Falstad - Abathermite - Traits & Minimal Comments by A.R.M.

Falstad - Abathermite - Traits & Minimal Comments

By: A.R.M.
Last Updated: Jul 11, 2015
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Build: Falstead - AS - CC - Damage -...

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Abather synergizes quite well with Falstad... and if Falstad specs as shown, then the Abathur clone of him, will be quite deadly as well... and the attack speed buff from Aba will help quite a lot.
Abathur/Falstead and dig/fly around the map... Since Abathur has Ultimate Evolution and locust, ones' opponents will have to be weary about picking a fight vs. defending... especially if your team can peel/distract the opponent.

Level 4 one could get Vamperic Assault instead of Charged Up especially since it will help the Aba clone stay alive as well... albeit less damage will be delt by the clone... do what you need to survive first and foremost.

Level 16 is a must for that cc is beautiful if an Abathur is cloning Falstad.

Since Aba goes Attack Speed buff Nexus Frenzy will outdo Call of the Warhammer at level 20... unless you chose Gathering Power at 4, Overdrive at 16... then your more of a nuke rather than sustained fight Falstad, and might as well go Call of the WildHammer at 20 at that point.

Abathur Build (warning, wall of text and ramblings):

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