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Fear The Snowman

By: GTCGamer
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2015
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Build: Fear The Winters Bite

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Threats to Jaina with this build

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Threat Hero Notes
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Nova If you allow yourself to get caught by a good nova you may not make it out. Ice Block counters everything she has. But if she catches you while its down you may be in trouble.
  No Threat
  No Threat
Raynor Stimpack... If he has it up do not engage. He will out heal your DPS. If its down you have all the damage to drop this guy!
Zeratul Zeratul is can cause the same problem as Illidan only at a slower pace. He can get in and out just like illidan but he sacrifices his damage in teamfights like that. Just be defensive. Take sprint when he is on other team. He cant keep up unless he takes vorpal blade or takes the ult that isnt Void Prism.
  No Threat
Illidan If Illidan is on the other team beware! His playstyle allows him to get in and out of your abilities without even trying. When he is on other team always roam with someone on your squad. Take improved ice block. Sprint will not give you the ability to get away. In teamfights if your team isnt trying to focus him your best bet is to case your blizzard on yourself. If he still is attacking you atleast he takes damage during. Then drop snowman and ice block. Hopefully your team will help you by then.

Intro Top

GTCGamer here bringing my first HOTS guide. I played competitively MK9,LOL,SC2, and Hearthstone. Nothing professionally, but i was not a casual player. Main was Cyrax and Subzero in MK9. Protoss in SC. Started as a ADC then moved to Support in LOL. Played Rogue in Hearthstone.

Jaina was my first hero in HOTS and i have yet to put her down. If you are a league player she is best compared to Annie just without a consistent stun. She isn't going to 100-0 you, but she will make it damn close.

Talents Top

Tier 1
I Take Winter's reach here. Even though Jaina has mana problems I do not usually run into them. If you find yourself having these issues Conjurer's Pursuit is a equally okay choice. I am not a fan of either chills just because I do not think they offer enough to make me change the first two talents.

Tier 2
Snowstorm is the best one at this level for me. The higher radius allows for better wave clear and allows more DPS to be done during Teamfights. Envenom is just no. you should not be close enough to enemies to do this spell. Arcane intellect isnt too bad but i dont think the mana return is high enough.

Tier 3
Ice floe isnt too bad if u plan on taking the root it has later on, but you need a good team to follow up on your blink E. But frostbitten gives you a nice extra bit of Damage and as a mage who is relient on her spells this skill is usually a must!

Tier 4
SNOWMAN! **********ing Snowman! Need i say more? In reality a great ult which will provide DPS while your spells are coming back from CD. ROF is a good ult too, but is more of a Premade ult and not a SoloQ unless you feel confident that ETC will land his ult like a boss!

Tier 5
This tier is where you decide if you will be a good Jaina or not. If a illidan is on the other team Ice Block is a must.... Unless he isnt focusing you. He is a direct counter to you. If you feel comfortable and not threatened by him then take storm front and just be ready to cast W on yourself... Which kills your DPS to enemy team in Teamfights. Sprint is good for Zeratul unless he takes Vorpal blade. It allows you to re position yourself and not keep yourself out of the fights for long. If you do not feel threatend at all take Storm Front. Help the DPS range out!

Tier 6
I also think there is no real bad choice here. Im not a fan of the extra fall of Blizzard because if i find myself in a 1v1 scenario i wont hit all 3 falls. Numbing blast i will take if im playing with my team to help start engages. If SoloQ then usually no. Ice Barrier isnt too bad, but with meta changing to two supports i find this not needed atm. Northern Exposure extra dmg buff is sick too me though.

Tier 7
Blink is the best choice here hands down. Repositioning tool for Jaina! Wintermute can be cool if you took the root on your E. Snowman can do it now!

Laning and roaming. Top

When in laning phase never roam if there is a invis on other team. Your low health and lack of mobility will make you a easy lvl 1 kill if they find you. If there are none of those you can roam safely, but only do it when every enemy hero is accounted for. When trying to gank a lane, only attack a lane that is overly pushed. Doing a gank on a enemy hero who is at tower is pointless. Remember to place W in the retreating path of your enemy and do not let up on your Q's and E's... Last tip remember you can W over enemy gates. If they escape with low health u still have a chance...

When laning use your abilities to zone your enemies. If they have a roaming assassin make sure you do not over extend unless you have a solid support with you. Lack of mobility and low health are killer for Jaina early game.

Team Fights Top

POSITION POSITION POSITION! Did I mention it enough? If you notice you have major positioning problems, sprint is your best friend! If you have a team that has a AOE Stun on them (Im prolly forgetting others but im not looking into them right now) try to save your blizzard and Ult till the AOEs come out. This is a perfect way to set up your spells for AMAZING damage. Looking at that list of heroes that is a lot of synergy that Jaina allows.

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