemy movement, you get free damage out, you get to escape while they cant chase and you get to catch up while they are helpless. By empowering this ability all you get is that instead of stunning the first target you hit, you stun the first 3 targets instead.

Ultimate abilities

All and all just a great ultimate. It gives you area denial (great for maps that have capture point objectives)/ it does do damage (not allot but still a good amount)/ it's great to discourage the enemy from chasing you and you can use it to siege buildings and towers. Definitely take this ultimate 9 times out of 10.

This is a situational ultimate. Really only take this if your team is like 3 levels ahead of the enemy or if you have a full premade team/ 2-3 friends on Skype or TeamSpeak so they can help keep enemies off you and to stun your target so that it doesn't get out of your casting range.

Talent Choices and reasons for them. Top

Level 01 = Mana Addict, Why? = Because Kael'thas has a mana problem and he needs professional help. Fel Infusion is a good choice if you have no healers in your team ( Tassadar doesn't count because he doesn't heal health).

Level 04 = Nether Wind, Why? = Helps you to stun and secure kills or to stun and run away. Gathering Power is a nice choice, but only if you have been playing Kael'thas ... allot.

Level 07 = Sunfire Enchantment, Why? = Purely personal, if you don't enjoy the talent then go Fission Bomb as it's purpose is exactly the same, but if the enemy team has invisi*****es then Clairvoyance will be a great pick so they don't ******** you into oblivion.

Level 10 = Phoenix, Why? = It's an instant cast, it does allot of damage, it's great for zoning the enemy team out of objectives etc. Pyroblast is also great, but only if you have a full premade team or 2-3 friends on TS or Skype so they can help with protecting you during the cast animation.

Level 13 = Pyromaniac, WHY? = Every second that a Living Bomb is on an enemy it reduces your basic ability cooldowns by 1 second. Chain Bomb is good, but it's not the focus of this build.

Level 16 = Arcane Barrier, Why? = It helps you survive in teamfights, but it only has a 3 second duration so be careful when you activate it. Ignite is also great to help you apply Living Bomb to enemies. Gravity Throw is also great if your team has absolutely no CC.

Level 20 = Bolt of the Storm, Why? = Great to escape, great to chase, great to juke. Rebirth is also good if you have no problems escaping from the enemy team. Arcane Power is awesome to help you out in damage, but BotS is better if you are struggling.

Build on Youtube Top

Thanks Top

Thank you for reading this build, if you enjoyed it then as always a thumbs up is appreciated, but if you did not enjoy the build then please leave a comment telling me why you didn't enjoy it.

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