Engage and Burst by Etzerodt

Engage and Burst

By: Etzerodt
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2015
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Build: Nuke and CC Paladin

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Introduction (To be updated and refined) Top

Hi guys and girls, this is my first guide. Leveling up Uther I tried some variations over MusicJazz's Combat Medic, and found it really enjoyable. I usually play heroes with good CC, nuke or engagement skills, so tailoring Uther to that was really cool.

The build is primarily for putting Uther in a warrior-like, nuke/engager role, which I enjoy playing. This really shows with Sprint added at Tier 6 (the one change made to MusicJazz's guide). Sprint into a cluster of bad guys and pop Divine Storm. Fleeing cowards can be chased down with hammer and wave (to prevent and cancel moutning.

Sprint is also an amazing gap closer and escape tool making Uther much more versatile.

Making Holy Light do damage is awesome for this playstyle, as it lets you take out a cocky warrior, who thinks he or she can outlast you.

Tier 2 skill could just as well be Protective Shield, since it provides some extra tankiness.

I recommend you play it with another support on your team with good healing, e.g. Li Li or Rehgar, since the main focus of this build is on the offense, with only a little self-sustain from Uthers own heals.

I will be updating the guide to add threatmeters and so forth, but for now, just enjoy giving the enemies a good smack with this epic build!

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